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We have extensive experience in divorce and family law, including adoption and name changes, as well as consumer bankruptcy.  We have helped thousands of individuals and families resolve these issues since 1997. Our firm includes attorneys and legal staff who are committed to providing excellent, compassionate and responsive legal services to our clients. Se habla Español.

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Why should divorcing couples consider
mediation in Florida?
The key to being HAPPY is knowing you have the power to CHOOSE what to ACCEPT and what to LET GO! 
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Dealing with a Spouse Who Is Intentionally Hiding or Squandering Marital Assets Pending Divorce
Married couples spend years building up assets in the hope of gaining financial stability for their family, and this effort often requires many sacrifices to produce the desired results. Consequently, if a couple later divorces, dividing this property frequently becomes a contentious  and highly litigated issue. Relinquishing control over something that required considerable effort...

Mental Incapacity: The Lesser Known Basis for Divorce
Marriage requires compromise and acceptance of difficult situations if a couple wants it to last, and such sacrifice tends to increase as spouses age. People generally recognize that a spouse will change both physically and psychologically over time, and are willing to stay with the person despite these shifts. However, there may come a...
Can You Keep the Details of a Divorce Private?
Divorce can leave the participants feeling emotionally and financially vulnerable. These reactions make sense in light of the dramatic changes divorce triggers within a relatively short-period of time - change in residence, change in economic circumstance and change in relationship status. Another difficult reality of divorce is the necessity of releasing private and potentially... couple-talking.jpg
Do Step-parents Have the Authority to Make Legal Decisions for a Stepchild?
Divorce is especially hard on children because they rarely understand the reasons behind the decision, and only perceive the practical consequence that their parents do not live together anymore. Disputes over child custody and parental responsibility can particularly complicate things. While the child may struggle to adapt to this disruption in daily life, welcoming...
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Patsy H.
January 2017

At a time when things were going wrong in my life you helped to solve my problem. You made me feel important and did everything needed in a timely manner. Thank you for all you did.

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