Class of 2024! We welcome you!
Your Peer Mentors are looking forward to meeting you and getting together with you over the summer and throughout your freshman year. Below are just a few of the activities coming up this summer:
·          Week of June 29 th and July 6 th -- your Peer Mentor will contact you via the email or phone number the school has for you. 
·          Week of July 6 th -- you and three other members of your class will meet via Zoom with your Peer Mentor.  
·          Week of July 13 th -- you and three other members of your class will meet your Peer Mentor at school.  You will tour the school and meet some of the faculty and administration working in the building.  The book Carry On , by Lisa Finn, will be given to you if you are registered for All Aboard 2024 or you may purchase it that day for $10.00.    Carry On is one of the four books you may choose to read this summer.  This true story is special to the Peer Mentors because when they were freshmen, they got to meet the author and one of the protagonists of the book at an all school assembly.  

Week of August 3rd -- All Aboard 2024
·         We are still accepting registrations!  Please register on the BF website under Summer Opportunities – we would like 100% of 2024 to Come All Aboard!      
·         You will be introduced to your classmates and upperclassmen.
·          You will work with faculty from the Theology, English, Math, Science, Technology, Learning Center, Performing and Visual Arts departments.
·          Carry On is the book we have chosen for you to read for All Aboard and we have a fun assessment planned for you to complete during the week.  The assessment counts in September as your first grade in Freshman English.  We provide you with the book and the material you will need for the program.
·          You will need to have your computer the first day as our Technology Department will be helping you load the software you will be using, grant you your credentials and will introduce you to all the programs and destinations we use at Bishop Fenwick.  
·          Although we will be meeting in person, we know that it is important going forward for students to be prepared to study virtually.  Every day you will be take one class virtually so that you learn how to use the technology needed to be successful.  
·          You will be safe as we will all wear masks and gloves when needed.  Rooms are being designed to enable frequent cleaning and we plan to use the outdoors as much as weather permits.  
·          Freshmen working out for an athletic team can miss the work outs to enable them to attend All Aboard 2024.
·         To sum it up:  We promise you five mornings of learning made fun and lots of time to get to know your classmates, the faculty, and find your way around the building PLUS the bonus of completing your summer reading and the assessment as well as getting the technology you need uploaded, and a head start on getting organized for the fall.  
Questions? Please contact Ms. McLaughlin, Guidance Counselor at 978-587-8316 or