February 19, 2016
Recommendations Urge States to Establish Clear Role for Higher Ed
Aligning Expectations: 
Partnering with K-12 to Ensure College Readiness

In partnership with the National Association of System Heads (NASH) and the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO), Higher Ed for Higher Standards have developed a set of  recommendations for how college leaders can engage as nearly 20 states across the country review  and rework their K-12 standards and student assessments this year . This is a window of opportunity for you and your institution to position yourselves as essential validators of the expectations represented by the standards and assessments.

Higher education has already played a significant role in shaping new standards and assessments to accurately measure college readiness in order to improve  students' transition from high school to our campuses. Now that work is being re-opened in many states. Without the continued input, participation, and leadership of higher education in the review process, the standards and assessments are at risk of not representing  college-ready expectations. 
As the foundation for the P-20 pipeline, college-ready standards and assessments can help ensure that more students arrive on our campuses prepared for college-level work and are on track from day one to earn a degree or certificate. Ensuring that standards and assessments are college-ready helps to close the preparation gap so that proficient in high school means prepared for college or work.

Higher education leaders must be part of these processes to ensure the standards and assessments are truly college-ready.  Download these recommendations now for critical insights and actionable next steps in  navigating potential scenarios in the context of your state's P-20 environment. 


Tailored Recommendations for State Contexts
  1. The Case for Higher Education's Involvement
  2. Ensuring College-Ready Standards
  3. Ensuring Assessments Measure College Readiness
  4. Standards at Work: Postsecondary Success


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