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If your number is posted, claim your $100 gift certificate! Three winners have already claimed their prize, are you number four or number five?

A barbaric yawp
If you've pre-ordered fabrics, please know we are at the mercies of backed up cargo ships, docks, freight trains and semi-trucks. When the fabric hits the warehouses, it'll be yawped over the rooftops.

Thanks for your patience.
All I want for Christmas ...

Back at the shack we've got Spike Jones (and The Band) on the box. We hate the way he sings, but we love the way he talks.

So inspiring are his words, that in September we're adding dental and vision to our employee benefits package.

We're also working on doing a Bob's Red Mill style transition to employee ownership and profit sharing. More on that later. We think it's in keeping with the spirit of the quilting bee.

See this Olympic high jumping highlight video which sums it up.
Sharing the gold ...
There are only two Olympic sports where it's possible to share the gold -- high jump and pole vault.

The Olympic judges couldn't determine a difference in the performance of two high jumpers from Italy and Qatar. The athletes could have had a jump-off, but they are friends who have been through meets, training and injuries together.

They chose to share the gold instead.

(If competition & injuries sound like your workplace, drop off a resume.)

Machine Embroidery
Mystery Class
Have glue gun, will travel.
If that's how your card reads, and you've got an embroidery machine, sign up now, pardner.
Hip Stitch Basics
Learn to use your machine or one of ours, but learn the basics of running this power tool so you can power through unseemly amounts of stitching.
Craft Night
Work on what you're working on in a supportive group
Summer Time Sewing
More of a retreat, actually.

Make something and take some time for yourself ...

Lunch, laughs and as languid a pace as you wish for any project needing some deep focus time.
Home Sweet Haunted Home
Two-day Kimberbell event. Machine embroidery as a treat without tricking you into a sales pitch for "the next" machine.
Beginning Crochet
By hook or by crook, we'll turn wool into yarn into useful objects. Join Jennifer Wiggins in this fun class.
Beginning Knitting
Jen Berg is back to show you her techniques. See her latest patterns, too.
Intro to Garment Sewing
If you haven't got a stitch to wear, this where you should start. Join Tracy Ellen Franke in making a pair of lounge pants.
Advanced Crochet
If you already have taken the beginning course or already have skills as a hooker, this is the class for you. Jennifer will guide you in making this patchwork bag!
Crocheted Necklace
A fun short class to make a unique stylish crochet necklace!
Botanicals is in, featuring birds and plants and more. A muted palette that will lend itself to a project for a nature lover or gardener.

A pressing matter, a hot item
The much-loved felt pressing pads are back in stock. They help speed your pressing. A couple of sizes to choose from. Because of the wool's insulating properties, it's almost like ironing both sides at once.

Floral and patriotic
Or maybe it's patriotic and floral. Either way, this layer cake of 10-inch cuts will make a summer-y project.

Back in stock
Jen Fox and Sarah Case's book is back in stock.

Master the techniques which are detailed in this book by local masters.


Says Valori Wells of her new collection: "Enchanted arose from my experience of the magical color, intricate designs, and generous people I discovered in and around Marrakech. The colors of the city are intense and vibrant, from the rugs to the spices, they can’t be ignored.”

Gingiber "Words to Live By"
The blocks on this panel measure about 11 by 11. The rest of the collection features poppies along with interesting geometrics and botanical prints.

If you (or somebody you know) needs a bit of inspiration or encouragement start right here.

Every Patch Belongs Kit
How about a kit to make this lovely quilt, called "Every Patch Belongs?" From Gingiber, the kit includes all the fabric to make the top, plus pattern and binding.

CLICK to buy yours!
All the
cool shops
are doing it ...
Five more prints on that botanical theme.

The manufacturers are pushing it.

We succumbed to peer pressure and bought this line, too.

Fabrics for Pre-order
Painted Soul
It's not explicitly stated, but this fabric collection -- Painted Soul -- sure seems to be an homage to the Painted Desert area.

Near Four Corners, the Painted Desert encompasses areas just to the west of us (but our side of the NM/AZ border is pretty nice, too!).

How beautiful an area is it? Enough that Arizona Highways magazine was blacklisted by the Soviet Union as being propaganda.

Rile up the Rooskies and make something classy with this fabric.

Don't leaf this one behind ...
Suitable for autumn themed projects, it's easy to fall for these leafy prints. More colors than we're showing here at the link. Cut small, it's just an interesting texture. At about the 5 x 5 scale shown here -- the actual leaf patterns come through. From P&B Textiles.

arriving in August
It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

Get in the spirit

(delayed in Vancover due to wildfires.....sigh.....)

(update: shipping a bit late due to delays)
From Jeremi's Workshop:
Centennial Machine

This Centennial is just a bit too nice to be repainted, so we're calling it a reject.

Yours for a nice price.

New motor, belt, LED Light bulb and more. Fully tuned and sewing fine.

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The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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