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Spring Cleaning Service
Take advantage of these packages to stay on top of preventative maintenance and keep your car happy.

All of our fluid flushes offer a near complete exchange of fluid (making the fluid much cleaner than simply draining the old fluid out and filling it back up again).  The Fuel & Intake Cleaning Service is excellent at removing carbon deposits from the engine, and can even help improve gas mileage.  By regularly performing these preventative maintenance services, you can keep your car in tip-top shape.  Give us a call or schedule online today!

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Prices for most cars and light trucks.  Synthetic and specialty fluids extra.  Up to 5 quarts of 76 Super Synthetic Blend Oil.
Featured Service: Brake Fluid Flush

What happens during a brake fluid flush and why is it important?

Why it's important:
Your car's brake fluid keeps all of the hydraulic components of your brake system from rusting. It also has a higher boiling point than water, so when you're getting the brakes all worked up in Seattle's stop and go traffic, you don't have to worry about the fluid boiling over (and the brakes going out).

Brake fluid is also different from all the other fluids in your car in that it is excellent at absorbing water. It will even absorb moisture from the air, which can compromise the performance of the brake fluid. When moisture gets in the fluid, it can cause corrosion of the metal parts of the brake system, and can also lower the boiling point of the fluid so that it will overheat more easily.


As the fluid breaks down over time, it is loses it's ability to fully do it's job.  The solution? Flush out the old stuff and replace it with new fluid.

What happens during a brake fluid flush?
Our brake fluid flushes are different than the traditional way of bleeding the fluid from the brakes. Our equipment has a pressure and suction line that allows for more fluid extraction from the lines, leaving behind less old fluid and less moisture.  All of the old fluid comes out and is replaced with new fluid.  And, voila! You've got brand new fluid for your brakes.


When to do a brake fluid flush?

We recommend flushing the brake fluid every 2 years or 30,000 miles.  It's also never hurts to have the fluid flushed when you have the brake pads replaced, too (and it saves some money!)


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0% Financing Available
Need to space out the payments for your next car repair? We are now offering interest-free financing. When you have a repair over $199 performed on your vehicle, you can be eligible for 0% interest financing for 6 months.   Give us a call for more details or ask us about it at your next appointment.

Applying is fast and easy!  Give us a call at 425-821-2345 to learn more.

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