Alert: Water shut off until Wednesday afternoon for repairs
Please be advised: There is a water line break at the east side of the equestrian facility between the barns.

  • OC Fair & Event Center staff has been digging to find the source and Rick Hanson and Curt have been notified. Rick was on site today to meet with OCFEC maintenance staff and form an action plan.

  • The water to the equestrian facility has been turned off and water troughs have been placed on grounds. With the help of the EQC staff, OCFEC staff will keep the troughs full. 

  • Livestock Lane restrooms are open and available to the public. The restrooms are directly across from the judging arena.

  • Water will not be back on until late tomorrow afternoon – weather permitting.

  • The repair location is off limits to people and animals – please stay out of work site.

  • Once the pipe is repaired, staff will need to leave the hole open until it dries and it will remain off limits.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email OCFEC's Director of Facilities Jerry Eldridge at .

Thank you for your understanding.
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