December 27, 2020 by Gina Keesling - Why all the farrier stuff? Full (long) story here
The All Farrier Edition - get everything you need to be ready for 2021 - on 2020's books. Consider starting the New Year with New Business Forms!
Business cards from HoofPrints include a proof (mailed, texted or emailed) and as many revisions as you need to get it perfect - for no additional charge. Included also are a copy of the latest print catalog, and a free Things Not to Say to a Farrier Magnetic Business Card Calendar
$100. can seem like a lot to spend for a box of business cards (that's HoofPrints' price). It's no secret that there are places out there that are cheaper. But when you order from HoofPrints, you are also getting my experience as a designer and a farrier's wife. I fix typos, I change / rearrange wording so it sounds better and looks professional.

Those cheap places won't fix a mis-spelling of "therapeutic". They don't know the names of the farrier associations and schools - so they won't abbreviate them correctly if needed. They won't make suggestions on how your card can best sell your unique skills/expertise. They can't because they don't have the experience with the farrier industry.
Already have cards? Keep them in front of your customers all year:
2021 - A full year of Things Not to Say to a Hot, Tired Farrier
Our handy magnetic business card calendar lets you keep your card in front of your customers all year round, and give them a chuckle, too! Each month has different Things Not to Say to a Farrier phrases, paired with one of Lesley Bruce's drawings.
These stick to any metal surface. Just remove the liner, and apply your own business card to the adhesive. Measures 3 1/2" wide x 6 1/4" tall.
Below is art that highlights the challenges of working on a horse who is distracted; it has a number of events going on that can make farrier work even more difficult.
I could go on and on about the virtues of each month's drawing - but it's important to share what hard working little promotional items these calendars are, too. Your business card - on your customer's fridge - being looked at anew every single month as they tear off the calendar page to reveal the next funny cartoon of some farrier malady - along with a gentle suggestion of multiple things they should not be saying. Most are seasonally relevant; April is "I'm sure glad you don't mind working on muddy feet." along with "I have the hardest time getting a farrier to come out." and more...
GREAT NEWS! Lower minimum order on CUSTOM Invoice Pads
Since their inception, the minimum order on these custom invoices has been 20 pads. For many farriers, that was just too many, so they opted for the Custom Rubber Stamp option instead. Now, I've lowered the minimum to just 10 pads! The price each is a bit higher, but for farriers looking to present a professional image to their customers by having pre-printed invoices that contain all their pertinent info, these are well worth it.

Like the stock invoices (below), the custom pads contain 50 sets of 1 each white and yellow copies. Most farriers give the white copy to the customer and keep the yellow copy for their records. All invoices feature handy wrap-around cover, with place to note the date of the invoice copies for future filing.

CUSTOM Invoices exclusively designed just for you - and the price includes this professional design/layout. Choose your wording, format and logo design; I can even use your own logo
HoofPrints uses a local printer for our 2-part carbonless farrier invoice pads and he'd absorbed the increase in paper costs for a lot longer than he should have. He warned me that there was going to have to be an adjustment... you know - like having to pass on the increased price of shoes, nails, and shipping - after you finally sit down and realize how much more they are costing you vs how much the customer is paying for shoeing; you've given yourself a pay cut by not raising prices as materials increase? Anyway, that's what happened here, too. 
The official increase took effect a while back. However, I've held the old price ($9.00 per pad) on invoice pad ASSORTMENTS. With the assortment option, you get to choose the "A" or "B" body style, but I pick the logos that you get. If it's important that your invoices match your business cards , then this might not be for you. But if you're wanting to save money, then here's a way to do it. The price is $45. for 5 pads - which is a savings of $1.00 per pad! To order, click here
While you were out... THE FARRIER WAS HERE!
Leave your invoices in confidentiality with this special hanger that doubles as a return envelope. The reverse side has a place for your address and stamp. The hanger portion is perforated to detach easily before mailing. The envelope portion is sized so that our standard farrier invoices fit neatly inside. And the opening flap is on the long side, so it's easy to insert the contents and seal.
This was an idea I had years ago when we were visiting a friend in who lived near NYC. We were touring one of the exclusive boarding stables near her home, and the farrier had been there earlier that day. The shoeing bills were tacked to all of the stall doors. Of course, we had to snoop and see what the prices were for shoeing and trimming on Long Island.

It just doesn't seem like a good idea to leave the bills where they could be read by everyone, or be torn off and lost. Leave your bills or notes in confidentiality with this special hanger that doubles as a return envelope. The reverse side has a place for your address and stamp. The hanger portion is perforated to detach easily before mailing. To order doorhanger envelopes click here.
Ever have those clients who say they would have sent payment - but they didn't have your address? (yeah, right...) You can be sure that they DO have your address - by stamping it on each of the envelopes you leave behind! Custom Rubber Stamps are available here. These are self-inking - and good for many, many impressions before they need refilling.

