Serious Hairdressers Only...Please!
"All About Color"
in Las Vegas!
EVENT- October 1-2, 2018

It's David here,

Many of you have contacted me asking what exactly will Tom and I be teaching at our upcoming "All About Color" Educational Event in Las Vegas in October.

So here are some of the highlights which we will be covering:

1- The Chemistry of Dyes and Dye Interactions
(The more you know about how dyes work, the easier haircolor formulation becomes)

2- Blonding for All Types and Levels of Hair
(Understanding colorization of natural and artificial pigments in hair will help you create better looking blondes and maintain healthier hair during the process)

3- Red Shades and How to Maintain Them
(We will take the mystery out of what it takes to create beautiful, full-bodied, long lasting redheads that won't fade out or look wimpy)

4- Highlighting, Base-Breaking and Toning
(Lightening, Bleaching, Toning, Lifting and all aspects of 2-Step coloring processes will be covered in detail like never before)

5- All Types of Brunettes
(Dark Brunettes, Medium Brunettes and High-Lift Brunettes will be thoroughly explained along with how to never have your brunettes look red again)

6- Four Different Types of Ash
(Ash base colors are the most misunderstand color category of all, we will teach you how and when to use the four different types of ash base colors to your great advantage)

7- Gray Coverage vs. Gray Blending
(Never experience gray coverage problems again! We will teach you 8 different strategies to deal with gray coverage issues and a host of gray blending techniques)

8- Color Corrections with No Fillers
(I know this sounds impossible but it's true, we'll show you how its done)

9- Customizing Color Formulas
(Stop Guessing and Start Customizing your Formulas! Learn to create formulas that no one will ever be able to duplicate, quick and easy, on the fly)

10- Each topic will be individually addressed for 60 to 90 mins. With Models and Demonstrations

So there you have it, and with this in mind, I'd like to invite you to join me and my good friend Tom Dispenza for this "Private" Haircolor Educational Event.

In Las Vegas on
Sept 30 (Evening Cocktail Party)
EVENT- October 1-2, 2018

This will be a "No Nonsense",
Haircoloring Only Event!
  • No Cutting
  • No Styling
  • NO Dancing Girls or Muscle Boys
Just Serious Haircolor for Serious Colorists  
This is a "GENERIC" Educational Event,  
so it doesn't matter what haircolor line you use,  
you will learn valuable information. 
Hotel, Lunch and Education are
ALL INCLUDED in the ticket price!

Space is Limited to Only 200 People

(Over 50% SOLD OUT!)

Click the Link Below For Video Details & To Register 

Contact me if you have any questions