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In this Issue: What's next? All-Partners Meeting follow up, ArcGIS Hub, upcoming events
Collaboration and Creating Momentum
Thank you all who joined us for All-Partners Meeting on February 20! We are grateful for the momentum it created and excited about the CAZCA's next steps. During the course of the meeting, we heard from the partnership on new and exciting projects, we began the formation of working groups, learned partner perceptions of CAZCA’s “value-add”, and gathered support for the pilot of ArcGIS Hub.

CAZCA is continually exploring better ways to communicate. If you or your organization have projects or initiatives you would like to share with the partnership or are looking for new collaborators, let us know. Please download the spreadsheet below.

This meeting has allowed us to create momentum to address real priorities, in an effective manner. Together we hope to tackle the issues and challenges in our region to move the needle forward for conservation in Central Arizona.
Progress and Updates
See what CAZCA has been up to:
Aireona Raschke, Program Director, beginning the All-Partners Meeting. Photo credit: Annia Quiroz
Stinknet ( Oncosiphon piluliferum ) is becoming an invasive plant of concern across the region. Photo credit: Alden Woods, AZ Republic
All-Partners Working Groups
One of the results of the All-Partners was the creation of initial working groups for CAZCA. These groups will help the partnership identify priorities, pool our resources and help implement goals outlined in the ROSS.

These initial groups will explore issues like regional connectivity, education & outreach, and invasive species. For those who signed up for working groups, you can expect to hear from us sometime in April or May about the first working group meetings.

The Value of a Convener
We are grateful the partnership sees the benefit of CAZCA's work. Collaboration can be difficult and in a time when capacity and resources are limited, the role of a backbone or convening organization can be very valuable. During the All Partners we were able to gather feedback on our role, to learn that the biggest benefit to partners are our shared programming and branding, the infrastructure that allows this community to come together to network, share and inspire us to achieve more.

As we take the next steps we will work to refine and expand our abilities to provide these spaces and services for the region to thrive.

Stinknet Outreach
Stinknet was added to the Arizona Noxious Weed list in January 2020 and CAZCA staff has been working to raise awareness and educate the public on this new invasive. We held a Workshop for the town of Cave Creek, as well as working with the media to provide information to the community at large. Take a look !
ArcGIS Hub: New Collaboration Tool
CAZCA is piloting ArcGIS Hub as a collaboration tool for the partnership. Are you interested in being part of this pilot for better collaboration?

Support our efforts in testing this tool for the partnership! Please fill out the spreadsheet with any initiatives falling under activities or goals identified in the Regional Open Space Strategy. Instructions for how to save, where to send the document, and detailed ROSS goals are included. Join the project to strengthen collaboration in the region.
Upcoming Events
Mountain Town Hall March 11

Come learn how parks are created and what this process is like with Maricopa County Parks and Rec . Learn all of the
ins-and-outs of where outdoor recreation parks come from. If you ever find yourself daydreaming about new trails and open spaces, you will want to be a part of this discussion.
Promote your Events with Us

Is there an event you need help promoting or recruiting for? We can help! If you take a few minutes to fill out our Google form and we will post your event on our website and social media. We can also share your largest events in this newsletter!
CAZCA Speaker Series

​Join us Thursday, April 30 to explore how GIS modeling can be used to identify potential paths to connect open spaces. Sara Meerow, Assistant Professor at ASU School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning and Caleb Carpenter former Master’s student, will show us how to protect and connect our urban spaces.