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Wednesday, October 6th, 2021
From the Rector
Dear All Saints Family,

The past few weeks and last Sunday illuminated for me much of the richness of who we are. 

The daily prayers for, visits with and depth of sorrow evident in so many at the death of beloved Beth Secules makes plain that "a great light has gone out"* on our planet. Her radiance shines everlastingly in heaven, though what a loss for us here. The outpouring of love and grief reflects enduring relationships and the kind of character in our parish's founding mothers and fathers who, with God's help, built this church. As Mary Lou Beckett observed, "we have strong bones." Amen to that. Worship news will follow at a later time.

Last Sunday shone with another kind of brilliance: that of radical hospitality to our neighbors. With 60 people worshiping with a herd of dogs, one cat and two parakeets, we had the highest human attendance for in-person worship since June 13, the day of our parish picnic! We welcomed over 8 separate households of first-time folks, many who had been invited by you all!!! Many people needed chairs, and our ushers and gracious parishioners kindly helped everyone get settled. Roberta Graves and Rob Holmes brought out huge bowls of water to share with our pet herd--what a welcome treat! We rejoiced with Tatum Love and her parents who, with their dogs, celebrated Tatum's tremendous recovery from severe injuries suffered in a car accident several months ago. Steve and the choir led us from the sanctuary and Holy Spirit danced through us.

Our welcoming team circulated to greet everyone who was new and learn something about each person. The whole morning--including the many saints who helped prepare for and take down tent & furnishings thereafter--made me so proud of us--of YOU--and our open-arms welcome to our community; It also recharged my sense that our lawn is a gorgeous location for worship. Few churches have the splendid natural resources, land and beauty that we have here, and I think we will better serve our mission to love our neighbors & worship together, by offering outdoor services in good weather with some kind of regularity. Those with unsteady legs and feet could sit at the edges of our shaded parking lot while others fill the grass. We'll need to explore portable outdoor furnishings that don't over-tax our physical energies, and more. Folks who haven't been to church in a long time or ever, may be far more likely to attend an outdoor service than to enter the unfamiliar threshold of a building.

Cheers to all who built this church, especially dear Beth. Cheers to all who made last Sunday and the late service possible, including Wayne Barry, Deborah Beddingfield, Suzanne Blackstock, Leckie Conners, Charles Coppage, Blair Engelken, Laura Holmes, Etta Lanuti, Ann Laughner, Tim McKeithan, Andy & Mary Moynahan, Karen & Kenny Murrill, Jack Myers, Bob Riche, Carol & Vip Vipavetz and more!! So many blessings unfolded beyond those for the magnificent animals!

With love and gratitude,
Rev. Cindy

(*From the movie "Shakespeare in Love")
All Saints' Sunday Services
Sunday, October 10th, 2021

8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.
Our Sunday Services will be inside the Sanctuary. Godly Play and Facebook Live at 10:30. Given the highly contagious Delta Covid variant, we ask that all worshipers continue wearing masks. We hope to see you there!

Adult Bible Study Group at 9:25a (Between services)

Our Guest Celebrant and Preacher
Rev. Cindy will be away at a family reunion in Roanoke, VA, making apple butter the weekend of October 8-10. The Rev. Keith Dey will be available for pastoral emergencies (252) 230-0070. A friend and colleague of Rev. Cindy's, The Rev. Margaret Pollock, will celebrate and preach at both services on Oct. 10. Margaret shares a bit about herself below:

Mother Pollock is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, and has a BA in economics, and an MBA in finance and investment, both from the George Washington University. Now retired, she was a dual-career priest, working full time as an international development economist while also serving as a parish priest. For most of this time, she assisted her husband, The Rev. Dr. David Pollock, a full-time parish priest. During the course of her career, international work took Margaret to thirty countries; she and David lived for a time in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Abuja, Nigeria. Just now, she is publishing a book, “Polar Peril,” a contemporary fantasy adventure, in which two Mohawk kids go to the Arctic to save the polar bears, in the face of global warming. Margaret is blessed with six grown daughters and wonderful sons-in-law, and eleven grandchildren. She lives in New Bern.
Interment of Ellen Strickland
Friday, October 15th at 2:00 pm
The late Ellen Strickland, a long-time beloved parishioner at All Saints, will be interred in the columbarium on Friday, October 15 at 2pm. All who knew Ellen are welcome to attend.
October Prayer Chain Requests
If you have Prayer Chain requests in October, please send them to the Church Office, Rev. Cindy, Mary Lou Beckett, Sandy Briggman, and/or Roisin McKeithan. Sandy will be substituting for the Kimmels on the Prayer Chain while they are away October 1-19. Sara Munford will be substituting for Mary Lou from Oct. 6-12 so you can also send or call in your requests to Sara during that time period. 
Exploring Middle School Ministry!!
We have several families in the parish with magnificent middle schoolers, and are exploring potential ministry for and with them that would be meaningful. If anyone is interested in joining this adventure, please contact Natalie Simpson, Katie Blanchard or Rev. Cindy. 
Fall Worship Service Highlights
October 17 - Celebrating St. Steve!!!! Steve Blackstock's 15th Anniversary at All Saints - 10:30am with Reception

