It’s all about science in this Spotlight! Check out these four companies that bring science to you and your children with engaging and interesting methods. Each of the featured companies have designed programs on the subject of science, but as you’ll soon read, they each have their unique angle on making it educationally extraordinary. See the fantastic ways that your kids can explore creation and be challenged in their studies.
Apologia science believes that students’ educations should prepare them for eternity, not just a semester.

Our award winning science curriculums teach elementary, junior high, and high school students to recognize, appreciate, and understand the wonders of Creation. By writing our texts in a conversational tone, challenging science concepts are presented in a personalized format. 

Our Young Explorer Series actively engages elementary students in the scientific process. Notebooking Journals provide a written history of experiences, observations, and thoughts that students can reference to create opinions and draw conclusions about the way their world works.
Apologia’s junior high curriculums prepare students for the rigorous high school sciences. The Student Notebooks teach students how to take notes while guiding students toward becoming more structured, logical, and independent!

Apologia high school students are prepared by our college preparatory curriculum to understand and evaluate the discoveries that will occur during their lifetimes. Our academically rigorous curriculum can be studied independently, with the aid of instructional DVDs, or through the live interaction of Apologia Academy.

Each of our creation-based, award winning science curriculums have experiments that require only readily available materials, online resources that expand textbook concepts, and access to Apologia instructors through the Apologia helpline.

Download the How to Write a Lab Report e-Book and the Guide to Apologia Science by clicking here or clicking the banner and scrolling to the bottom of the page.
Friendly Sciences
Making High School Science Accessible for over 30 years
Joey Hajda DVM MEd and Lisa B. Hajda MEd

Friendly Physical Science
An engaging text coupled with fun design engineering challenges. Topics covered include: systems of measurement, surface area and volume, mass, density, buoyancy, time, speed, velocity and acceleration, Newton's laws of motion, work and simple machines, pressure, magnetism, electricity and electromagnetism, light, sound and heat energy and an introduction to chemistry.

Friendly Biology
Students are led through meaningful, well-written lessons and lab activities with the goal of attaining a greater respect for the beauty and complexity of living things. Topics presented include: characteristics common to all living things, basic chemistry, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids, cytology, chromosome duplication and protein synthesis, pH, reproduction, genetics, taxonomy, human body systems and ecology.
Friendly Chemistry
Friendly Chemistry is a complete high school-level chemistry course which uses simple language and analogies to make abstract concepts concrete. Topics include: atomic theory, trends of the periodic table, quantum mechanics, ion formation, compound formation, bonding, Avogadro's Number and the mole, formula weights and percent composition, empirical formulas, chemical reactions, balancing equations, stoichiometry solutions and molarity and gas laws. 
Friendly Veterinary Anatomy: Bovine Skeletal System
Learn the anatomy of the bovine skeletal system from veteran educator and large animal veterinarian, Dr. Joey Hajda. Over 270 minutes of live instruction accompanied by a 134-page, full color guidebook.
NatureGlo's eScience
Why NatureGlo’s eScience 1-year math enrichment and science membership?

Are you tired yet of the endless search for an innovative and engaging math and science curriculum while keeping your sanity? Check out NatureGlo's easy-to-use, self-guided math enrichment and natural science online courses for students (ages 10 and up) that help you cover other subjects.

Want a free sample lesson? Try our Sharks Unit study for free!

What makes NatureGlo’s so great?

Simple to use

  • Easy courseware allows students to advance through lessons and see progress
  • Use on all device types

Beautiful and Engaging

  • Gorgeously illustrated PowerPoints taught by NatureGlo guide each lesson with accompanying study guides
  • Rich lesson activities including videos, projects, and interactive games

Unit Study

  • Addresses math, science, history, art, writing, reading
  • Allows you to keep records in other subjects
  • Fosters a child’s love of the natural world while still covering other subjects 

MathArt - Connecting Math, History, Art, Nature, Writing, Music and More!

  • Gets kids outdoors treasure hunting for patterns in nature and the Golden ratio (proportion of beauty found in nature used since ancient times in art and architecture)
  • Math history connections from ancient to present time

Natural Sciences

  • Marine Biology - Intro to oceanography, comprehensive coverage of major marine life groups, including Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures
  • Herpetology (study or reptiles and amphibians) 
  • Botany - Giant redwoods
  • Introduction to Rockhounding

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Fun Weird Science
Students can't just read about it, science is something that has to be done! Let's do SCIENCE!

Here are our 3 reasons why students must DO science and have a positive interaction with engaging STEAM concepts early to ensure they grow to be confident and competent.

  • Authentic curiosity promotes enthusiasm for learning
  • Develops age-appropriate communication and problem-solving skills
  • Encourages positive social and emotional skills

Over the past 20 years I have had tremendous success increasing teacher efficacy and students' achievement through STEAM engagement, and I would like to add value to your child’s educational journey!

Join us for the Fun Weird Science Online Academy! We will ship the supplies to you and together we will explore a variety of STEAM concepts including but not limited to Agriculture, Food Chains, Chemistry, Earth Science, Aerospace, Engineering, and Innovation. Course topics change monthly. Visit for more info.

Join one of our STEAM field trips:

  • Robots in Action (Learn about the robotic processes involved in car manufacturing)
  • Space Camp (Wanna train like an astronaut? Come with us to Space Camp)
  • Marine Biology Camp (Let’s learn all about the ecosystems below and around the water)
  • Panama 2021 (We travel to explore the Panama Canal and the biodiversity of Panama)

Do you have a group that would like a face to face Fun Weird Science experience? We can travel and bring our passion for STEAM learning to you!

Text the keyword SCIENCE to 21000 and let’s talk about your scholar!  
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