All Aboard 2024!

Freshmen Focus on Achievement

All students are highly encouraged to attend.  
Monday- Friday, August 3rd – 7th  8:00 am to 12:15 pm   
Fee: $250.00
Fee includes all the materials that a student needs to be organized the first day of school as well as the summer reading book and all supplies needed to participate in the program.

ALL ABOARD 2024 opens the door for a successful transition to high school and a focus on achievement for the newest members of the Fenwick Family. The program prepares students for what they need to not only be organized the first day of school but also to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. In a no stress, supportive environment, students will:
  • connect with their fellow classmates and with faculty
  • complete the assigned freshman summer reading. 
  • acclimate to their new high school building
  • become familiar with the expectations of the high school curriculum.
  • become prepared with the study and organizational skills and strategies needed to be successful.
  • become organized with One Note, our online organizational system.
  • become familiar with the personal technology needed both in the classroom and for virtual learning.
  • experience the experimental component of a science classroom.
  • gain insight to Bishop Fenwick’s theology, reading, writing, math, science and Fine Arts programs. 
ALL ABOARD 2024 offers the opportunity to make many connections with Bishop Fenwick before the first day of school. Students will experience Fenwick in key areas of our curriculum: core academic skills, math and science preparedness as well as The Fine Arts. 

Core Academic: Assigned summer reading, math and science skills provide the backdrop to the academic portion of the course. 
Students are taught to master study skills and strategies as well as the technological skills needed to be a successful student both in the classroom and in the event that virtual learning becomes a necessity. Students are introduced to math skills needed to succeed in the high school Algebra and Geometry classes as they work to solve problems. 
A hands-on experience in Science will introduce the students to the scientific method, critical thinking, asking questions and formulating a hypothesis. 
On the final day of All Aboard 2024 the program will conclude with a program for parents and friends at the end of the morning session. 

The summer reading book used in the course will be distributed to all registered students in July.  Once the books arrive, families will be notified.  Students attending All Aboard 2024 will need to have a personal laptop, tablet or other personal technology.  As part of the program, students will be assisted in loading software that they will use as part of school at Bishop Fenwick. For registration, please click here

Questions? Please contact Mary Lou McLaughlin, Guidance Counselor and Director of Summer at Fenwick at 978-587-8316 or