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The goal of the monthly newsletter is to keep stakeholders up to date about program changes and deadlines. The newsletter has three main content areas:
  • Need to Do, which will alert stakeholders to information and requirements for successful program participation, such as upcoming deadlines.
  • In Other News, which will share other program-related news, such as upcoming industry webinars or conferences.
  • In the Pipeline, which will provide a longer term view of upcoming key program dates.  
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Need to Do
View Your NEW Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) Results
We are excited to announce that the following preliminary measurement year 2018 AMP program results are now available for participant review on IHA's Reporting Portal :
  • AMP Commercial HMO & AMP Medicare Advantage : appropriate resource use & total cost of care measure results
  • AMP Medi-Cal Managed Care : quality, appropriate resource use, and total cost of care  measure results
This release features Medi-Cal managed care results for the first time, as well as Total Cost of Care testing results for Medicare Advantage.

WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW: Send Questions & Appeals by Sept. 16
Today's release kicks off a 15 business day participant questions and appeals period. Careful review of your preliminary results is a critical step in the process of finalizing all MY 2018 AMP results before they are used in incentive payments, public reporting, or provider organization recognition awards. You can submit questions and appeals using our Questions and Appeals Period Submission Guide until 5 p.m. PST on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019

Learn more at our webinar!
Join IHA staff for the MY 2018 AMP Results Release webinar. We'll cover what's new for MY 2018, how to access and review your AMP results, and how to submit questions or requests for appeal. 

Webinar: MY 2018 AMP Results Release 
Aug. 29, 2019 | 2:00-3:30 p.m. PST
This webinar will be recorded and available on
In Other News
Register for the IHA Stakeholder's Meeting Oct. 30 in Los Angeles
IHA's 2019 Stakeholders Meeting brings together participants of IHA programs as well as stakeholders across the industry to network and discuss key issues in healthcare. Highlights from this year's program include:
  • Keynote speaker: Peter Lee - Executive Director, Covered California
  • Atlas Market Insights 
  • AMP Program Results 
  • Provider Organization Awards Ceremony  
We are happy to provide complimentary passes for two attendees from health plan and provider organizations participating in our Atlas and AMP programs! To redeem, use your 7-digit DMHC ID at checkout. Your DMHC ID can be found on the Reporting Portal under the Physician Organization or Health Plan Profile tab.
California Quality Collaborative (CQC) Improvement Coaching Workshop Sept. 3-5
California Quality Collaborative (CQC) is offering another Improvement Coaching Workshop September 3-5 in Los Angeles. This highly interactive two-day workshop provides an overview of quality improvement and coaching basics in a practice clinic setting with a focus on the practical application of these concepts. Registration is now open!

To find out more about CQC programs and other learning sessions,  contact .
In the Pipeline
We Want Your Input! Public Comment Opens Sept. 1
Every year, the AMP program solicits stakeholder feedback on planned program updates. The annual AMP public comment period marks the release of several important program documents, including:
  • Program Updates
  • MY 2019 AMP Measure Set & Draft Program Manual (measure specifications)
  • Proposed MY 2020 AMP Measure Set 
Public comment is an opportunity to gather feedback on proposed program changes, the measure set, and measure specifications in the AMP Program Manual. AMP staff review every comment and take your feedback to the IHA committees governing the program before program resources are finalized Dec. 1.
Coming Soon: AMP Commercial ACO Results
IHA will release the second year of AMP Commercial ACO results in mid-September! Participants receive measure results, a performance summary report, and benchmarks with breakdowns by product line. To see a sample performance summary report, click here. If your organization would like to receive commercial accountable care organization results and benchmarks, please contact us at
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