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November is the last full month of autumn and for some folks, the beginning of the Holidays.  It's also No-Shave November to raise cancer awareness, the exit of Daylight Saving Time for most of  the U.S., and the time of year we like to be thankful.  We hope you enjoy this month's articles along with some pumpkin pie.


The internet is changing all aspects of life, including travel.  While the vast majority of travelers traditionally stayed in hotels or motels when visiting from out of town, many travelers now look to short-term rentals - like those advertised on websites like Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway - for lodging.  However, thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, travelers to at least one district in Portsmouth, New Hampshire are stuck with the traditional, hotel-based lodging and have no option to seek out short-term rentals.  Read full article.

private roads

1.  What is a private road?  A private road is a road over which a limited number of people have the right to pass.   In contrast, public roads are roads over which the entire travelling public have the right to pass.  Private roads often are created with a written easement, but they also can be created without a written easement. For example, Read Full Article.

town meeting

New Hampshire's oldest form of town government, the town meeting, has been relatively consistent and unchanged through the generations as to when this annual event is held.  RSA 39:1 requires town meeting to be held annually on the second Tuesday of March, or in accordance with RSA 40:13 (providing an optional form of town meeting as official ballot referenda) if that provision is adopted by the Town.  The vast majority of New Hampshire municipalities abide by the "second Tuesday of March" rule in holding town meeting.  Read full article.

As winter approaches,  many New Hampshire residents and visitors are beginning to dust off their winter sports gear and head for the slopes.  but could slope-seekers soon be facing a tax on their favorite winter activities?
State Representative Craig Thompson (D - District 14) has recently declared his desire to introduce legislation imposing a tax on ski lift ticket sales throughout New Hampshire.  Thompson proposes instituting a tax on ski lift tickets at the same rate as the rooms and meals tax in New Hampshire, a 9% tax.  Thompson proposes using the revenue from the tax to fund a scholarship program for New Hampshire students to attend in-state colleges and universities.  Read full article.
Thank you for reading this month's Update.  If you have any questions or suggestions for future topics, please let me know.

Sincerely,   Paul Alfano

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