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Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Sky Smile

This week's reflection in word and image comes to us with permission of both Eve Turek, the author and parishioner, and The Rev. Dr. Joanna Seibert, in whose "Daily Something" posts this first appeared. Food for the eye and spirit!

Guest Writer: Eve Turek

Sky Smile: Photography as Spiritual Practice

Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.

 -Mt. 6:10

Most English translations word this section of what we call the Lord’s Prayer this way, but a few flip the order of the last phrase so that the prayer ends, “as in heaven, so on earth.” I have been pondering the implications I find in these words of Jesus, given when His disciples asked Him how they should pray.

All the other parts of the Lord’s prayer, touching on everything from worshiping God as Holy to asking for daily bread—sustenance both spiritual and literal—to acknowledging our own ongoing need to extend and receive forgiveness, to seeking protection and strength against temptation and evil, I can see lived out on a steady, even daily, basis. But this particular part of the prayer seems to await its fulfillment still. To be sure, we see glimpses of God’s kingdom come or God’s will being done, especially when folks respond to significant needs outside their own lives with compassion or tangible assistance.

But I keep thinking perhaps Jesus meant something even more than this.

When I go out into the natural world with my camera in hand, I often deliberately seek glimpses of the world Jesus might have had in mind when He first spoke this prayer to His early disciples: As in heaven, so on earth. I think about what heaven’s Peace, Joy, or Love might look and feel like and be like HERE, where we still live.

Recently on a cold winter afternoon, I noticed iridescence in the clouds above me, and I drove to a spot where I could photograph the sky unobstructed by buildings or wires. Nearly overhead, I saw the brightest appearance of a “Sky Smile” – an upside rainbow called a circumzenithal arc – I have ever seen. It lasted a long time, and eventually, a fainter rainbow appeared below it, oriented in the traditional direction. There was no rain; instead, ice crystals in the high cirrus clouds caused the refraction.

The image I made that afternoon reminds me of Jesus’ words: As in heaven, so on earth. The “heaven” rainbow is bright, vibrant, and almost astonishing in its size. You can see a partial “day moon” tiny in the image to the left. And below it, much fainter, is the rainbow overarching our world. I find hope in its appearance, counterbalanced by a deep longing that the fainter rainbow could be as vibrant as the upper one. Perhaps it is enough to seek God’s Kingdom and God’s Will in and through our lives ever clearer, ever brighter, in a more authentic reflection of the God whose very name is Love and Peace: on earth, as in heaven.

-Eve Turek


Soup, Salad, and "The Chosen"

The Adult Education and Spirituality Committee invites you to Soup, Salad, and "The Chosen" TONIGHT March 8th, 15th, and 22nd (Wednesdays) from 6PM-8PM. While fully engaged in the Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we will share a very simple meal and view selections from the inspirational TV series “The Chosen” to see how our discipleship and appreciation for the mystery of God-in-Jesus might be enhanced. A sign-up sheet is posted in the narthex.

Reminder! Daylight Savings Time

Begins This Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Set clocks ahead one hour!

A Word From Our Rector

Dear All Saints Family,

It is an honor and joy to share life together with you and to receive the rich blessings that flow from our midst, as Eve Turek & Joanna Seibert bring us today. Thank you, Eve, for another rich feast for our eyes and spirit. For those who may not know, Joanna is a dear friend of Gary and Carole Kimmel, and has led us in wonderful spiritual journeys in past seasons. Feel free to subscribe to her daily messages, as I have done.  

  Another blessing to celebrate is our young friend Hillary Simpson and her desire to serve as an acolyte in worship: she assisted beautifully this past Sunday!  Other young people in 5th grade or higher are invited to consider this possibility as well. Some training is involved.

  As we're all young at heart, we can appreciate the joy of a children's egg hunt on the lawn following our 11am Easter service. Arline Arnold has coordinated this beautiful event for many years and is ready to pass her leadership baton on to others. Let's honor her wonderful ministry here and delight our children by carrying on this great tradition. Feel free to speak to Arline, myself, or contact Christina in the office if you'd like to help.  

