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APRIL 2019
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Need to Do
Submitting AMP Data for Measurement Year (MY) 2018? Data Collection Deadlines Approaching!
Data collection is well underway for MY 2018! Self-reporting physician organizations (POs), POs submitting e-measure data, and health plans should be well into the process of programming the appropriate data file layouts to the correct specifications and submitting files to TransUnion Healthcare. To ensure timely, complete and valid reporting for MY 2018, please note the following AMP program data collection deadlines:

Self-reporting PO review period: POs that self-report AMP results are encouraged to thoroughly review their clinical quality submission for accuracy and completeness before sending it to auditors for review and locking. As a reminder, self-reported PO results cannot be amended during the annual appeals period unless errors on the part of IHA or TransUnion are identified; errors in PO or vendor programming are not grounds for appeal.
April 30
Submit files to auditor: Self-reporting POs and health plans send submission files to auditors.
May 1
Submit auditor-locked files to TransUnion: Self-reporting POs and health plans submit auditor-locked clinical results to TransUnion HealthCare. (Audit not required for AMP Commercial ACO)
May 9

In Other News
California Regional Cost & Quality Atlas 3 Launched
The third edition of the California Regional Health Care Cost & Quality Atlas (Atlas 3) officially launched on April 11 with new 2017 results for the care provided to almost 14 million Californians enrolled in commercial health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and accountable care organizations (ACOs). Similar to 2013 and 2015 findings, the 2017 Atlas results show that health care quality and cost for commercially insured Californians continues to vary dramatically, indicating that where you live drives the care you get and how much you pay. Moreover, Atlas 3 results show that the more financial risk providers assume in their contracts with health plans, the lower their costs and the higher their quality compared to fee-for-service arrangements.
Atlas 3 also includes partial 2017 results for Medicare Advantage. Complete 2017 results for Medicare fee for service (FFS), Medi-Cal Managed Care and Medi-Cal FFS are coming soon.
So far, Atlas findings have attracted media attention from Healthcare Innovation , Fierce Healthcare and State of Reform . Check out the Atlas Fact Sheet for an overview and dig into the data at . Stay tuned for more highlights as we roll out additional findings on ACOs and chronic conditions!
In the Pipeline
Preliminary AMP Commercial HMO and AMP Medicare Advantage Quality Reports Scheduled for May 24 Release
Preliminary MY 2018 AMP Commercial HMO and Medicare Advantage quality reports will be available via the AMP Reporting Portal on Friday, May 24,2019. AMP Commercial HMO reports include results for the Clinical, Patient Experience and Advancing Care Information domains; AMP Medicare Advantage reports include clinical measure results for your organization. These reports are preliminary and require your careful review once released. IHA staff will host a webinar shortly after the report release to provide an overview of how to access your preliminary quality results, provide tips on what to look for when reviewing your results and what is expected of participants during the questions and appeals period.

AMP Commercial HMO and Medicare Advantage MY 2018 Preliminary Quality Reports Webinar
May 29, 2019 | 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Coming Soon: 2018-19 Edition of California Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) Medical Group Report Card Release
OPA will publicly release the Medicare Advantage Medical Group Report Card on May 15, 2019. The 2018-19 edition will reflect MY 2017 AMP Medicare Advantage data and PO star ratings. OPA also will add All Cause Readmissions data to the Commercial Medical Group Report Card. Due to delays in finalizing MY 2017 total cost of care results, total cost of care will not be included in the OPA 2018-19 Commercial Medical Group Report Card.
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