Help us bring more transparency to how and how much adult education workers are paid

Hi all,

We are excited to say that the Secretary of State's Literacy Office is very interested in this project and have requested we share our findings by mid-November. For this reason, we are doing one last push to get as many stories as we can to share in our report. 

(Not sure what we’re talking about?

Learn more about our wage transparency work!)

You will always be able to add to and review this information anytime, but stories contributed before November 1st will be included in this report. If you share aftewards, your voice will still be heard - this work doesn't end with one report and you'll have more opportunities to participate. 

Whether you choose to share or not, we encourage you to check out what your colleagues have to say about the working conditions of adult education workers. You don't have to share to see the results. 

Interested in participating? 

We've created many ways for you to share your thoughts and experiences. If you’ve already completed the survey, you can still contribute again in other ways:

  • Share your thoughts on our community board: add your insights quickly in sticky note form (no full sentences required!)

  • Write a support letter: these letters will be shared with SOS and hopefully to other funders in the future. Check out an example letter from Bria at Chinese Mutual Aid Association for some inspiration. Reach out if you’re interested in writing a letter but would like some support. 

  • Attend a live roundtable discussion: share your thoughts live with other adult education workers. We’ll record the session but only to capture the insights shared. We will not be sharing the video afterwards so attendees are free to share their thoughts.
  • October 27 @ 6pm - 7pm Central via Zoom
  • No registration is required 
  • Use the link:
  • Email with any questions

Have another way you’d like to share your insights? Just email - we are grateful for your stories in any form! 


If you have reservations about sharing, do know:

  • No director, manager, or employee can legally stop you from sharing your salary and cannot shame you or retaliate in any way.
  • There is absolutely no pressure to share your salary. If you don't feel comfortable sharing, then don't share. 
  • You are still welcome to look at the information shared and learn about other salaries and experiences even if you don't want to share.


Right now we are only requesting information from adult education workers working in Illinois. If you work outside of Illinois and are interested in contributing, please email for more information.


Thank you for your help in making the Adult Education field more

inclusive, transparent, and sustainable. 


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