Update - September 22, 2020 
Everything You Need to Know About Voting November 3rd
Please Vote by Mail! 
This is a very important election and we must all vote this November 3rd! Contra Costa County is working hard to ensure a safe and secure election.
Vote by Mail!  Everyone Will Receive a Mail Ballot

All registered voters as of September 22nd will receive a vote by mail ballot in early October.
Those who register to vote between September 22nd and October 19th will receive their ballot in a subsequent mailing. After October 19th, you must register in person at the Martinez Elections Office or at any Polling or Early Voting Site.
If you haven't received a ballot by October 19th, contact the Elections Office at 925-335-7800 or by emailing ballot@vote.cccounty.us.
The CDC and Health Officer strongly encourage you to vote by mail. Return your ballot as soon as possible! 
Ballots should be marked using blue or black ink and placed in the return envelope. No postage is required. The envelope must be signed and sealed.  Your ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day (November 3rd).
Check Your Registration or Register to Vote
To make sure you are registered to vote with your correct address, check the state's voter registration status site.  
If you are not registered to vote, you can register online here.

You can also register to vote and vote at an Early Voting Site or on Election Day at one of the Precinct Polling Sites, listed below.
Checking Status of Your Ballot
Voters can sign up to receive notifications about when their ballot is mailed, received and counted by going to the state's ballot tracking webpage.
Lost or Damaged Ballots
If you have lost or damaged your mail ballot, call 925-335-7800 or email the Elections Office at ballot@vote.cccounty.us for a replacement. If it's too late to get a replacement ballot, you can go to one of the Early Voting or Precinct Polling Sites discussed below to vote.
Dropping Off Your Ballot at a Secure Drop Box
From October 5th through 8 pm on Election Day, voters can also return their ballot to one of 37 countywide secure, 500-pound, bolted-down drop boxes. All West County drop boxes are available 24 hours/day except for the San Pablo Library box. Ballots will be collected daily by two deputized Elections Office employees. 
West County locations are:
  • El Cerrito City Hall - 10890 San Pablo Ave.
  • El Sobrante Library - 4191 Appian Way
  • Hercules Library -109 Civic Dr.
  • Kensington Library - 61 Arlington Ave.
  • Pinole City Hall - 2131 Pear St.
  • Richmond City Hall - 450 Civic Center Plaza
  • Richmond - West County Wastewater District, 2910 Hilltop Dr.
  • Richmond - County Social Services Office, 1305 MacDonald Ave.
  • San Pablo City Hall - 1000 Gateway Ave. (off San Pablo Ave.)
  • San Pablo Library - 13751 San Pablo Ave. (Open Tues 1-8 pm, Wed-Thur 11am-6pm, Fri-Sat 10am-5pm) 
Click here for other Secure Drop Box locations.  
Early Voting Sites and Election Day Precinct Polling Sites
It is strongly encouraged that you not go to the Early Voting or Precinct Polling sites unless you need in-person services such as a lost or damaged ballot, conditional voter registration, language needs, or ADA issues. Please vote the ballot that is mailed to you, if possible.
Early voting will be available starting on the Friday before Election Day (from 11am-7pm), on Saturday (9am-5pm),  and Monday (11am-7pm). You can also, of course, vote on Election Day (7 am to 8 pm). 
West County Early Voting Sites are:

El Cerrito Community Center - 7007 Moeser Lane
Richmond Memorial Auditorium - 403 Civic Center Dr.
Richmond Hilltop Mall Parking Lot (Outdoor Tent) - 2200 Hilltop Mall Rd.
Click here for other Early Voting Sites.   
Voting on Election Day will really be no different than in the past, other than social distancing and other safety protocols. Since lines may extend outdoors, bring a coat to stay warm in the event of cold weather.

There are 153 polling places countywide on Election Day, open from 7am-8pm.  Check the back cover of your Voter Information Guide or click here for location of your polling place.   
The deadline to certify election results is December 3, 2020.
Protect our Democracy and vote on November 3rd!


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