ALL CHURCH Meeting Tonight

All- Church Meeting Recording and Information

Last night we held an All-Church Meeting by ZOOM. It was a good meeting, but we know that many of you were unable to attend or unable to participate with ZOOM. A recording of the meeting is available for you to watch, so you can get the information.

Password: 6c?Os5$9 

I've been asked about donating to the project - if you would like to donate, please specify your gift toward A/V Upgrades and it will be deposited there.

The drawings/renderings shown in the video are found below. As stated in the meeting, if you have questions, want clarification, or other concerns, please let me know.

Join Us Tonight - July 24, 2020
7:00 PM
KFUMC Pavilion
For Prayer and a Traditional Hymn Sing
Bring your own chairs.

Thank you,

David E. Payne
Sanctuary - Above Layout
Chancel Area - Above
Sanctuary Rending
Kerrville First United Methodist Church |