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All Seaside surgeons selected as "Top Physicians"
All of Seaside Surgery Center’s physician partners were chosen as “Top Physicians” in Naples Illustrated’s annual program. The popular Naples lifestyle magazine commissioned Professional Research Services to poll Lee and Collier County physicians for their top recommendations of their peers in several categories. Physicians receiving the most nominations by their peers in each specialty were accorded the honor of “Top Physician.” 

In the orthopedic surgery category, H. Kurtis Biggs, DO; Evgeny Krynetskiy, MD; and Robert J. Zehr, MD, were chosen. Drs. Biggs and Zehr are the co-founders of Seaside Surgery Center. Steven S. Goldberg, MD, was honored in the orthopedic surgery and sports medicine category. Brian Wallace, DO, was named in the sports medicine category. Podiatric surgeons Christopher J. Calcagni, DPM, and Jamie Weaver, DPM, were honored in their specialties. Carmella Fernandez, MD, was chosen in the hand surgeon category. Paul Beebe, MD, was selected in the pain medicine category.

Following the voting, Professional Research Services vetted each winner to ascertain they were licensed and in good standing within the medical community.
15 stars?! WOW!
“My whole experience was wonderful and great! Personal, friendly, caring, empathetic, compassionate, prompt, efficient, and accommodating. Great experience! Dr. B. and Dr. Wallace were awesome. The nurses were awesome too!”

-Tania Bailey

“Awesome facility and awesome staff! Your total shoulder replacement operation is the absolute BEST!”

-Richard Burke

“There was no way that my visit could be enhanced. My service was beyond 5 stars. This time I had a partial knee replacement and the care again was super. This is the best place for a surgical procedure I have ever been in. I would give them 15 stars at least. It is wonderful to have smiling, happy people working on you. Makes you feel so relaxed!”

-B. Baitler

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