Navajo County Community Health Needs Assessment Survey
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Why this survey matters:

What our healthcare community has accomplished since the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
Obtained over 1 million dollars in grants and other type of funding utilizing the data in the CHNA
Over 100 public and private partnerships working together to identify and fill gaps in addressing the CHNA priorities:

  • Substance Used Disorder
  • Mental Health • Poverty
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease CHNA Committees
  • Community Council on Mental Health (CCMH)
  • Safe Stations – One Stop (SSOS) Consortium
  • Northeastern Arizona Community Resource Network (NACRN)
  • Chronic Disease Subcommittee
  • Navajo County STD Working Group

CHNA Achievements

  • Chronic Disease Strategic Plan
  • Standardized formalized care pathway and stop light education on the major chronic illnesses
  • Developed and implemented a stress management presentation for parents and students
  • Partnered with local agencies and organization in a leave behind program for nasal naloxone
  • Trained 68 individuals regarding the nasal naloxone leave behind program
  • Developed a substance use disorder resource guide and crisis brochure and distributed for all
  • Trained 9 individuals as Peer Support Specialists
  • Software development for common intake and referral for community access points
  • Secured location for NACRN building to provide a resource center for the residents of Navajo County

NOTE: This information in not intended to be all-inclusive, there are many other grants, programs and partnerships that have come about because of the 2018 CHNA data. This list is only a summary of some.
If would like more information about the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment visit the Navajo County Community Health Improvement Plan Dashboard.
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If you would like to get involved with a committee listed above, or the CHNA itself please email Allison Hephner.
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