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JULY 2019
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The goal of the monthly newsletter is to keep stakeholders up to date about program changes and deadlines. The newsletter has three main content areas:
  • Need to Do, which will alert stakeholders to information and requirements for successful program participation, such as upcoming deadlines.
  • In Other News, which will share other program-related news, such as upcoming industry webinars or conferences.
  • In the Pipeline, which will provide a longer term view of upcoming key program dates.  
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Need to Do
Final Measurement Year 2018 (MY 2018) Quality Results Coming August 2

Final MY 2018 quality results for physician organization's (PO) participating in the AMP Commercial HMO and Medicare Advantage programs will be available on the IHA Reporting Portal August 2, 2019, nearly two weeks ahead of schedule! 

The final quality results include updates reflecting any changes based on appeals identified and upheld during the Questions and Appeals period, including resubmission of all quality results by a participating health plan, so please log in and download your final results! 

A big thank you to the participant representatives who sat on this year's Appeals Panel, the POs who submitted questions, and the health plans that supported investigation and resolution. Your active participation strengthens the final quality data and AMP data collection and reporting processes.

Next Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) Results Coming August 26
The next release of AMP program results is scheduled for the week of Aug. 26, 2019, reflecting a two-week extension approved by IHA's Governance Committee. This allowed several health plans to complete their data submission to support comprehensive results reporting as well as timely health plan incentive payments, public reporting, and Excellence in Healthcare awards. Please see the updated program results timeline below. Your organization will be asked to review your results and submit any questions during the appropriate review period prior to final release of MY 2018 results for all programs. 

Activity Date
Preliminary ARU/TCOC results*
Aug. 26, 2019
Question & Review Period
Aug. 26-Sept. 16, 2019
Final Results
Oct. 14, 2019
*includes preliminary quality results for AMP Medi-Cal Managed Care
In Other News
New Atlas 3 Data Brief Shows Variation In Quality & Cost for Californians with Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious chronic illness that affects over 600,000 commercial patients in California. It also costs a lot of money: the cost of care for people with diabetes is, on average, almost three times as high as the overall population. It also accounts for nearly 13% of all commercial healthcare spending in the state. IHA analyzed Atlas 3 data to get more insight into diabetes care for the commercial population in California and found that clinical quality and total cost of care for diabetics vary widely by region. For example: 
  • Blood sugar control varies from 25 - 60% of patients, depending on where they live
  • Care costs a lot more in some regions, ranging from $12,000 to $18,300
  • Clinical quality is linked to provider financial risk sharing. Providers who share some financial risk tend to score higher on clinical quality.
These findings and more are available now in the new Atlas data brief!
Peter Lee Announced as Keynote Speaker for IHA Stakeholders Meeting on Oct. 30
IHA is pleased to welcome Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California, as keynote speaker for the 18th Annual IHA Stakeholders Meeting! The IHA Stakeholders Meeting, taking place Oct. 30 in Los Angeles, is the forum for all Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) program participants, Symphony Provider Directory participants, and other IHA stakeholders to receive key program information and learn about new initiatives and best practices. 

Registration for the I HA Stakeholders Meeting will open in mid-August, so stay tuned for more information. We hope to see you there!
In the Pipeline
Public Comment Opens Sept. 1 
Each September, the AMP program solicits stakeholder feedback on planned program updates. The annual AMP public comment period marks the release of the Call for Public Comment document, which summarizes proposed changes, as well as several important program documents, including:
  • General IHA Performance Measurement Collaborative Updates
  • MY 2019 Measure Set Changes
  • MY 2020 Measure Set Changes
Public comment is an opportunity to gather feedback on proposed program changes, the measure set, and measure specifications in the Program Manual. AMP staff review every comment and take your feedback to the IHA committees governing the program.
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