Toy Loans
As a member of Alive Credit Union, your membership is worth a lot! Financing your boat, motorcycle, RV, or camper at Alive means having more in your pocket for vacation clothes, and fuel for the house-on-wheels (or water). And, because we make it so easy to obtain financing, very little stands between you and your version of quality time.
What to Grab and What to Skip in June
There’s lots to celebrate this month, but June sales aren’t just for “dads and grads.” If you know what to look for, you can find great deals on all kinds of stuff during the first month of summer. Use this handy list to see what to grab and what to skip this June.

Credit Builder Loans
Have credit issues or having no credit stopped you from applying for loans in the past? We are here to help. Whether you're starting out or starting over, our credit builder loan is an excellent way to establish or help repair damaged credit.

Jury Duty Scams
Nobody likes being called in for jury duty. But a recently revived scam has painted the entire experience in a more sinister hue.

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