You can also use this opportunity to also include a Next Appointment Sticker to remind clients when you're coming back. These are brightly colored and specially printed with farrier artwork - will stand out on the calendar and help cut down on forgotten or missed appointments. Time after time I have had frantic farriers call - because they've run out of stickers and their clients are clamoring for them. To order stickers click here  
Get organized! 2021 Farrier Organizer and Organizer Refill
This is a compact, complete system designed specifically for farriers
Comes with sturdy binder that has additional pockets in the back to contain the rest of your papers.
Measures 8"x10"x2" and includes these items:
Sturdy Binder
Weekly Planner
Client List
Weekly Expense Tracker
Invoice Book
From the Farrier Note Pad
Late Notice Book
Appointment Cards
Pen and Calculator
Only a few left! To order click here
(Once you have the binder, each year after you only need to buy the refill - that's here)
This soap has been a huge hit
And would certainly qualify as a business expense as it's made specifically to clean up after a day of dirty, stinky work.
I never thought I would be selling soap. But this soap is designed specifically for farriers with farrier input and approval. The essential oils used assist in removing the hoof scent from your hands, leaving a pleasing licorice/peppermint aroma. Deactivated charcoal is added as a deodorizer and natural abrasives for scrubbing power. Just because the artisan formulated this soap for farriers, doesn't mean we regular folks can't enjoy the benefits too! The odor-killing properties will freshen up your hands after everything from onion chopping to sheath cleaning.
Once you're all cleaned up - time for some new duds!
This super heavy pique finished sweatshirt looks sharp and is a hard worker. It's made of super heavyweight 12.5 oz 80% cotton/20% polyester fashion fleece. Choose Deep Spruce or Maroon with contrasting trim on collar, cuffs and waistband. It's got two side seam pockets and is embroidered with HoofPrints own Tools of the Trade logo.
These are generously sized; they shrink a bit with laundering. Machine wash with no special care - the examples you see in this photo have been washed and dried on normal settings, and the collar and trim came out as nice and smooth as it was when it went in.
I have never, ever talked about these in a newsletter
Supplies are extremely limited, and it takes months to get more.
Massachusetts farrier Allie Hayes started a side gig many years ago making these amazing models. They are the absolute best teaching aids; nothing is more emphatic than whipping out one of these to illustrate to an owner just how close the coffin bone is to the ground on that thin-soled horse who is bruising...

HoofPrints has carried them from the beginning, and I've admired Allie's resolve as she's stuck with what is an extremely complicated, lengthy, and time consuming process. From procuring the limbs, freeze drying them for the better part of a year, and then sawing, prepping, boiling, bleaching, gluing and coloring... it seems she might be a combination of farrier, professor and mad scientist?
Need a new travel mug? Here's one that looks like it's made of Damascus steel
What could be more fitting for a farrier; whose job involves pounding steel all day?
Every once in a while, something comes along that is accidentally so PERFECT - that it's unbelievable.
This is one of those times. I always keep an eye on the various suppliers travel mug options; as coffee is something most farriers need to get their day started.
I've carried the smaller Tools of the Trade Wood Grain version for years. It's okay, but I don't love it.
I. Love. This. One.
I don't know what they thought they were replicating when they came up with this swirling grey pattern, but it looks for all the world like Damascus steel, which is made by forge welding multiple layers. Damascus Steel is beautiful, strong, and incredibly hard to make. Originally used for swords, these days skilled blacksmiths are forging this patterned steel into striking knives and jewelry.
But nobody's making travel mugs! Ours is laser etched with HoofPrints' own rustic logo.
Do you have your 2021 Blacksmith Calendar?
2021 Blacksmith Calendar is 20th Anniversary!
The very first edition was produced by blacksmith Gil Fahrenwald in 2001. That back issue has been sold out for years. So I've decided to commemorate it by repeating the same images for 2021.
January (and the cover) feature an amazing photo of an anvil shoot. Also known as anvil firing, this is the practice of firing an anvil in the air with gunpowder. source
Aside from the obvious dangers, I am most intrigued by the fact that the horses in this photo appear to be unperturbed, and everybody is standing surprisingly close to the action. There are plenty of modern videos on youtube of guys doing this, and they all run for the hills after the fuse is lit.
Gina Keesling started HoofPrints in 1986 to provide helpful promotional materials for farrier husband Rob. Along the way she added a fun selection of horse and dog products geared toward women of a certain age. This newsletter is emailed to subscribers a few times a month. Watch for sales, stories (including the full story behind this lovely picture) and more.
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