Alice was born poor in Communist China in 1950’s.  She had very little education and at a young age fled on a boat to Burma with her family. 

She eventually moved to Taiwan, where she met her husband and in the late 1980’s they moved to the US with hopes of better life for themselves and their children. The family ended up in a small college town and opened a restaurant.

In 2008 Alice started experiencing pain in her wrists and hands.  Over the next few years the pain increased and her hands started to deform so badly that she couldn’t put her own clothes on. Alice’s family thought all the years of hard work in their restaurant was taking a toll on her. In 2011 Alice’s hands got so bad that she had to stop cooking at the restaurant, which led to the restaurant closing.

Alice and her family moved to Richmond to be closer to family. After moving to Richmond her hands became worse and she came to CrossOver looking for help.  A physician diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis and referred to a volunteer specialist at the clinic. Alice was quickly started on a series of medications that have led to decreased pain and increased mobility and she is back to cooking!

So many like Alice go for years with pain and illness because they can’t afford or don’t have access to healthcare. CrossOver exists to help people like Alice get their best life back. 

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