Alexandria Nightlife and Entertainment
While the Thunderbolt Bar is Alexandria's most famous, landmark bar, there are many other nightlife spots and hangouts throughout the district. Below are some pictures of the many spots of interest worth exploring in Alexandria:
The Sugar Mill is a renovated sugar factory near Ephesus University that has become a favorite hangout.
The Action Comic Club has a few stages in Titan City, but its founding stage was in Olympia near Ephesus University, sharing the building with Speedy's Pizza:
Carrie Okey is a big draw for Ephesus University students who enjoy making painful renditions of country music:
And there is also a more traditional Karaoke spot for musical enthusiasts:
Olympia has a great pool hall as well:
Olympia has a historic boxing ring that's definitely worth the visit:
Lots of EU students also enjoy the Downhill Pub near the University Book Store:
There is also a great Tavern with an outdoor garden that is next to the motorcycle shop that is a favorite spot for bikers:
Whatever your interest, there is something for everyone in Titan City!