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We have extensive experience in divorce and family law, including adoption and name changes, as well as consumer bankruptcy.  We have helped thousands of individuals and families resolve these issues since 1997. Our firm includes attorneys and legal staff who are committed to providing excellent, compassionate and responsive legal services to our clients. Se habla Español.

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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."  
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Jamie H.

Everyone was pleasurable to work with. Ginger did an absolutely great job at the hearing handling a minor crisis when the judge could not find the e-copy of the background check.

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Child Custody Concerns for Military Personnel Post-Divorce
Having and raising a family while being an active member of the military is no easy task. Being away from one's children and spouse during the long periods of deployment is hard because this parent misses out on a lot of childhood milestones and daily life experiences. Deployment is known to put strains on... 

Filing for Divorce as a Stay-at-Home Spouse
When someone starts contemplating divorce, a number of considerations must be factored into the final decision. For spouses who chose to pause their career in favor of raising children, the financial implications of divorce cannot be overstated. Concerns about supporting oneself and one's children is naturally paramount, and can specifically manifest as worries over...

Special Considerations Same-Sex Couples Face in Divorce
The legal landscape on marriage and divorce for same-sex couples has changed dramatically over the past few years. Until very recently, 2015 to be precise, marriage between same-sex couples was not legal nationwide. Thirty-seven states granted same-sex couples the right to marry, while others took action to ban gay marriage to prevent these unions...
Divorcing without Conflict
Separating divorce from the notions of courtroom disputes and drawn-out litigation is hard to do. As this depiction is really the only one that is written about or appears on television. Obviously, if a couple chooses to divorce, the relationship has not been in a good place for some time, but ending the marriage... 
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50 Things to Do with Your Kids In Tampa Before They Grow Up

 I've lived in Tampa Bay for over 20 years and I have to admit, I do take a lot of what's good about my city for granted and had honestly forgotten just how much there is to do here, especially when you have kids. So I compiled this tidy list of "50 Things to do in Tampa Bay with Your Kids Before They Grow Up."

1. Beat the heat at Adventure Island, Tampa's premier 30 acre water park.

Eat - Drink - Party
April 29th @ The Straz Center   
Join us at "Tampa's Best Party!" This all-you-can-eat food and drink extravaganza boasts more than 50 participants including Tampa Bay's finest restaurants and caterers, and wine, liquor and craft beer tastings. Also, enjoy full open bars and 5 live bands for one all-inclusive price! Since its inception 32 years ago, Best of Tampa Bay, the Straz Center's signature fundraising event, has generated more than $2.5 million for arts education programs.

Lynette Silon-Laguna
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