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The Arkive: Ark and Dove's Newsletter
All are welcome!

You are invited to light a candle at home, for loved ones,
this All Saints' and Communion Sunday

10:00 am, livestream worship

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Remember! Turn your clocks back one hour this Saturday night!
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,

This Sunday is All Saints Day. We will pray for the loved ones in our lives that died this year and we will take stock of the many saints we had in our lives who are no longer with us. It is a day of both sadness and joy. It is also a communion Sunday. We are inviting you to gather your grape juice and bread and we are inviting you to have a candle or two on hand so that you might light them and in this way celebrate the people who have left their mark on you but now rest in God’s arms. Although the saints are no longer physically present to us, they reside in our hearts and in the heart and presence of God and in this way, they still touch us.
Please join me in praying for peace this coming week. To be able to vote in a democracy is a wonderful gift; a gift that we must cherish and protect, a gift for which we should be appreciative. May we be good stewards of our freedoms and democracy. Please exercise your right to vote.
By now or very soon you should have received or will receive a Stewardship mailer via the United States Postal Service. I received my information which was mailed on Monday, yesterday. Please look over this information and take 10 days to pray. Then on Monday November 9, please place your pledge care in the self addressed stamped envelope and return it to church.  We will lay the pledge cards on the communion table on Sunday November 15 and offer prayers of dedication. The Session is asking you to pray about increasing your pledge by 1% of family income. We also are asking that even people with EFT’s to fill out a new pledge card as a demonstrable act of generosity and prayer.

Peace of Christ,
Message from Pastor Jon
Dear Members and Friends of Ark and Dove,

On Wednesday this week, I heard two rounds of answers to the question: who is a saint to you? At Bible Study and Deacons, several of you shared about people who have--in great and small ways--shown faith, hope, and love. This Sunday we have the opportunity to remember those saints who have gone before us. We use the term "saint" in a broad sense, referring to all those we trust are redeemed and so now share in eternal feast. I pray that, this Sunday, you will feel resurrection hope.

We need that hope, the biblical faith that God is restoring all people--making all things new. For many, it seems, the reservoirs of hope are running low. This persistent pandemic and bitter election share much of the blame for that. But when we gather on All Saints' Sunday, we affirm that God makes and remakes, claims and reclaims, redeems and restores every life. Such an affirmation, taken to heart, ought to frame how we care for other lives in this pandemic. Such a belief, taken seriously, ought to shape how we engage in politics--seeking the best for every life and most importantly the lives of those who suffer. God brings life out of death. That is not something we hope for in private. This is a belief that shapes how we live today.

Let us remember the saints and live holy lives.
Verse and Prayer
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
-- Matthew 5:9-12
In life and in death you bless us, O God.
When trouble overwhelms us, you save us.
When sorrow overtakes us, you comfort us.
When death overcomes us, you overcome death
and raise us to new life.
You promise us joy everlasting 
and, even now, give us glad hope
and glimpses of your realm, which is to come
when Christ makes all things new.
For calling us your children
and bestowing upon us such great love,
we give you thanks, in Jesus’ name. Amen
This week's music has one of my favorite hymns, and you'll be hearing and seeing it in two very different forms. The choir will sing three verses of the hymn as presented in our hymnbook and I'll be playing a powerful but more meditative version during the lighting of the memory candles. Clara and Abbey Boudreaus will be playing Robert Schumann's Two Grenadier's for postlude. See if you can catch La Marseillaise reference towards the end of the piece.

We continue to prepare virtual choirs for upcoming services. If you would like to participate, there's still time to get ready to sing for Christmas (and beyond).

Director of Music
This Sunday is All Saints' Day. We are able to remember loved ones that we have lost -- remember to pick up a candle to light for them from wherever you watch the streaming services. This week has some fantastic music. Christa Kronser recorded a wonderful anthem, and we will get to hear my old roommate Kevin sing again. I am so excited for you to hear these wonderful performances of music that speaks to loved ones we've lost.

God bless,
Director of Contemporary Music
DONATE ONLINE! One-time and recurring!

TEXT your donations! 410-983-3481
Text amount followed by peace, to give to Peace and Global Witness.
Text give to get started. Text commands for more options.

You will be enriched in every good way for your generosity….
- 2 Corinthians 9:11
All Saints' Day
All are welcome! Join livestream worship at 10:00 am.

Access the
Discipleship Ministry and Board of Deacons
Christian Education and Mission Ministries
Outreach & Connections and Worship Ministries
From the Stewardship Team
Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common. With great power, the apostles gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as owned lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold.
-- Acts 4:32-34

We are sincerely grateful for your continued prayers, love, commitment, and financial support this past year. As we prepare for next year, we hope that you will take some time over the next couple of weeks to read through the Stewardship mailer that went out this past Monday via the United States Postal Service. We pray that you will continue to engage in and support Ark and Dove with your giving.