  Lastly I've been remiss in noting that our interfaith North Dare Ministerial group is sponsoring Wed. noon worship services (30 minutes long) with lunch to follow through Lent at the OBX Presbyterian Church on the bypass. Next Wed., March 15, I lead the service and our Hospitality Committee members Sally Myers (chair), Carol Davis, Hilary Klein, Ann Laughner & Sue Lynch provide lunch. Feel free to join us. A lunch donation of $5 is requested.

  Continued blessings to you, with thanksgivings for how you bless others, including me. I look forward to seeing you tonight at our Lenten Soup, Salad and focus around the film "The Chosen."  See details below.

Love, Rev. Cindy

The Third Sunday in Lent

March 12th, 2023

Worship Bulletin

Lenten Season Services

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Easter Lilies

You are invited to purchase Easter lilies to adorn the church on Easter Sunday. If you would like to give Easter Lilies in memory, thanksgiving, or in honor of someone, please pick up a form from the church office and return it by April 3rd. Please contact Joan Smalley at with any questions.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought Needs Volunteers: We meet at the warehouse across from the Roanoke Island Aquarium at 10:00 am on Thursdays. All Saints volunteers are needed for March 16th and March 29th. See Bob Baldwin or check the sign up notebook in the Narthex for more information.

Labyrinth Walks

Please join Wayne Barry for a prayerful walk of the Labyrinth on March 19th at 12PM for racial dialogue, reconciliation, and reparation. A second walk in celebration of creation and the change of seasons (Vernal Equinox) will be held on Monday, March 20th at 6PM.

All Saints' Book Club


All Saints’ Book Club always welcomes new friends to join! Colleen and Mary are the co-administrators, also humorously known as Partners in Bookish Crimes. The Club’s next meeting is on March 20th, 2023 at 2PM in the Choir Room and the book of choice is Broken Harbour by Irish writer Tana French. Please reach out to Colleen or Mary if you are interested.

Why Safe Church Online Training Matters

When the Episcopal Church presented All Saints with a set of Model Policies last summer, one of our first assignments was to go through a security screening. Many have completed that screening. The

second assignment for all Episcopal Churches involved completing the safe church online training. Completion of the training, like the screening, is required for all who are helping in the ministry of our

church. The training is critical for creating a safe and holy church community. Some parishioners have completed all the training; some have begun the process, and a few have not started the training. It’s

critical, if you hold any position in the church, to complete the training by early Lent or you may be suspended from those ministries for which you were screened.

-Suzanne Scott Constantine

Safe Church Training Guide

The All Saints Servant Ministry Committee


The All Saints Servant Ministry Committee is fortunate to have a large amount of funds to distribute for Outreach this year. The majority of this money is provided by our very successful fundraising programs, Holly Days and After Dark. Other funding comes from your pledges and individual donations.

Please CLICK HERE to read more about the generous donations made by All Saints' written by Tim McKeithan.

Heron Pond Montessori School Pancake Fundraiser April 6th, 2023

All teachers at The All Saints’ School will be selling tickets starting March 13th at $10 each, which includes coffee, tea, and coke products. Please mark your calendars for April 6th, 2023 from 5:30PM - 7:30PM at Stack ‘Em High Restaurant at MP 4.5. Hopefully we can support our school & its teachers with a delicious meal to enjoy!

Celtic Evensong


All are invited to a Celtic Evensong at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Columbia, NC March 19th, 2023 at 5PM. The Rev. Berkley Ford will be presider and celebrant. Musical selections performed during the service will include sounds from a Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, autoharp, accordion, and Native American flute. This service is all inclusive and intended to offer peace, tranquility, and God’s grace to all.

Mark Your Calendars!

Our Presiding Bishop, The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry heads to our diocese to lead a Revival on October 21, 2023!


Very Happy Birthday Wishes to:

3/13: Ann Rust

3/16: John Tucker

3/18: Mary Anne DeYoung

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