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Alibaba Bets On Hong Kong IPO For 
Financial And Political Reasons    

Alibaba is placing a strategic bet on Hong Kong as the Chinese tech titan prepares to kick off a mega IPO of at least $11 billion on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
The move comes at a risky time as anti-government protests have created a tense environment in Hong Kong. But for Alibaba, a listing in Hong Kong is a coming home. It could also be seen as a hedge against increased scrutiny of Chinese companies in the U.S. and a possible ban on China IPOs in New York. 
Read more at Forbes: Betting Big on Hong Kong

Meanwhile, Nasdaq senior VP Bob McCooey sees the impact of t he U. S.-China tech and trade battle on IPOs. He predicts 35 to 38 Chinese listings in New York, down from his earlier estimate of 40 listings in 2019. We'll see what the new year brings as the impact spreads throughout other deal-making arenas.  
US falling behind China on deployment of 5G, analyst says | East Tech West
US falling behind China on 5G:
  quoted at CNBC's East Tech West Summit, Guangzhou
Nov. 19, 2019

TikTok's CEO Alex Zhu is tired of the media's portrayal of his viral 15-second video app as a backdoor for the Chinese government. So he's on a mission to prove that you shouldn't worry so much. Read Fortune
Read my earlier Harvard Business Review article: 
The strategy behind TikTok's global rise. 

China stands on the brink of a breakthrough in its efforts to become self-sufficient in semiconductors. The country is on track to produce around 5 per cent of the world's memory chips by the end of 2020 after virtually zero only a few years ago: Nikkei Asian Review.

Silicon Dragon Event News
As we've been saying, the trade war is threatening tech sectors in Silicon Valley and China, and slowing deals.    
Silicon Valley, which long avoided politics and courted a close relationship with China, is turning. U.S. venture firms and startups are refusing Chinese limited partners and investors. Suspicions surrounds Chinese startups in semiconductors, artificial intelligence and robotics that want to do business in the U.S., or try to attract funds from American VCs, reads  a Bloomberg report A number of Chinese startups also are souring on the view that Silicon Valley is the bastion of innovation.  
China's LvYue Group, the strategic investment arm of, has raised several hundred million dollars as part of a Series A financing led by Tencent, Sequoia China, Baidu Capital and Goldman Sachs.

Chinese investors including Redpoint, GSR, Sequoia and IDG Capital have put $120 million in African fintech startup OPay, just months it raised $50 million. 

Tencent and Wu Capital have injected $142 million in medical service and research platform Medbanks.  

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