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All Saints’ Mission:
We live into the love of God for all through our prayer, praise, and service.

Fourth Sunday in Lent - March 19, 2023

From Mother Pam

Dear All Saints’ Community,


I understand that the lovely Stations of the Cross hanging in the Nave once hung in St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Cherokee Village, Arkansas. Father Kathy+ is officiating the Way of the Cross liturgy every Friday at 12:00 noon during the Season of Lent. If you have not joined her for that service yet, I hope you will take the opportunity to do so between now and Holy Week. Each station tells a piece of the story that documents the final days and hours of Jesus’ earthly life.


The first of the fourteen stations is at Pilate’s residence in Jerusalem where Jesus was condemned to death. The last station is at the tomb where his body was laid to rest. Eight of the fourteen stations are based on scriptural testimony of our Lord’s Passion. The other six are part of Christian tradition passed from one generation to another. For example, at the sixth station, a woman named Veronica, moved by compassion for Jesus, offers her veil to him to wipe his face. I suppose we’ve kept that piece of tradition to represent the compassion we feel for Jesus as we remember his suffering when we walk the Way of the Cross each Holy Week. I like to think I would have done what Veronica did if I had been there to witness Jesus struggling to carry his cross to the place of his death.


During the time between our Lord’s baptism and temptation in the wilderness, to the garden after the Last Supper with his disciples, he walked where he wanted. From his arrest in the garden onward he was led by his captors without much resistance on his part. Walking and praying through the Stations of the Cross we participate in the story of the suffering Love of Jesus as if we were following in his footsteps. His suffering love for his Father in heaven, and his suffering love for the human race. I hope you will take a few minutes between now and Holy Saturday to gaze on each scene depicted in the stations and reflect on these things through which we have received abundant life and grace upon grace.


In Christ’s love,

Mother Pam+

A Letter from Bishop Benfield -

A Season of Self-Examination and Repentence

As a part of the spring House of Bishops meeting last week, I visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. On large, rust-colored metal boxes are the names of some 4,000 lynching victims from across the United States, listed by state and county. The accompanying photo shows some of the boxes dedicated to Arkansas victims; each box has a county’s name, along with the name and date of death of each person lynched. It was unsettling to read the names of counties that I regularly visit and see so many names of people whose lives were taken unjustly, simply because of the color of their skin. It came too close to home when I learned that a man named John Carter was lynched at 9th and Broadway in Little Rock in 1927, only a few blocks from the office in which I sit.

Some estimates are that about 400 people were lynched in Arkansas. In the face of such brutality, we are called to a season of self-examination and repentance. And we continue to see injustice, hatred, and fear take so many shapes, with attitudes and policies that target anyone who seems different. It can be based on the color of one’s skin or native tongue or gender. In the face of such injustice, it is easy to become demoralized and feel helpless.

But our Christian belief impels us to see the risen Christ in all others and to treat them as beloved children of God. To live that way is to be a witness to the resurrection, in sure and certain hope that the love of God will overcome all things. We cannot go back and undo history, but we can take a close, uncomfortable look at this photo, with its line of coffin-like steel containers, and vow that we will be Christian witnesses to ensure that there will never be the need for another such memorial. We are called to stand beside the least and the last; we stand beside Jesus. The world in which we live needs us.

Faithfully yours,

Larry Benfield

Bishop of Arkansas  

Volunteers Needed to Assist Streaming Services

Even though the pandemic has eased, there are still people who are not able to attend church in person. As part of our outreach to the wider community, we are continuing to stream Sunday services on Facebook. We are in need of volunteers to help with this effort. The task is very simple and does not require a weekly commitment. Please contact Julia K. Bailey if you would like to help out.

Saturday Evening Service

Saturday services at 5:00 pm have no music. If you would like a quiet, more intimate church service, check them out.

Hospitality - Easter Brunch on April 9th

Easter is almost upon us. Time to get crackin' (pun intended!) on planning Easter Sunday Brunch!

We will NOT have Potluck on the 2nd so we can give over our energies to providing an eggs-travagent feast on the 9th. All are invited to contribute a tasty treat or family specialty to share following the 11:00 am service.

A sign-up sheet will be available next week.

