AB 705 in the News...
New Approaches to Student Assessment - CCCCO News Center

That rumbling sound you hear in higher education is coming from an ideological clash over the efficacy - and equity - of high stakes, standardized tests that can determine if ...

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Academic Senate plans to rank new faculty hires, annual...

The Academic Senate held a special meeting Wednesday for its members to request new or replacement faculty for their departments. The math and English departments both requested replacement faculty in part to prepare for AB 705, a bill signed by...

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No place for placement tests at Pierce - The Roundup News

Students who have been at Pierce for more than a year remember the era of math and English placement tests. Now, Assembly Bill 705 takes away the power standardized placement tests have over incoming students. Instead, students will be placed in...

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Events, Resources, and More
Reminder! The AB 705 Implementation Survey is due 10/23 and the Implementation Committee is aiming for 100% participation from all 114 colleges.
Interested in attending CAP's annual conference -- which will showcase how community colleges are responding to AB 705 requirements and fostering student success?  Register here.
Explore how high-challenge, high-support instruction can help students succeed post AB 705.  Register for this L.A. workshop, which includes separate math, ESL, and English sessions.
Eyes on AB 705: Watch and Learn
Upcoming Webinar: AB 705 Adjustments, Ethnicity, Gender, and Special Populations | October 25th
Upcoming Webinar: Developing an AB 705 Evaluation/Research Plan | November 7th
  • In the fall of 2019, California colleges will be required to implement AB 705, a law that reforms how students in the state are placed into college courses. The RP Group, including its Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) team, is committed to helping colleges through the transition via research, technical support, and professional development. 

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  • The Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) is a partnership between EdResults Partnership, the RP Group, and the California Community College Chancellor's Office.