What is a Pledge?

Enjoy this brief video (7:06) from Mother Mary Lynn about "What is a pledge?"

If you missed the sermon last week, never fear! You can listen here.

Sunday, November 6

10:30 a.m.

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Stewardship 2023: More Than Enough

Our theme for this year's pledge drive is More Than Enough. Did you know that monthly donations from our members is what keeps our church functioning and thriving? Our vibrant ministries - children’s ministry, spiritual formation, Hunger Supper, and more - would not be possible without your generous financial gifts. Over the next few weeks, please pray about making a commitment to giving to St. Andrew’s in 2023 - it’s a profound way to put down roots in this place, and it makes a huge impact in our church and our neighborhood. Our 2023 goal for pledges is $180,000 - will you join us? Please return pledge cards, or pledge online, by Sunday, November 20. Thank you!

Dia de Los Muertos

We invite you to bring a photo of deceased loved ones for our Día de los Muertos altar, which is meant as an offering, or ofrenda. The altar is located in the alcove at the back of the church. You can also bring a favorite food or drink of your loved one, or anything that reminds you of them. The ofrenda will remain up through Sunday, November 6 - All Saints’ Day.

Is God Calling You

to Serve on the Vestry?

The vestry of our church is similar to a board of a nonprofit. The vestry is the legal representative of the parish. We elect vestry members at our annual meeting in January. Our rector, the Rev. Mary Lynn Coulson, is the presiding officer. We have two wardens--a senior warden and a junior warden. The senior warden supports the rector and leads the parish in between rectors. The junior warden is often responsible for the buildings and grounds. We have a treasurer and a clerk. Our vestry defines and articulates our mission, supports the mission in word and deed, and ensures effective organization and planning, and managing resources and finances. Learn more by reading our vestry job description.

Congratulations, Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our Johnson-Wong scholarship winners:

Aimee Uebersetzig and Victoria Smith! We're so proud of you.

Aimee writes"I am a senior at Concordia University, Wisconsin and I am majoring in Athletic Training with a GPA of 3.6. I have one more year to complete and will graduate with my master’s. I am a hard worker in class and at any clinical site where I am placed at. I have been a student-athlete now for 5 years and have been competing in triathlons. My favorite part of the triathlon would be the swim or the run; I'm not a big biking fan, but I always give it my best shot. I have been part of the St. Andrew's family for 22 years and have helped out when I come home for breaks. I am thankful for all love and support I get at St. Andrew's."

Grand Reopening of Sunday School Classrooms

Woohoo! We're excited to reopen our church classrooms on Sunday, November 13. We've been cleaning and organizing and we are happy to reopen the classrooms. The whole church will join in with a blessing of the spaces!

PB Interfaith Coalition

You're invited to an Evening of Gratitude including reflections, music and poetry about gratitude from different faith traditions, as well as an opportunity for shared expressions of gratitude. Refreshments to follow.

St. Andrew's Day

Sunday, November 20 - We'll gather in the remaining pledge cards as we celebrate our namesake, St. Andrew. He was one of Jesus' disciples, and he died for his faith. According to legend, his bones were carried to what was then the ends of the earth, Fife Coast in Scotland. We'll celebrate with bagpipes! It's a good day to wear red or plaid and to be in a festive mood.

Community Hoedown

Howdy pardners! Come spend an evening getting to know your neighbors under the sun and stars. 6pm Line Dancing on Cass Street. 6:30pm Supper provided by St. Andrew's (that's us)! 7p Campfire stories. Mosey on over to the Cass Street Plaza for dancing, vittles and tall tales! View event flyer.

Blue Christmas Service

Our brokenness feels especially painful this time of year. Our depression and struggles seem magnified by Christmas lights and holly jolly ads on TV and in-your-face Christmas décor at Walgreens. But the Church offers us a space to bring our whole selves, including the broken, disappointed, afraid parts of us: Advent. Advent is the season of darkness. The Church doesn't go right to Christmas, right to the joy and celebration. Come experience the Blue Christmas service. This service is designed to be quiet, meditative, and peaceful. It's meant to be a space in the midst of the busy holidays to remember those we love who have died; to witness to our complicated feelings; to sit with others who are also struggling. Come, listen, pray, or just sit in silence together. And, come as you are. Tuesday, December 20, 5:30pm.

Upcoming Baptism Opportunities

If you're considering baptism for yourself or a loved one, please contact Mother Mary Lynn. The next baptisms will take place on November 13 and January 8. Some preparation is required, so be sure to connect with Mother Mary Lynn as soon as you can.

Blanket Drive

As the weather cools, we're holding a blanket drive for people experiencing homelessness. Please bring blankets, sleeping bags, rain ponchos, and other warm items for our unhoused neighbors. Drop them in the box at the back of the sanctuary. We're hosting the blanket drive now until January. Thank you!

Rebel Women Bible Study

The Bible is full of kick-ass women who bucked the status quo. Ruth, Naomi, Deborah, Jael– meet the real women of the Bible in this approachable, fun, book-club-style group. No experience reading the Bible? No problem! We approach these stories with curiosity and encourage doubt, questioning, and wrestling with the text. Your perspective matters. Your voice is important to the conversation! Discover that Biblical womanhood is less about meekness, modesty and obedience, and more about risk, strength and justice for the marginalized. Come connect with other women asking big questions and seeking support on the spiritual journey. This is a casual group that would love to welcome you! Join us on Wednesdays, 9:30 - 10:30am in the sanctuary. Questions? Contact Mother Mary Lynn.


for the Holidays

Make a difference in a family's life this Christmas season! Episcopal Community Services' Family-to-Family For the Holidays program will match compassionate donors like you with families supported by ECS programs across San Diego. With your help, we will provide Christmas gifts to children and families who otherwise would go without. ECS’ program managers identify clients who need assistance and ask them to compile a shopping wish list based on their family’s needs, sizes, and preferences. Donors like you will be matched with client families and be given shopping lists to generously purchase gifts. For more information, and to register to sponsor a family visit our website.

Living Good News!

Saturday, December 10, 3:30pm-9:30pm. Youth in grades 6-12 are invited to the Good News Festival. Experience what it means to be the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement. Hosted by your Youth Leadership Council--you can look forward to reconnecting with old friends from across the diocese and welcoming new ones into diocesan youth ministry. Together we will explore what it means to be LIVING GOOD NEWS! Youth will be prominently featured in the Good News Festival with front-row seating in front of the stage. Afterwards, we will take the energy from the event and focus it outward with time to consider where we go from here. Come and be part of the party. Come and be LIVING GOOD NEWS! Register Here

New Website

St. Andrew's has launched its new website! We spent time streamlining and updating information, but it takes a village to make a great site. So please head over there, check it out and let us know what you think! Email Hannah Wilder with feedback.

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