Volume 2022 | April
All Aboard Alternative Education!
Newsletter Editor: Dr. Amy Schlessman-Frost
All Aboard Alternative Education!
Female students at an alternative education campus in Vermont are building a boat!
The experience begins in the forest where trees are selected with guidance of Vermont Family Forests (VFF), a county-wide non-profit that promotes sustainable forestry practices. Students participate in the milling and stacking of the boat building lumber. Then, boat building students come to the boat shop at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum to build a 32′ wooden rowing gig. Students learn to use woodworking tools, collaborate with peers and program staff, and understand what it means to function effectively in a working environment. Along the way, they keep journals, work out on rowing machines, perform research, and give presentations on boat building topics. 
Student will see their work afloat when the boat is launched in summer.

NAEA will feature photos of the next phases of the Boat Building and its launch. Launch Is scheduled for the summer.

Stay tuned in subsequent Newsletters for more photos!
2022 NAEA National Alternative Education Conference
Call for Session Proposals Open!

Our Call for Proposals for the October 2022 National Alternative Education, Gateways to Success, is now open. Please plan to share with your colleagues some success(es) you have had with your alternative education/nontraditional school or program.

This year's strands include:
Social and Emotional Wellness/Trauma
Learning Loss during COVID
Instructional Practices
Effective Partnerships (Internal & External Agencies)
College & Career Readiness (Workforce Development)
Issue in Equity (Social Justice/Restorative Practices)

some Other Innovation -
If you have created something that doesn't neatly fit in one of the named strands, we are eager to consider other innovative topics. Please feel free to submit something we have not anticipated in the above strands.

Ready to register?

If you want to use some of your FY 22 funds before June 30, or your ESSER Learning Loss funds,

Register Now!

Congratulations to Superintendent of the Year!

Dr. Curtis Cain received recognition from AASA, the School Superintendent Association, as 2022 Superintendent of the Year. Dr. Cain is at Wentzville School District , a suburb of St. Louis. Dr. Cain welcomed NAEA conference attendees at our 21 National Conference in St. Louis last year.