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August 2019
Our Tampa Bay lawyers have extensive experience in divorce and family law, including stepparent/relative adoptions and name changes, criminal defense law, as well as consumer bankruptcy. We have helped thousands of individuals and families resolve these issues since 1997. Our law firm includes attorneys and legal staff who are committed to providing excellent, compassionate and responsive legal services to our clients.
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I was scared, stressed, and had no clue on how to proceed with my divorce. Ginger, Cindy, Maria and the rest of the staff informed me on what to expect and walked me through the whole process reducing my stress and giving me confidence in the system and their law firm. Whenever I had questions they were quick to respond and communication was excellent. The staff was very polite and respectful. Thank you!
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Criminal Mischief Laws in Florida
Criminal mischief in Florida, also sometimes referred to as vandalism, occurs when a person intentionally and maliciously destroys the property of another person. Criminal mischief is charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of property damage done. Many people think criminal mischief is a relatively minor crime. However, the ... 
Is that Money from Your Ex’s Family a Gift or a Loan?
Helping out family financially is a common way of supporting loved ones. When a couple first marries, this support may be especially necessary to set up a new household or get settled into married life. These exchanges are usually given and received with appreciation and gratitude, and the specifics of how the giver views ... 
What Is the Purpose of a Deposition in Divorce?
The divorce process is scary and overwhelming for many spouses because they do not understand the legal procedures that go along with moving a petition through the court system. The mysteriousness of the legal process often increases during the discovery stage of a divorce case, which is the period each side is allowed to ... 
What Happens If You Miss Your Court Date?
The divorce process can seem to last forever for those involved, and both spouses often anticipate the day of the final hearing as the culmination of everything that went into reaching the end of the case. Many preliminary issues must be addressed before reaching this point, and most spouses have to contribute a considerable ... 
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