Gluten-free and vegetarian dishes are always welcome

Easter Lilies

As Easter approaches you may be thinking about providing Easter lilies for the altar. The cost will be $20 dollars per lily plant. They can be given in thanksgiving for blessings and/or as a memorial to a loved one/s.

You can email Lou at and say how many lilies you would like and how you want the thanksgiving or memorial tribute to read. Payment can be to All Saints' with "Easter Lilies" on the memo line, or online through Tithely.

The deadline for ordering is March 31.

Creation Care - Jackie Bromley

This is my first Spring (well almost) as a Bentonvillian. I have never seen so many lacy, white flowering trees. They are everywhere. We have 3 on the 3rd Street side of our parking lot. Does anyone know if they are all Bradford Pear Trees? Aside from not being able to breathe without my inhaler, Deb (our resident Master Naturalist), told me they were invasive. She is right! The City of Fayetteville announced they will provide 2 new trees to any resident willing to eliminate their Bradford Pears. So if you are considering new trees on your property, please avoid these aggressive little (beautiful) buggars!


I will travel to Arizona and New Mexico for Spring Break and will miss the next 2 Sundays. I have not had a response from anyone about the Bentonville Clean Streets event on April 15th. Our church will pick up trash on John de Shields Blvd. from E. Central north to Jay Street (at the entrance to the Crystal Bridges). We will meet at All Saints at 9:00 am, and should finish by 10:30 am with 2 groups of 2 or 3 people. I will have trash bags and safety vests with me. Please let me know I you can help. Jackie (214-724-2511).


Peace and Daffodils

EYE 2023 Registration is Open

The diocesan youth delegation to the Episcopal Youth Event for 9th–12th graders in Maryland this summer is filling up. The trip will be July 4–9 and will cost $600, which includes airfare from Little Rock, food, lodging, and EYE programming. Register at

2023 Men's Retreat at Camp Mitchell

The 4th annual Men's Retreat is in just a few weeks! This gathering is open to ALL male-identifying persons, regardless of religious background. The theme for this year's retreat is "Where Is My Faith When the Bottom Falls Out?" It's not too late to sign up, you can register via as well as on the Camp Mitchell website.

Bentonville Cleanup Day - April 15th

On Saturday, April 15th All Saints will take part in Bentonville’s” Clean the Streets” Day. Our assigned street will be John De Shields Blvd. from NE Jay (entrance to Crystal Bridges) to East Central. It is a fairly easy walk at about a mile or less. I signed us up as a group of 5 based on our participation level last year. If we have additional people who want to participate, I can request a second street assignment. Please let me know if you will help. Thank you, Jackie Bromley 214-724-2511.

Lent Services

April 6 - Maundy Thursday services at 7:00 pm (bilingual)

April 7 - Good Friday services at 12:00 noon (English) and 3:00 pm (Spanish)

April 8 - Easter Vigil (Spanish) at 7:00 pm, at St. Andrews and 8:00 pm (English) at All Saints'

Stations of the Cross

Join us at 12 noon on Fridays during Lent for observance of the Stations of the Cross.

We Need Your Pics!

Interested in applying your photography skills? We are seeking budding and experienced photographers to document All Saints' life. Contact Erin Richardson for more info.

Education & Formation

Youth: Godly Play is on Sunday afternoons at 1:45pm for ages 4-11 in the Godly Play Room.


Adults: Meet at 9:30am via Zoom/in-person in the back classroom. All are welcome as we continue the lecture series on the historical Jesus followed by lively discussion.

Vestry Contact Information

Julia K Bailey (2023-2026) - Finance Committee & Bingo Liaison

Senior Warden

Mary Beth Miller (2022-2024) - Building Committee

Junior Warden

Scott Comiskey (2023-2026) - Audio Tech Liaison

Ellen Corbett-Welch (2022-2024) - Altar Guild Liaison, Finance Committee Liaison

Susan Delacruz (2021-2023) - ECW Liaison

Toni Letempt (2023-2026) - Finance Committee


David Schieffler (2021-2023) - Christian Formation Liaison


Tom Throne (2023-2026) - Food Pantry Liaison

Reserving the Parish Hall or Classroom

If you or someone you know needs to reserve the Parish Hall or Classroom for an event, please contact Julia Bailey, 479-276- 2077.

