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Ali Youssefi CCAH Education Scholarship

The Ali Youssefi CCAH Scholarship is now accepting applications for 2022. The CCAH Scholarship Fund is providing these scholarships to four deserving residents of CCAH-member affordable housing properties. Click here for the overview with descriptions and qualifications.

California Council for Affordable Housing (CCAH) is encouraging submission of applications from residents who will be attending Technical / Trade / Vocational schools. If there are qualified submissions, at least two scholarships will be awarded.

Applications can be downloaded from the ‚Äúcommunity" link on the CCAH website or by simply clicking here. Applications must be received by the CCAH office no later than July 15, 2022. It is CCAH's hope that YOU will get the word out to the CCAH member properties ASAP and ask your on-site property management personnel to encourage qualified residents to apply for these scholarships!

This is the 12th year that the CCAH Scholarship Committee has awarded scholarships.

If you have any questions please contact the CCAH office.

(916) 444-0286 ext. 263


Tina Williams, Chair CCAH Scholarship Fund Committee