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Testimonial of the month

from Donna S.

I began treatment with you in June 2008. I was obese, full of candida, thyroid and hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue and
was feeling sick and hopeless. Within a few short weeks of following the yeast free protocol and getting the right medication and
supplements, I felt better than I had in decades. My energy returned, my palate changed and I lost 50 pounds. I was actually
eating more food, than when I was shut down and ill. My food was fuel, and my body processed it! I made a stunning recovery, and
had the energy and stamina to lead a busy fulfilling life. I was working in a career that I love, singing and vocal coaching.

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as a hormone replacement option for our male and female patients.

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"Happy Hour, Wellness Style"
Aug 24th
5:30 to 6:30 pm
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  • Wine and healthy light snacks
  • Learn about our new products and services
  • Featured speaker:
    • Hair Specialists from Flair Salon will have Q&A session for all your questions about hair care, styles, products, and more

Share the good news 
and bring a friend!

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Triumph Pharmacy

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Did you see the recent story put out by the American Heart Association saying that coconut oil is bad for you?

Well that is just ridiculous!

Please read this  awesome rebuttal.

All About Pain
Causes and Solutions

by Mila McManus MD 
and Nancy Mehlert, MS
Chronic or intermittent pain, whether it is a headache, tummy ache, or joint ache, and whether it is dull and long-lasting or short term and shooting, it can really drag you down and take the joy out of your life. It can seem difficult to resolve and frustrating to control or eliminate.
Pain is difficult for many reasons .
One reason it's difficult is because the main person you are counting on to resolve it knows very little about it! Did you know that over the course of a doctor's long medical study, less than four percent of medical schools require a course in pain and many offer no dedicated courses at all?  

Not only are most doctors grossly undereducated about pain, but pain can also be very mysterious. Pain can be caused by a specific area of dysfunction or inflammation (kidney stones, pinched nerve, imbalanced hormones, leaky gut) but it can also be a nerve memory caused by negative plasticity of the brain. Dr. Datis Kharrazian, in his book Why Isn't My Brain Working?, describes this characteristic of the brain in this way: "Many individuals develop chronic pain thanks to negative plasticity.  These are conditions in which a person's neuronal pathways that perceive and generate pain signals become more developed and efficient.  For example, a person's herniated disk could cause pain for years.  The pain further activates the pain signal, in essence making these pathways very efficient in generating pain.  Additionally, pain-receiving fibers increase in number and branch out to further activate pain perception. Over the years these new pathways heighten the pain response, even though the tissue injury is no longer sufficient enough to actually generate pain."
In the U.S., more people suffer from chronic pain than from diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.  There are many causes, and one thing we know here in our practice from observation and experience is that nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and dietary/lifestyle choices are often the main triggers of pain.
Causes of pain include: 

 Read on..

Nutrition Nugget:
Dietary Adjustments for Pain Relief
by Nancy Mehlert, MS

It's very common that headaches, joint and muscle pain can be caused from the foods we are eating.  Therefore, it is well worth the effort to practice some food elimination tests to find out if you are reacting to foods.  Usually the pain response is reflective of inflammation and/or a food allergy. When we trigger elevated insulin levels from the foods we eat, we are also stimulating inflammatory prostaglandin production, leading to inflammation and pain.
Here are the key adjustments to make in your diet if you want to relieve chronic pain as well as provide the healthiest environment for wellness:

Paleo Cleanse
Are toxins draining your brain or keeping you from losing weight? Click HERE to read about our Paleo Cleanse Detox Program Options.

Did you know that our website is a great resource to find information from previous newsletters, such as to learn about toxins, cholesterol, vaccines, flu season, gut health, hormones, allergies, food allergies, recipes, and more? Just visit our website and use the search box at the top right of your screen.

It's here!
Annmarie skin care:

Annmarie products are beyond organic.

Come by and try it out.  We love it!
VI Peel

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Product of the Month: 

*The product information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease, nor does it replace professional medical advice.  (The FDA makes us say that)
*Warning: Please consult a health care professional before using this product.

Did you miss our article about  energy medicine ?  It's mind blowing.

  • Got pain?    
  • Got Lyme disease?    
  • Got poor circulation?    
  • Got a sugar addiction? 
  • Wanna quit smoking?  
  • Got neuropathy?  
  • Got Osteoporosis?  
  • Are you Toxic? 
  • Got a wound that won't heal?  
  • Got Inflammation?   

No side effects.

  • X-rays :  frequencies used to create an image
  • Microwaves: frequencies used to move molecules in a way that results in cooking
  • Visible Light: a spectrum of frequencies that we can see
  • Radio waves: frequencies which our ears can hear
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies: focused, therapeutic low doses of energy frequencies that stimulate cellular detoxification and healing.
** (per FDA requirements) It's important to understand that we cannot say that PEMF therapy "diagnoses, treats, or cures any disease". It's facilitating your body's ability to heal itself. Also, the only contraindication to using PEMF therapy is pregnancy.**
Recipe of the Month:
Garlic Rosemary Paleo Bread


Mila McManus MD

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