HALF OFF while supplies last! Things Not To Say To A Farrier Big Wall Calendar
Featuring the full color, amazing art of Lesley Bruce. I challenge anyone to find a single inaccuracy in any of her farrier drawings. She's technically not a farrier herself, but did a brief stint of trimming and shoeing her own horses after her farrier was injured.
Check this out: The cover (also January) features a situation that's all too common - the person who is supposed to be holding the horse is, instead, looking at his phone. The horse is reaching for grass, giving the farrier trouble. It's paired with cringeworthy things that farriers hear "She stands better if she's allowed to graze." along with "That don't look that hard." and "I read on the internet that you're supposed to..."

Nearly every month also features a dog, doing not-very-helpful dog stuff, as this one is here; getting up close and (too) personal.
Below is November; the phrases make reference to mysteriously "lost" shoes. There's a gnarly tree in the foreground. If you give it a closer look, you'll see a number of "lost" shoes - wrapped around the protruding roots. If you keep looking, you'll notice something creepy about that tree; one of the branches looks strangely like an arm and hand, pointing down to the cache of "lost" shoes, on the tree's trunk is a sinister face, beaming up toward the farrier and owner as they have an exchange about the "lost" shoes. Keep looking at this one; there's a LOT going on. Lesley is a brilliant artist. I'm so very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her, and be able to bring her art to the farrier and equine community.
Below is art that highlights the challenges of working on a horse who is distracted; it has a number of events going on that can make farrier work even more difficult.
I could go on and on about the funny details in each month's drawing.

This is the first year for this project; I ordered too few initially and they sold out right away. I placed a (big) reorder - then, USPS got way behind and I ended up having to turn off both my Amazon and ebay stores; orders weren't getting delivered in time and it was a big mess. So now, I have calendars left over. I've marked them down to half price while supplies last.
HALF OFF Sleeping With A Farrier Nightshirts - just in time for Valentine's Day!
When I ran out of these a while back, I had people begging for them...
and it was such a disappointment to not be able to fill their orders. Farriers, bless their hearts, would see it in the catalog - and make a mental note to buy one for their sweetie for Valentine's Day, or birthday, or just because... with their next order of invoice pads or other business supplies. We'd had it for years and it was always available - then the manufacturer discontinued the lovely lavender color I'd been using. And I couldn't find a replacement. After two years of looking I found this v-neck t-shirt dress (night shirt) that's even better than our original! It's softer (100% cotton) and more feminine. I revised the artwork so that it works around the neckline for an integrated look. Color is called raspberry, but it's more like a dark (not bright) pink.
These long T-shirt dresses are screen printed with little horse and farrier logos along with phrases unique to only farrier households:
* How many horses did you do today?
 * How did you get that bruise/cut/burn?
 * I promise I won't kick you.
 * Hoof smoke makes your hair smell good.
 * No horsing around tonight.
 * Do you want me to rub your back, again?
 * It's too bad toothpaste won't remove that blue nail residue from your lips.
 * Really, I don't mind the smell of thrush on your hands.
 * You're not putting me in cross-ties!
 * Did you eat beans for lunch or work on an abscessed foot?
 * Gee, do you think that toenail will fall off?
 * Settle down or I'll twitch you.
and more...
Valentine's Day gift idea - was $400, now $240.
BAD NEWS: My most epic mistake of the season=The Price on this charm bracelet
GOOD NEWS: It's way lower than what's printed in the catalog
The last time I featured this sterling silver bracelet in a print catalog, silver was super high so the bracelet retailed for almost $400. I copied/pasted that text from the old layout, and failed to change the price to what it is currently: $239.95. Which is a great deal if you consider that there are 10 different super detailed farrier tool charms plus the cost of the chain.
HALF OFF Tools of the Trade Heavyweight Sweatshirts
This time of year, normally farriers are gearing up for a couple big farrier conventions. It's always great to meet up with our old farrier friends, and fellow vendors. I also find it super interesting to observe what everybody's wearing. I can always tell the western horseshoers by the boots, cowboy hats and belt buckles; usually those are custom made and sporting a shoe or anvil or some other farrier logo. Some guys (usually the speakers and many vendors) have on a jacket and tie, and their tie tack is almost always something like one of these. A surprising amount of Amish farriers attend these events, too, and they certainly stand out from the crowd in their traditional attire. Then there are guys who look like they just buttoned up the rig for the day and headed on over... and everything in between. Sadly, because of COVID-19, the conventions have been rescheduled and/or adapted to a virtual format. So I didn't get a chance to sell many of these in anticipation for events.
This super heavy pique finished sweatshirt looks sharp and is a hard worker. It's made of super heavyweight 12.5 oz 80% cotton/20% polyester fashion fleece. Choose Deep Spruce or Maroon with contrasting trim on collar, cuffs and waistband. It's got two side seam pockets and is embroidered with HoofPrints own Tools of the Trade logo.
NEW Note Cards! - Passion & Patience - A Farriers' Dilemma
Painted in 1883, the original painting by John Sargent Noble is a massive 4 feet tall x 6 feet wide. It sold at auction in 2018, bringing $63,250. Wonder if someone with farrier ties bought it? I would love to see it in person someday.
Most amusing (to me) is the gallery's write-up, and their speculations concerning the title. (In my opinion) this reviewer's lack of knowledge about horses and farriers lead them to write this rather clueless account of what's going on here;
“Passion and Patience” are two words that carry high emotional content, but leave the question, why? The center of the painting features the rear side of two horses, one black, and one white. The horse furthermost from the viewer has it's back leg extended, ready to be shod. However the farrier is suspended both in motion and in thought, he appears to be staring out into the far left corner of the painting with no real indication of what is holding his gaze or is he looking at the dog?  Has someone entered the smithery? - source
Passion and Patience (in my opinion) has everything to do with the horses' temperament. We can't see the bay horse's eye, but by the height of his head, his relaxed ears, and droopy lips we know he's the patient one. The grey, not so much. The foot that's lifted is bare, it's hard to tell for sure, but looks to me like it's just had the hot shoe seated, which aligns with the fact that the farrier's holding said shoe on his punch, with hoof knife in opposing hand to ensure even searing across the hoof. And judging by the look in the grey's eye, I'm pretty sure that the "back leg" he's extending is not in the spirit of cooperation.
At any rate, we do NOT know what the farrier's looking at, if anything. Maybe he's just taking a deep breath, wondering what in the hell ever made him decide to make shoeing horses his livelihood?
I've been looking at these art prints for over 20 years and I never grow tired of this image. New this season is the same art on note cards; both blank and with a thoughtful Thank You phrase.
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