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We have experience practicing in divorce and family law, including adoption and name changes, as well as consumer bankruptcy, having helped thousands of individuals and families resolve these issues. Our firm includes legal staff who are committed to providing excellent and responsive legal services to our clients. 

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What is the difference between community and non-community property in Florida_
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The Importance of Establishing Paternity in Child Custody and Support Cases    
 It seems almost self-evident that children thrive more in homes that have mothers and fathers in place to support and guide them. Ideally, all children would have the chance to live with both parents in a loving environment, but reality is often much harsher. Couples cannot always stay together, and marriage does not automatically...  Read More » 

When and How a Parent Can Change a Parenting Plan
Discussing when and how to divide child custody and visitation is one the more contested issues when couples decide to separate and divorce, as it is a topic central to being a good and present parent. Forming compromises that adequately address the needs of the child and the rights of the parents is a...
The Impact of Domestic Violence on Divorce
Living under the specter of domestic violence is one of the most crippling set of circumstances a person can experience. Never knowing what will set off an abuser leaves the victim in a perpetual state of fear that makes taking action almost impossible. Taking the steps to leave this situation requires a lot of...
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Resolving Divorce Issues Outside of Court
When people usually think about divorce, they picture a courtroom with the parties appearing before a judge to argue their respective positions. This is the image of the legal system in America - working out disputes in front a judge who makes the final decision on issues like who is at fault, should pay...
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Tommi R. - September 2016

My overall experience with the firm was very positive. The attorney who handled my case was prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, and always completely frank and open with me about the realities and possible expectations of the outcome of my case. My attorney demonstrated exceptional knowledge of family law and I am very satisfied with the representation I received from her and this firm.
What's Going On

LARA CERRI of Tampa Bay Times
Cafe Largo one of few remaining authentic French restaurants in Tampa Bay    

Where have they all gone?

Thirty years ago, fine dining meant French dining. Coquilles Saint-Jacques, sole meuniere and duck a l'orange; cream sauces and poufy souffles that made a whole dining room sigh in anticipation.

French restaurants have disappeared. And this is not isolated to Tampa Bay.  
Rendering courtesy of Strategic Property Partners. 
The newest plans for downtown Tampa: Another grocery store, boutique hotel and more.   
In the years to come, downtown Tampa streets will be lined with retail storefronts. The city will have at least two grocery stores, more than a half dozen parks and will be home to two more urban hotels. While plans to redevelop downtown Tampa are still years in the making, the local real estate firm in charge of the $2 billion project is moving quickly to map out what goes where.
Lynette Silon-Laguna
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