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Alice Enchanted Event

Saturday, December 17th
7:00-10:00 PM
Sunday, December 18th
5:00-8:00 PM

Jasmine will be here IN PERSON for this gallery show where she'll be debuting the largest selection of her never-before-seen original paintings all at once. New installments of her Alice in Other Lands series, new traditional Alice paintings, pieces inspired by Lewis Carroll's stories as well as new original Alice stories - it's going to be amazing!

This is quite a different show than just a typical signing or convention appearance, this will be a themed collection focusing on her original paintings and limited editions - pieces never shown to the public before - a true gallery show. 

In addition to the new original paintings there will be other Pop Gallery exclusive items. Exclusive prints, Large format Open Edition Canvases, hand embellished Pop Gallery Exclusive Limited Edition Canvases, & more! Gallery exclusives that are available nowhere else in the world! 

Have a tattoo inspired by Jasmine's artwork?
As a fun little twist, come on out and show us your Jasmine tattoo during the event for a FREE glass of champagne (for everyone over 21 of course!  Or non-alcoholic beverage if you are younger, hehe)

This very special event should be a lot of fun so come on out  - we can't wait to see you there!  
invites you to 


an event featuring EXCLUSIVE  

new originals from featured artist  



Here is a SNEAK-PEEK of a few  

new originals that will be  

debuted at the show...

we can't wait to see what else is in store!


Alice and Snow White

Original - Acrylic on Panel

24"H x 18"W x 2"D



Alice and Snow White


Alice Enchanted

Original - Acrylic on Panel

36"H x 12"W x 2"D



Alice Enchanted

Looking-Glass Queens

This is a very unique piece - two original acrylic paintings "White Queen" and "Red Queen" on either side of an antique mirror (to enhance the "looking-glass" theme), all in one multi-paneled ornate Rococo frame. The entire piece is 47" wide by 32" high and comes framed 

as one single piece of artwork.


 Looking Glass Queens


More from Jasmine:

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Open Editions   



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