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Greetings! :

Happy Birthday Canada!!! 152 years young! We are so young when compared to our neighbours "across the pond" however, we make up for it in compassion, friendliness and desire. Still coming off the high from the Raptor's recent NBA coupe, we headed directly into one of the best holidays ever and one the signals the official start of summer. Canada Day - With it's Maple Leaves, fireworks and food, Canada Day makes for one great long weekend! Imagine having that feeling all the time... That's exactly how we feel here at Cornerstone all year round! We are proudly Canadian and represent over 150 artisans & craftspeople from all over this grand country. The "Red & White" flies proudly outside our door because we want everyone to know just how wonderful Canada really is. Whenever your travelling, think of us and take a little piece of Canada with you!

July 4th is also upon us so happy Independence Day to our American friends! We hope to see you for a friendly visit!

Summer is here and that means camping, cottages and water! Whether that be lakes or rivers we have just the right paddle to get you out and about with style! Sable Dog Paddles by Veronica Lloyd, is a local Kingston artist. I love her work so much that I bought one for my own cottage on Lake Scugog!

Exciting NEWS!!!! Marissa Sweet from The Art of Placement & Design, will be doing a 1-Day Landscape course with us November 2, 2019. We have had many requests for a class from this talented and award winning artist, so be sure to sign up fast as spaces are definitely limited!

Once again, Cornerstone is up for an Ontario Choice Award in the "Top Small Museum/Art Gallery/Historic Sites" category. The voting is done daily but you can only vote ONCE in a 24 HOUR PERIOD. We've provided the link below, so please, put it on your "daily to do list"! It would be such an honour to win!

The store is refreshed with works from all of your favourite artists. Pottery from Susan Robertson, Andrea Vuletin & Ashburn Pottery, Jewellery from Andrea Mueller, GAM, Manifest, Moth & Linda Carr. Glass from Euroaccents, and wood from Gary Kennell, Robert Knox, Nick Hally, Bev Redden & Michael Sbrocca. There are really too many to mention here so I say come on down!!!

As you know, I have made a monumental decision to write a book! I love words and writing and HAVE always wanted to do this! I'll keep you posted on when it's going to be published and available for purchase, but I am going to ask a favour.....
I have had several responses to my initial request and I want to thank those special people. I am still looking for a few more stories so if you are willing to share your creative journey please send me your pros!
If you are an artist/craftperson/musician/writer and have a story you'd like to share of your journey I am interested! I am especially interested if you put your creative endeavours aside because someone told you that you needed a "real job" or if you made that decision yourself, or maybe you thought or someone told you that you weren't creative at all or "enough". Tell me how you came back to your passion. Part of my story is to share some examples of others who had a roundabout journey back to their creative side. If you are interested (and I hope you are!) email me your story at If you want more information send me a note and I will fill you in!

By The Way... the name of the book is...

Back On The Path
Allowing Your Heart (And Not Your Head) To Be The Cornerstone Of Your Creative Journey.

Last month was a busy month and during the week of the 17th we featured daily, an Indigenous artist in respect for National Indigenous Day. At this time I would like to honour one of our Indigenous artists that was taken from us all too soon. Jay Bell Redbird passed in his sleep, suddenly & unexpectedly leaving us all completely stunned. He left behind his father Duke, brothers & sisters, children & his lovely fiancé Halina Stopyra, a talented artist in her own right, who also exhibits her work here. She and Jay were joined at the hip and had recently moved from Minden Ontario, to Cape Breton Nova Scotia and opened their own Gallery, The Redbird Gallery. Jay was larger than life. He was fun loving, talented and just believed in peace & love. He was a friend to us at Cornerstone and our hearts are broken. Halina has bravely continued Jays work and was here at Artfest promoting Indigenous artwork and keeping Jay's dreams alive. It's at times like this that the art community rallies together and supports each other. We offer Halina whatever support she requires & our love & friendship always.

This tragic loss reminds us to appreciate the people in our lives and not to take any moment for granted. Whenever the opportunity presents itself to try something new, have fun, be creative or to love do it. Sometimes there is no tomorrow.

From our heart to yours,
Penny & the wonderful staff at Cornerstone

P.S. Remember our No Hot Pets program!! Leashed pets are welcome & we will fill their pet water bowl & your water bottle too!
ZIA piece
Jay Bell Redbird 1966 - 2019
Featured Artist - Sable Dog Paddles - Veronica Lloyd
Sable Dog Paddles is a Kingston based project by local artist Veronica Lloyd. Growing up on the water, Veronica started restoring old paddles for friends and family. As she progressed she began salvaging and reclaiming paddles from nearby marinas, canoe clubs and antique shops to paint and restore. New paddles were soon sourced from local makers using Ontario poplar for use in the water.

Each paddle is hand painted and designed with practical use in mind. Sealed with a marine spar varnish to maintain its integrity throughout canoeing adventures, these paddles may be torched or stained to bring out the natural grain of the wood.
Either way you will want one! Sable Dog Paddles is our featured artist of the month of July so we invite you to come down and view them on our feature wall!  
Zentangle Class
Fun times at the Zentangle Class.
Call us at 613-546-7967 to make a date! We will keep you posted of the details of our new Zentangle Club and keep an eye out on FB for Tangle Tuesdays!We invite you to join our FB group,

We have just started the group so that we can get together, people who like Zentangle here in Kingston. Join, Post & Share. We are working with coming up with a schedule where we can meet monthly at a the store to tangle and share ideas. Starting in June I'll post a "Tangle of the Week" and we can use that as a jumping off point for our pieces. We are open to ideas and just looking for a fun, relaxing way to hang out and do some Zentangle!
Attractions Ontario
We are very proud to again be up for an Attractions Ontario Choice Award in this category. You can vote for us daily but only 1 time in a 24-hour period. (So it's best to do around the same time each day!)
Just click on the picture below and off you go!

Marissa Sweet Class
Landscape: Adventures in Expressive Acrylic Workshop
Explore the landscape by using abstract qualities, bold colour and techniques! Students will learn to use loose strokes and bold lines and create a captivating landscape in this step-by-step workshop. Students will be encouraged to bring their expressive and more personal style into their work! Skies the limit with intuition, body language, feeling and emotions.  

The class will begin at 10:00 AM and run until 5:00 PM. Lunch from a local eatery here in Kingston, will be included. The fee for this amazing class is only $155.00!!!
Marissa will be coming especially for this class, all the way from Oshawa, so lets make sure we give her a warm, Kingston welcome and fill up the class!

A complete list of supplies will be on the "Classes" page of our website at or alternatively, you can pick one up at the store. You can register either in person or call the store at 613-546-7967 and reserve your spot with your credit card. The deadline for registration will be October 19 but because Marissa's classes are so popular, I wouldn't put registering off ' to til then as you will surely be disappointed to learn the class is FULL!
Can you imagine painting this and taking it home with you???!!!!
Look What's New!
Showing Our pride
Just wanted to take this opportunity to again thank glass artist, Sean Kerrigan, for his beautiful multicoloured glass pieces and his generous donation of one of those lovely pieces to PRIDE
Thanks Sean!!!!
Along with our Canadian flag, we have decided to permanently display the PRIDE flag at our shop to let everyone know we are an inclusive store and everyone is welcome here!
Glass Artist Sean Kerrigan hard at work!
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