On Sunday, November 15, we will bring our pledges to the communion table. May we freely and willingly give from what God has given to us to meet the needs of others in love and unity.

-2021 Connections Stewardship Team. Doug Walcutt, Tricia Gray, Joe Gray, Dianne Johnson, Bruce Sanders, Steve Debus, and Pastor Tim
Ark and Dove Testimonials
Mission and service opportunities are important faith experiences for me at Ark and Dove and I particularly enjoy working with the youth of our congregation. They are an inspiration of a Christ's love in our community. 
In my time as a high school Sunday school teacher and confirmation mentor I had opportunities to share in service experiences with the youth, such as serving meals at Winter Relief. 

I look forward to the opportunity to be more involved again, especially as my own children grow up at Ark and Dove.

-Erika Sealing
Peace in Anne Arundel County!
Peace and Global Witness Offering
Through your participation in the Peace and Global Witness Offering, our church extends Christ’s peace throughout our community. The Peace and Global Witness Offering will be used to support ACT, as we support peace in Anne Arundel County. This offering is currently underfunded! Thank you for your support, as we weather one of the most difficult times in our history--together! You can donate online, by text (text amount followed by peace to 410-983- 3481) or by check. Cheryl Schafer, Mission Elder,
Outreach and Connections
Parent Group Meets Tonight!
Parent Group will meet via Zoom tonight, Friday, October 30th from 8pm to 9pm. All caregivers of school-aged children and younger are welcome to join in for casual conversation and fellowship. If you are not already on the email list, request a link to the meeting from Pastor Jon (

Adult Christian Education
Being Grateful in Difficult Times
We will meet weekly through November 25, Wednesdays, 7:30 pm. Even though the class is based on Diana Butler Bass's book by that name, you don't have to read the book to participate. I wanted to facilitate a class because I myself am dealing with a lot of negative emotions that are interfering with my health, my sleep as well as my spirituality. I know I am not alone! Bass's course in gratitude offers a different approach to all the negativity, something I know many of us need right now. I hope others will join me in this six week adventure.
Lectionary Bible Study
Every Wednesday at 10 am, we gather online for fellowship, Bible study on the upcoming Sunday scriptures, and prayer. This has been and continues to be a great way to deepen friendships and faith. Please join us, there is no commitment or homework. Contact Pastor Jon for the Zoom invitation (
Youth Christian Education
Godly Play
Our Sunday school program for grades K-5 takes place via Zoom each Sunday from 9:00- 9:40 am. Our host welcomes the child(ren), the storyteller tells a story and then leads the children in reflection and wondering. Normally, our class would involve a work/creative response time as well, so our Godly Play team has put together response bags containing art supplies and other materials for the children to keep at home for personal use. If you are interested in getting a bag for your child(ren), or you have any questions about Godly Play or would like to be put on our list to receive zoom invitations, please contact Julie Devers, Christian Education Elder, at
LOGOS Weekly Lessons and Activities
LOGOS has begun; check your emails each Tuesday! LOGOS is Ark and Dove's midweek intergenerational experience for children and youth up to 8th grade. It is a time for all ages to come together to learn about God and grow in their relationships. Unlike previous years, we will not be meeting in the church building. Instead, each week will have a different family-centered activity to do either at home or outside at church. There will be crafts, games, bible study, and opportunities for worship and mission. If you’d like to get on the weekly emailing list, please contact Amy Goldberg at If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Jen Roman at
Growing With Each Other
Sunday Fellowship!
Sunday Fellowship after the live-stream church service continues! Via a ZOOM meeting, of course. If you'd like to join in for some light conversation and have a chance to see some familiar faces, simply send an email to to request an invitation. We will then send you a link to the Zoom meeting. You only need to do this one time, and you can use the same link each week. The meetings begin around 11:15 each Sunday. It will be great to "see" you! Nicole Howe,
Grief, Healing and the Holidays

The Fallen Soldier Table

Will there be an empty seat at our holiday table this year?
An Evening of Remembrance and Thankfulness
If you have lost a loved one over the last year or longer ago, holidays can be really tough. And the coronavirus can keep us from being able to be with those closest to us who are also grieving. You are invited to attend a Healing through the Holidays grief group zoom session on Wednesday, November 11 from 7 - 8:15 pm. For more information and to sign up to receive the zoom link, contact Pastor Tim Stern at or 410-674-6400, or Linnie Girdner at or 410-999-7892. What to expect:

