Alignment across the  Canadian Sport System
Sport for Life's Long-Term Athlete Development Work

Sport for Life Society aims to build knowledge, expertise and partnerships to advance physical literacy, sport excellence and activity for life.

Over the past few months, the Sport for Life Society's Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Division has advanced many projects with the support of LTAD experts, partners and champions. 

Sail Canada's
System Alignment and Integration

In Sail Canada's effort to implement its Long-Term Sailor Development (LTSD) model throughout all sailing programs in the country, the organization embraced one of Sport for Life's Long-Term Athlete Development 10 Key Factors: System Alignment and Integration.

By the time Long-Term Athlete Development was introduced in Canada in 2005, Sail Canada had already had a stage-by-stage sailor-development model in place for nearly 25 years. But moving from one stage-based development model to another proved to be a challenge, and the existing model required a complete overhaul before Sail Canada could launch its LTSD in 2010.

MilestonesA Supplement for 
Shaping the Ideal NSO

This resource is intended to assist national sport organizations (NSOs) in determining the next steps for LTAD implementation. It is to be used as a supplement  to the Sport for Life resource entitled Shaping the Ideal NSO: LTAD Implementation, which can be found here

The Shaping the Ideal NSO guide, first published by Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) in 2013, recommends four steps for National Sport Organizations (NSOs) to follow as they integrate Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) into their core operations.

Leaders in Collaboration  to Strengthen the 
Canadian Sport System

The message throughout the Canadian sport system has always been that an effective, educated, and certified coach is the key to a quality sport experience for athletes. 

Find out how Sport for Life  and the  Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)  have identified shared priorities and goals, and areas where these organizations are best positioned to influence the quality sport experience in the Canadian sport system.

Upcoming Events

The following events help to advance Long-Term Athlete Development principles. Registration is not yet available for all of them yet, so save the date!
  • Partners Congress 2016 (Ottawa, ON; May 31 - June 2)
    • This event provides an opportunity to share best practices and network with coach educators and sport leaders from across the country. 
  • PSO Forum (Toronto, ON; June 15, 2016)
    • Sport for Life and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport will host this event targeted at provincial Sport organizations' technical directors and executive directors. 
  • 2016 Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif Conference (Richmond, BC; Nov 3-5)
    • This event challenges Canada's sport administrators, executives, coaches, and researchers, to embrace our diversity as an opportunity to create a more powerful sport system in Canada.
  • 2017 Sport for Life National Summit (Gatineau, QC; Jan 25-26)
    • The Summit brings together leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada.
  • International Physical Literacy Conference 2017 (Toronto, ON; April 12-15)
    • IPLC brings together sport, health, education and recreation experts to advance the  knowledge, application and implementation of physical  literacy programming across the globe.
For more information on events, please contact Mik Vahi, Publications & Events Coordinator at :
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