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We have experience practicing in divorce and family law, including adoption and name changes, as well as consumer bankruptcy, having helped thousands of individuals and families resolve these issues. Our firm includes legal staff who are committed to providing excellent and responsive legal services to our clients. 

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What Papers Do I Need
What papers do I need?
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Navigating Divorce While Serving in the Military    
Anyone with connections to military service knows about the sacrifices such a commitment requires of both the individual in the military and his/her family. Being away from home and loved ones for extended periods with restricted communication is likely to create stress in close relationships and can loosen the bonds of married couples. This...  Read More » 

Key Terms Everyone Getting Divorced Should Know
Making the decision to divorce a spouse is one of the largest, hardest, and most far-reaching acts a person can make in their life. The impact of divorce goes far beyond the couple, especially if they have children, and extends to family and friends who may feel compelled to choose between the two parties...
The Lesser Known Option to End Marriage: Annulment
When married individuals consider ending their marriage divorce is usually the first and only option they explore. This default starting point makes sense when one thinks about the lack of other viable options discussed and/or known by most people. In addition, many people look to divorce as the easiest available option, and avoid other...
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Divorce and Mediation
Given the emotional, financial and legal upheaval divorce creates for most couples, it is easy to understand why divorcing spouses have trouble seeing issues eye-to-eye. Typically, a person's entire world changes in the wake of divorce, and seeing the other spouse as the source of this conflict certainly makes it challenging to find places...
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