    ♥ Share what you are thankful for in having had that person in your life.
    ♥ Feel supported by others who are also grieving.
    ♥ Consider what you might wish to do this Thanksgiving.
Just Remember...
"Holidays are clearly some of the roughest terrain we navigate after a loss. The ways we handle them are as individual as we are. What is vitally important is that we be present for the loss in whatever form the holidays do or don’t take…. Even without grief, our friends and relatives often think they know how our holidays should look, what the family should and shouldn’t do. Now more than ever, be gentle with yourself. Don’t do more than you want, and don’t do anything that does not serve your soul and your loss."
David Kessler,
Tea at Three
Friendly Seniors
Thursdays at 3:00 pm on Zoom. Please contact Pastor Tim ( to receive an invitation.
Prayer Requests
Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:

PRAYERS OF HEALING AND SUPPORT for Donna Anderson's brother-in-law, Tom Brown; Wren Suggs; Brenna Kirby; Grant Kirby’s mother, Caroline; Dick Paronto; Camille Dubois; Clarke Beaudry’s mother, Judy LaMarque; Kennon Bauman’s uncle, Dan Johnston; Amy Goldberg’s grandmother, Ruth Cooper; Dot Forloines’ family and her great-grandson Luke; Debbie and Bruce Arey’s daughter, Allison; Christy Yeager’s mother, Linda Jordan; John Mikeska; Jesse Pennabaker; Michelle Schoonmaker's Auntie Bernice; Diane Johnson's Uncle Ed, Aunt Janet, and cousin Richard; Shelley Franklin's father; Hollis Butterworth’s daughter, Rachel Mershont and brother-in-law, Brian Smith; Amanda Wehage’s mother, sister and father, Dave, and friend; Fred Barrow; Laurie Barrow’s nephew, Gunther Kurtz; Carlton Jackson; Sabonna Keeney’s mother; Pattie Plander; Richard and Edie Budd and family; Sue Hanburger's friends, Barb, Phyllis, and Martha; Bernabe Solano; Griselda Solano's sister, Irma; Kathy Miller’s sisters, Patty and Beth, and friend Sandee Dickson; Dotty Kaufman, her son, Bill, daughter-in-law, Carol, granddaughter, Sarah, and grandson Nathan; Laura Doughty’s brother-in-law, Carl Hahn; Bob Johns; Cindy Knott’s mother, Madeline; Laura Willoughby's father, Norman; Bill Ruble’s mother, Mary Jane Weathers; Ann Hirschy’s Aunt Cindy and brother; Christina Nelson’s grandmother, Pat Dole; Kelly Burnett’s nephew, Justin; Dorene Chen’s family; Lewis Shorter and Lewis Shorter’s niece, Jennifer Schwandt-Gayle; Patriceo Green’s cousin, Philip Brown; Jennifer and Shawn Ralston’s niece; Archer and Honor Bauman’s grandfather, Larry; the Tardiff family; Cheryl Walcutt’s mother, nephew, and sisters; Brooks Emrick and her sister, Susan; Vaughn Brown; Frances Keyes; Julia Kirby's mother, Margaret Floyd; Erika Sealing's son, Trip, and grandmother, Margaret Schade; Amy Benson's family and Amy’s friend, Brian Shriner; Lou Kareha’s aunt, Judy Kochis and cousin, Thomas; Steve Debus’ cousin-in-law; Margaret McGillivray's friend Gregg Hanson; Kim Young's friend, Joyce Miller; Linnie Girdner and Jan Hof’s friend, Grace Ligon; the Yeager’s friend, Karen Schell; Ylonda Funtleroy's friends, Gloria Jean Austin and Tanya; Lori Kronser's friend, Barbara Noonan; Asher; and Kathy Emmert's friend, Patty.
THE LOVE AND PRAYERS OF THE CONGREGATION go out to the Walcutt and King families on the death of Mary Jane King, Doug Walcutt’s step grandmother.
PRAYERS OF HEALING for those with COVID-19 including: Doug Walcutt’s father, Chuck Walcutt, stepmother, Linda Walcutt; Ylonda Fauntleroy's friends, Sandra and Elijah Williams; Ed Barrett's friend, Joe Bogner; Edith Budd's son's father-in-law, Jim Parker; and the leaders of our nation.
PRAYERS OF LOVE, SUPPORT AND PROTECTION for all hospital staff, patients, clinics, grocers, essential workers and hourly workers around the world, who are working bravely and arduously to protect our loved ones and our communities. Including: Tricia Gray’s mother; Becca Distad; Jack Burnett; Caitlyn Bussey; Emily Sanders; Audrey Miller; Linda Jordan’s nephew, Russell; Diane Johnson’s grandson; the Ralston’s family members and friends; Simone Stiegler’s friend, Jean Marie; Mike Stiegler; Amy Grimm’s mother; Jeff Grimm; Amy Goldberg’s brother, Joseph Alexander, and parents, Michael and Maryann Cooper; Judy Cooper’s daughter; John Mikeska’s son, Jonathan; and Hollis Butterworth’s sister-in-law, Cyndie.

If you have prayer concerns or blessings that you would like to share, please contact Deacon Patriceo Green at and he will add your concern to the prayer partners email chain.
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