Team 24/7 Lacrosse Names Alex Poole Lacrosse as Official Stringer
Alex Poole Lacrosse to be the official stringer of Team 24/7 Lacrosse
Charlotte, NC — Team 24/7 is excited to announce Alex Poole Lacrosse as the team’s Official Stringer.

Alex Poole Lacrosse is a professional lacrosse customization service that specializes in stringing, dyes, and custom heads. Since being founded in 2014, Alex Poole Lacrosse has provided services for professional, college, youth, international, and even celebrity clients.

Alex Poole is the Founder, Owner, and Operator of Alex Poole Lacrosse. Having previously managed Charlotte’s local lacrosse store, it is highly possible that you have worked with him already. He brings 10 years of stringing experience with an unrelenting focus on optimizing player performance.

Poole had this to say about joining the team, “Having a stick that looks great is only one piece to the puzzle. I put a huge emphasis on how the stringing affects player performance, which is more important than anything. High-level players deserve high-level pockets, so I’m looking forward to working with some of the best player's in the region with Team 24/7 Lacrosse.”

Additionally, this announcement brings great news for Team 24/7 families. Players and parents will have exclusive perks and benefits with Alex Poole lacrosse — including discounts on every order, boosted referral rewards program, local pick up and drop off, equipment recommendations, free pocket adjustments, and more.

You can get more information by emailing — by following @alexpoolelacrosse on Instagram — or by visiting the official website:

See below for a breakdown of services:

Alex Poole Lacrosse's online store is stocked with heads from StringKing, all available in multiple col- ors and ready for custom stringing. Their Mark 2 line of heads is among the most popular in the indus- try - providing heads built specifically for different positions. You can choose from the Mark 2A: Attack, Mark 2V: Midfield, Mark 2D: Defense, Mark 2T: LSM / D-Mid, or Mark 2F: Face-Off.

Alex Poole Lacrosse specializes in professional stringing services. You can choose from multiple styles: Men’s, women’s, goalie, face-off specific pockets, traditional, 6-diamond, inside stringing, play- er replicas, and more! Meanwhile, the online shop is stocked with all of the industry’s best materials to create your perfect pocket.

Dyes are one of the best way to express yourself and stand out on the field. Alex Poole Lacrosse of- fers solid dyes, scoop fades, throat fades, ultra fades, and more. You can even add your name, num- ber, mascot, etc. All dyes are done with Lax Dip - the only dye specifically formulated for lacrosse heads.
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