Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt: Raise Your Voice (Acting)!

January 2012
All is Well in 20-12!

Can you believe it's 2012 already!? I certainly can't. Last year was a whirlwind and I expect this year to be just as exciting. We have plans for films, more episodes of Shelf Life and look forward to working on more fun projects.

I was so excited when Yuri surprised me with a weekend getaway to Paris for our anniversary! Bon Voyage, indeed! :) And then so relaxing to spend the holidays in Idyllwild and Desert Hot Springs for a little R&R.

Here's to thrilling and fantastic surprises for your year as well, and to surpassing your goals with your own New Year's Resolutions. My focus this year is on visibility (for our projects, for my work and for our company). Bigger and Better in 2012!

Tara :) (&Yuri)
Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt: Raise Your Voice (Acting)!
Back to Work, Back to Play

The year is starting with a bang. And since we love what we do, it always feels like playing when we get a chance to work! As such, I will be playing on Castle (as a phone-sex operator-- tee hee) on Monday, Jan 9th. That night I'll also be interviewed on Commercial Break at 9p on TheStream.tv talking about Castle, the run of my Snapple commercial campaign and the successful end to Season 1 of our web-series about dirty little action-figures: Shelf Life (and upcoming Season Two in February!)  ShelfLifetheSeries Channel
Yuri is back to recording Ben 10 as well as writing for Season Three of Shelf Life, not to mention finishing up a novella coming out later this year and a feature screenplay and we are both more excited about that than sticky-toffee ice-cream (and we loooooove sticky-toffee!)

And our surprise trip to Paris was a wonderful way to celebrate 10 years of marriage and pretend we were the newest gargoyles at Notre Dame.
Clockwork Angel - Book Review

Over the holidays I devoured a new fiction book: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, a prequel to the Immortal Instruments books.

Now, not having read the Immortal Instruments I wasn't sure what to expect, and there is the age-old plot of heroine (Tessa Gray) in a world of vampires, warlocks, magic and turn of the century London, but it was fun, fanciful, exciting and adventurous. I am most definitely planning on reading more of Ms Clare's works.
And if you like fantastically fun and wildly whimsical books to dive into, I think this might be a great addition to your playful reading list.

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Back to Work, Back to Play
Clockwork Angel Review
Contest Winner

Book & CD: Contest Winner!

We held a contest last month and are excited to announce the winner of the VO trivia quiz won a copy of the book and CD! Congrats, Raymond.

The book is available for sale at Barnes & Noble and Sam French! Or order book on-line at Amazon.com or get book/CD/mp3 our website. We're available as an eBOOK on lulu.com.

VO TIP:  Try practicing tricky phrases first by over-enunciating each word very slowly, then speed up faster and faster to gain clarity at high speeds.
Silly Links & Fun Clicks

A few wonderful links that I hope you are as taken with as I am:

1. Breathtaking 3-D light show against building.

2. And since I was so excited about it, here is another building with a different projection.

3. Or daytime fireworks.
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