October 24 - Reformation/Lutherpalian Sunday - The Rev. Keith Dey preaching

October 31 - 8:30 & Celebration of New Ministry at 10:30 with Canon Mollie Roberts preaching & celebrating 
Calling All Saints!!!  
Inviting you to join:
An Outdoor Worship Team
Facebook Worship Hosting Team
Technology Support Team
Please consider becoming part of one of these important ministries as we move into fall, as your energies and talents allow! Thank you for your thoughtful attention to these ministry areas!!
Community and Outreach Events
Ruthie's Kitchen Thanks You!
Thank you to the following parishioners for preparing, packing, and delivering 80 delicious, nutritious meals for Ruthie’s Kitchen on Tuesday. The variety of food provided rivals any top restaurant on the Outer Banks:
 Jennifer Adams-Falconer, Arline Arnold, BJ Betz, Anita Edwards, Blair Engelken, Audrey Esposito, Sandy Feyrer, Deb, Hunton, Jo Hurd, Hilary Klein, Susan Lang, Etta Lanuti, Ann Laughner, Maureen McGrath, Tim & Rosin McKeithan Larry Morrow, Paula Myatt, Sally Myers, Cindy Simpson, Judi Smith, Brooks Sutton, and Joan Voltz. 
This ministry could not help all the people we serve without your help.
The 2021-2022 season of Room In The Inn begins on November 1, 2021. The mission of the OBX RITI program is to provide hospitality, food, shelter, and some support services to homeless men and women on the Outer Banks during the colder months. For the third consecutive year, RITI will provide overnight lodging in the Nags Head building located at 4208 S. Croatan Hwy.

We at All Saints have been faithful supporters of RITI for many years, along with other local churches. This season, All Saints is scheduled to provide meals for the guests during the weeks of November 21-28, 2021, and January 2-9, 2022. Because of current Covid-19 protocols, those preparing and delivering meals will not enter the building, but rather hand off our offerings at the front door of the Nags Head building to a RITI staffer. Volunteer chaperones from the churches are not needed this year, but our contributions of meals are always gratefully received and enthusiastically savored.

Watch for details, forthcoming soon, on specific needs and how to sign up. We look forward to meal offerings from the “old faithfuls,” but also hope others will consider jumping into this ministry. If you will be signing up for the first time, please know that whatever answers to questions or other support you may need will be gratefully provided!
I’d like to recognize the huge debt of gratitude owed to Tim McKeithan, who has served magnanimously as RITI Coordinator at All Saints for the past several years. I will now be stepping into that role and hope I can continue the outstanding efforts of Tim. Your partnership in this ministry will help that happen!
~ Jim Conners (
Beach Food Pantry
As always, any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Donations of food items and paper bags can be placed in the Narthex. Look for the Beach Food Pantry basket - and for some updated donation ideas on our Community Outreach Bulletin Board in the hallway!
For more information, contact Sue Lynch, or visit:!
Sunday, October 10th, 2021
The Rev. Margaret Pollock, Celebrant and Preacher
The Rev. Keith Dey, Organist
Vestry Person of the Day: Dawn Kiousis
Welcoming Coordinator: Sally Myers
Altar Guild: Audrey Esposito, Carole Kimmel, Susan Lang, Evelyne Ottavio
Flower Guild: Jen Adams-Falconer, Deb Hunton
Counter: Katie Blanchard, Paula Myatt

8:30 a.m.
Greeter: Carol Sparks
Usher: Audrey Esposito
LEM: Deb Hunton
Lector: Deborah Beddingfield
10:30 a.m.
Nursery Volunteer: Barbara White, Blair Engelken
Godly Play: Suzy Rich, Ann McDowell - Greeter: Paula Myatt
Ushers: Connie Dillingham, Rich Angileri
LEM: Charles Coppage - Lector: Glen Baldwin
Facebook Coordinator: Nancy Atkinson 

Find all of the news about All Saints' - check out our website! You can find special events, photos, and "All Around All Saints" in one location at any time. Please click on the following link to visit our website: Please note: All Saints' Financial Reports are always available on the church website, as well as on the Vestry bulletin board in the sanctuary hallway.


Thursday, October 7
9:30 am - Men's Cursillo Reunion Group
9:30 am - Hand and Foot Card Game
7:00 pm - Choir Practice

Sunday, October 10
8:30 am - Sunday Worship
9:20 am - Adult Bible Study Group
10:30 am - Sunday Worship, Godly Play
6:30 pm - AA Meeting

Monday, October 11
7:00 pm - Prayer Shawl


Oct. 7 - Tom O'Brien
Oct. 10 - Blair Bickford
Oct. 14 - Anita Edwards
Oct. 16 - Don Davis
Oct. 19 - Judi Smith
Oct. 20 - Ann Laughner
Oct. 21 - Bobbie Perry
Oct. 23 - Blake Buchert

Oct. 7 - Dawn and Nick Kiousis, Rob and Laura Holmes

Your prayers for healing are requested for Joseph, Larry, Jenn, Dana, the Thomas family, Jerri, Caelan, Evan, Josh and Mary and family, Aaron, Kathy, Lacy and Mark, Pat, David and Peggy, Monica, Val, Lucy, Connie, Geody, Sandy, Kelsey and Jake, Carol, Patty, David, Don and Carol, Christopher, Elizabeth, Glen, Jo and George, Joseph, Kelsie, Pete, Scot, Tatum, Kiki, Bunny, Norman, Joe and Mary Anne, Dick and Miriam, Marcia, Anthony, Pat and Tom. We give thanks for the life of beloved parishioner Beth Secules, and offer prayers of comfort for her family and friends.
 We pray for our armed forces and those in harm's way, our enemies and those who wish us harm, and the poor, the sick, the hungry, the oppressed, and those in prison. For our companions in ministry: For Rob, our Bishop; for Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Pope Francis in Rome; The Church of the Province of West Africa; Keith and the lay people of Emmanuel Lutheran; From our Diocese: Chaplains and All Non-Parochial Clergy, and all who minister in our church.
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