Dear KBC Family/Friends,

It’s hard to believe that Summer is almost over! Virgil, myself, and our team at Kingsway Boxing have been working hard since re-opening, to navigate and prepare for our Fall 2020 programming. 

We hope you’re all keeping well and want to reassure you that our Kingsway Boxing COVID Protocols & Procedures have been developed with your safety in mind. Please Read KBC Protocols

We're now offering physically-distanced private and small group training under the Boxing Ontario COVID Taskforce/Ontario Government safety & sanitization protocols. Kingsway Boxing will also continue offering virtual classes for those not returning immediately. 

Please see below for more info about our specialty seasonal enrolments now open for registration! If you're having trouble finding a class to accommodate your schedule, we also offer private training from 5am 10pm daily.

Thank you all for your support and patience as we navigate this new normal!

In The Meantime, Keep Your Hands Up… AND CLEAN! 👊

Jennifer Huggins
Kingsway Boxing Club

T. +1 (416) 234-0075
Starts Sept. 8
Starts Sept. 8
20% OFF
Looking to get in for a safe alternative to group training? We're now offering private training with out team of Personal Trainers and Nationally Certified Coaches!

Book in with a boxing coach to learn the essentials of boxing, or to get the best workout of your life. If you’re looking for a workout that incorporates weights and overall fitness, our roster of coaches are also nationally certified personal trainers.

STARTS TUES. SEPT 8 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join Jo-Anne Sheffield, Kingsway Boxing High Performance Trainer and seasoned marathoner, in an outdoor group training session. Muscle + Run is a unique training system that incorporates strength training with running. All fitness and running levels are welcome and encouraged. Enjoy an outdoor group workout, meet new people, and get a great workout!

Early Bird Rate is ONLY: $150.00
Program by: Jo-Anne Sheffield

STARTS WED. SEPT 9 | 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Power4Teens Fitness Program for Girls is brought to you by our fitness guru Shyanne McPherson at our High Performance Studios (3046 Bloor Street West). This program focuses on improving the function of both the mind and body to create improved physical fitness and mental positivity. This is a workout with a difference. As you sweat, condition, and build confidence, Shyanne will inspire, motivate, and help you with body image issues and help create personal positive affirmations to live life more fully. Suitable for ages 13-17. Limited spots available!

Early Bird Rate is ONLY: $165.00
Program by: Shyanne McPherson

STARTS WED. SEPT 9 | 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

Learn the Art of 8 Limbs in this 6-week Kickboxing class with rockstar coach and instructor Jacqueline Walters. Heighten your cardio, improve your strength, and learn how to introduce elbows, knees and feet into your combative arsenal. Body-weight strength training accompanies Kickboxing skills development. Suitable for all levels.

Early Bird Rate is ONLY: $165.00
Program by: Jacqueline Walters

STARTS THURS. SEPT 10 | 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM
OR 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

Adapted to our new small group/physically-distanced format, HIIT Conditioning incorporates interval training, functional fitness, strength training, and stretching. Our exclusive HIIT Conditioning programs, brought to you by Jo-Anne Sheffield, are conducted at our fully-renovated High Performance Studio with select classes offered virtually for access anytime, anywhere! Each class incorporates head-to-toe fitness into a fast and effective workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.

Virtual Access Starting at ONLY: $75.00
Program by: Jo-Anne Sheffield

STARTS SUN. SEPT 13 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

These classes are conducted virtually AND at our fully renovated High Performance Studios, incorporating head-to-toe stretching and strengthening. Slow Flow Hatha Yoga with Patricia Else is focused on recharging, refreshing and restoring. Move slowly and purposefully from posture to posture, taking time to breath while quieting your mind. Suitable for beginner to intermediate levels.

Virtual Access Starting at ONLY: $100.00
Program by: Patricia Else

STARTS MON. SEPT 14 | 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

This 6 week mobility program will improve your overall Stability, increase your Mobility, and lead you towards building better overall Strength from your existing workout. Participants will have an opportunity to explore their own individual exercise challenges as we cover Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back, Core, Hips and Knees. This program was developed by Jim Marinow, who is a Registered Massage Therapist/Fascial Stretch Therapist working with New Age Physio.

Early Bird Rate is ONLY: $180.00
Program by: Jim Marinow

STARTS TUES. SEPT 15 | 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Ladies, if you're looking for a safe return to the gym and are ready to move in a small group setting, this is the perfect opportunity! Conducted at our fully renovated High Performance Studios, these classes are geared towards health-minded women in a body-positive, motivating, and super fun fitness class. Join Colleen Layug, our Fusion-Fit High Performance Specialist, in this 8-week physically-distanced program. Each and every class is unique and challenging. Open to all fitness levels. If you're looking for a class that has real possibilities, sign up today!

Early Bird Rate is ONLY: $175.00
Program by: Colleen Layug

The Kingsway Boxing Family have been back to training since June. As we build routines, it’s important to continue keeping our community safe! Please be aware of any possible symptoms and contact us if you’re unsure. Thank you for your support.

Staff and Clients are may temporarily remove face coverings during physical activity — Only to enter and exit the facility. However, keeping your face covered while training remains your personal option. Please discuss with your trainer before your next session.

Our #FTEC2021 Charity Boxing Gala Locked, Reloaded And Scheduled For Saturday June 5, 2021
The decision to postpone the gala was heartbreaking for the fighters, but a necessary step in light of the pandemic. We’re all uncertain when business, events or even sports will return to operation. We are confident though, that by next year, we will celebrate alongside the fight team all the hard work and dedication it will have taken for us to reach our next gala.