Si usted o alguien que conoce necesita reservar el Salón Parroquial o el Salón de Clases para un evento, comuníquese con Julia Bailey, 479-276-2077.

Discretionary Funds Needed

Did you know that we get calls every week (nearly every day) requesting assistance for rent/utilities/gas/household goods? Gas cards and gift certificates (Walmart, Dollar General) are always welcome, as we try to help however we can. When we provide aid, we pay the companies, landlords, etc., directly. Assistance will continue through the time of transition.

Little Free Pantry & Library - Donations Needed

Take what you need, give what you can. Our little free pantry is in need of donations. Please consider dropping off some items if you can. Things like canned vegetables, soups, proteins, snack items, etc. are good options. You can put them directly in the pantry or bring your items to church and we will stock them.

Each Sunday a basket is available to collect your non-perishable donations, and these will–if all goes well!--be brought forward at the offertory to be received and blessed. If the pantry is full, we have a cabinet in the back workroom to store food for refilling. Thank you for your contributions, for sharing in your abundance with our community.

Liturgical Readings and Bulletin for Sunday

These are the readings for this upcoming Sunday:

You can find daily Scripture readings on The Lectionary Page.

Weekly Schedule of Services and Meetings

March 16 - Thursday

6:00 pm

EfM Alumni Meeting


7:30 pm

Interfaith Book Club


March 17 - Friday

12:00 noon

Stations of the Cross


6:00 pm


Parish Hall

March 18 - Saturday

8:00 & 11:00 am
Parish Hall

5:00 pm

Holy Eucharist


March 19 - Fourth Sunday in Lent

9:15 am

Adult Education


11:00 am

Holy Eucharist


12:30 pm

Santa Eucharista


March 20 - Monday

6:00 pm
Parish Hall

March 21 - Tuesday

March 22 - Wednesday

5:30 pm

Healing Service


6:00 pm
Parish Hall

7:00 pm


Reach Out for Prayer

We all have a need for extra prayer from time to time. If you would like to be included in prayers please send a note to and let us know how we can help. Also, if your time of crisis has passed and you wish to be removed from the prayer list, you can let us know here as well.

Prayers for the departed: all who have died from sickness and at the hands of violence and injustice, and others whom we hold in our hearts.

O God, whose mercies cannot be numbered: Accept our prayers on behalf of your servants and grant them an entrance into the land of light and joy, in the fellowship of your saints; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Prayer for the Bishop Search Process

Gracious God, We give thanks and praise for your work among us and through us, generation to generation. We thank you for the leadership and ministry of Bishop Larry Benfield. Lead us in the months ahead as we prayerfully search for our next Bishop. Raise up for us a steadfast steward who will embrace our broad and blessed diversity and uphold the apostolic heritage of your Church. Guide us to a faithful witness who speaks the Gospel truth in love and joy, and intimately knows your Word and world. Direct us in our discernment so our faith may increase and our works glorify your Name. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory throughout all ages. Amen.

Ministry Leaders Information

It takes many people to support the ministries of All Saints'. Here are email links for leaders of lay ministries. If you have any questions or would like to help, please reach out. There is a place for you. Your participation is much needed and appreciated!

Acolytes - Ellen Corbett-Welch

Altar Guild - Jennifer Stoner

Bingo - Catherine Lyon

Bread Guild - Pedro Alegria

Chalice Bearers and Lectors - Lou Honderich (Sunday) Marj Bernhardt (Saturday)

Creation Care - Jackie Bromley and Susan Woodruff

Diversity Representative - Julie Collins

ECW - Lee Davis. all women of the church are encouraged to attend!

EfM - Lori Snelgrove and Jayme Amonsen

Flower Guild - Judi Sturgill 

Food Pantry Coordinators: Tom and Pam Throne

Hospitality - Connie Woodbury

Interfaith representative - Rev. Kathy Corbett-Welch

Music - Jayme Amonsen

Newsletter - Sandi Lynn, feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Photography/Social Media - Belinda Ostrowski and Erin Richardson

Vestry - Julia Kilbourne-Bailey, Senior Warden

Website - Sandi Lynn, Erin Richardson, Marj Bernhardt, and Meg Eichelberger

Youth Ministry - Mandy Stiglets

Church Phone Number, Email, and Office Hours

Church phone: 479.802.0302


Office hours: Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and other times by appointment.

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