November 2017

Turkey Talk.....

November is here and we focus our thou ghts to Thanksgiving.   It may be the first time you are coo king the  turkey for dinner or maybe you are looking for a new technique to use.  We have all the information you need.  

Just click the following link:

When Thanksgiving dinners are cleaned up we typically are left with lots of leftovers and not many want to eat the same thing the next day.  So, take the leftovers and make them into something new.  There are lots of recipes to rejuvenate your leftovers.  Also, the following link includes how to safely store leftovers and how long to leave food out during your family events on Thanksgiving day.

If you have any questions please call the Extension Center at 828-632-3125.
Preserving the Harvest Series
Dehydration Workshop
  N ovember 7th, 2017
  Extension Learning Center
  376 1st Ave SW
  Taylorsville, NC 
  Cost: $10

Dehydrated fruits and veggies can pack intense flavors while offering a healthy alternative to artificially sweetened snacks. Come learn about the basics to dehydration as we dehydration seasonal fruits and vegetable, and learn how to make fruit leather. Almost everything can be dehydrated so don't miss out on this opportunity. All participants must register to attend. For additional information or to register,  please contact Der Holcomb at 828-632-3125 or email at 

Registration forms can be downloaded via the link. Please mailed completed registration forms to Alexander County Cooperative Extension at 376 1st Ave SW, Taylorsville, NC 28681. Please make checks payable to Alexander County. 
Wood Pellet Heating Workshop
When:  Wednesday, November 8th, 2017-9am-2pm 
Where:  Iredell Extension Center, 444 Bristol Drive, Statesville, NC 28677

Interested in the potential of wood pellet heating for your home, business, or farm? Join Carolina Land & Lakes Resource Conservation and Development Council for a workshop covering the options available for residential, commercial, and agricultural enterprises.
The workshop will feature presentations from experts and vendor exhibits, as well as an optional tour of Godfrey Lumber's wood pellet production facility. Information on cost-share programs such as the Rural Energy for America Program will also be available.
Cost: Free
Fa r m-C ity Week Event
National Farm-City Week is officiall y celebrated each year during the end of November around Thanksgiving.  Farm-City is a gra ssroots organization of committees e stablished in 1955 at the community, county and state levels to foster understanding of the interdependence between rural and urban residents. 

Just think about what North Carolina would be without agriculture and agribusinesses.  Over 101 million dollars would be absent from our county's economy alone, approximately 18 out of every 100 jobs in our state wouldn't exist. Many of our comforts and our quality of life would be very different, and sweet potatoes and turkeys probably wouldn't be on our holiday menus.

In North Carolina, communities celebrate Farm-City Week in the fall with harvest festivals, dinners, farm tours, and fruit and vegetable picking.

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service is a partner in the state's Farm-City Week observation. On the local level, many Alexander County farmers and local business leaders will come together Monday evening ( November 20th) at the new Rocky Face Building to celebrate Farm-City Week. This event is organized by the Alexander Cooperative Extension Service and sponsored by Piedmont Farm Credit and Farm Bureau.  These two organizations are the major contributors to Farm-City Week both at the state and national levels.

So, sit down to a meal and celebrate Farm-City Week during the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Think about what our lives would be like without this vital partnership...a partnership that grows all year long.  And remember, it is important for all Americans to understand the sources of their food, clothing and shelter. The more one learns how food makes its way from the farm to your table the more you'll learn about the deep partnerships between the farms and the North Carolina cities that helps drive our economy and our way of life.

To purchase tickets for this event please visit the Alexander Extension Center by Thursday, November 9th.

Preserving the Harvest Series
Pickling & Fermentation
  N ovember 24th, 2017
  Extension Learning Center
  376 1st Ave SW
  Taylorsville, NC 
  Cost: $15

Pickling and fermentation is a great and old age way of preservation but it's highly important to follow proper preservation techniques. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics which help feed your beneficial gut bacterial. Join us as we learn safe pickling and how to make your own saurekraut. Don't miss out on the last session of the year!   All participants must register to attend. For additional information or to register,  please contact Der Holcomb at 828-632-3125 or email at 

Registration forms can be downloaded via the link. Please mailed completed registration forms to Alexander County Cooperative Extension at 376 1st Ave SW, Taylorsville, NC 28681. Please make checks payable to Alexander County. 

Eat Smart, Move More,
Maintain, Don't Gain Holiday Challenge

Is the holiday weight gain weighing you down? This holiday season, the only thing that should be "stuffed" is the turkey. Many American gain between 1 to 5 pounds each holiday. While it might not sound like much, most people never manage to lose those extra pounds.
Join us for the 11 th annual Eat Smart, Move More, Maintain, don't gain Holiday Challenge. Rather than focusing on trying to lose weight, this free seven week challenge provide participants with tips, tricks, and ideas to help maintain your weight throughout the holiday season. Last year, we had over 15,000 participants across the state and country. The holiday challenge will begin from November 13 th- December 31 st. Don't miss this opportunity to represent Alexander county. You can sign up at or call our office at 828-632-3125 for additional questions. 

November Garden Calendar

Plants in Flower
  • Witch Hazel
Plants with Colorful Berries
  • American Beautyberry, burford Holly, Chinese Holly, Foster Holly, Nellie R. Stevens Holly, Nandina, Pyracantha, Washington Hawthorn, and Dogwood
  • Use wood ashes around the vegetable garden, bulb beds, and around non-acid loving plants if soil pH is below 6.0.
  • Trees and shrubs can be transplanted in the autumn.
  • Plant one year old asparagus crowns in the vegetable garden this month.
  • Finish planting spring-flowering bulbs.
  • Time to trim existing asparagus foliage. Cut to the ground after the foliage is killed by frost.
  • Cut back and clean up frost-killed perennials.
  • When cutting holiday greener, use sharp pruners to make cuts above a bud or side branch.
Lawn Care
  • Mow your cool season or tall fescue lawn as needed.
  • Keep tree leaves from collecting on your lawn.
  • Water your cuttings in the coldframe as needed.
  • You may want to try your hand at air layering on some of your house plants like dieffenbachia or dumb cane.
Specific Chores
  • Soil test results should be back if samples were sent in September or October. Apply the recommended lime to the areas in need of liming. Wait until spring to fertilize.
  • Remember to water your evergreen trees and shrubs thoroughly before winter set in, particularly if weather conditions have been dry.
  • Look to see if screens or windbreaks are needed around your home.
  • Continue filling the compost bin with the fallen leaves.

ECA Volunteer Groups:  New Club
The Extension and Community Association or ECA is a volunteer organization that focus on empowering individuals and strengthening families to improve their quality of living through continuing education, leadership development and community service. Formerly known as Extension Homemakers with a focused on cooking and canning, ECA has evolved and adapted with time. Although cooking, canning, and sewing is still a large part of the association, members of ECA clubs learn about new things such as activities to keep your brains active, how to pinterest, and other up to date activates.

We have two active volunteer groups: Friendship ECA and Rocky Spring ECA. If you are interested in more information of each club or if you want to start your own ECA club, please call the extension office at 828-632-3125 or email
4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Fall is in the air and no better time to decorate a pumpkin!  
The Alexander County 4-H  Pumpkin Decorating contest was held on October 26.  
Congratulations to the following:

8 and under
1st: Lanie Crouse (witch)
2nd: Kaylee Mecimore (ice cream)

9-13 year olds
1st: Michaela Norman (cactus)
2nd: Autumn Norman (doughnut)
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