Week of October 12
Live Stream All Saints Mass - CLICK HERE
Resources to help your family prepare for the upcoming Sunday Mass
All Saints Tender Mercies Lunch
We are restarting our monthly lunch for Tender Mercies on the 4th Tuesday - 10/27. We have been on a break from this ministry due to COVID, and we had to adjust our usual Taco Tuesday menu to something more pandemic-friendly for both the residents and our volunteers who deliver/serve the lunch. If you would like to donate items for the lunch, please select the link below and sign up! We also ask that you pray over the items, that they would nourish those who receive them and that the Lord would watch over and lift up all the residents of Tender Mercies.

Upcoming Zooms by Grade Level
1st grade – 11/15 at 10 am
2nd grade – 11/1 at 9 am or 11/2 at 7 pm
3rd grade – 10/18 at 10 am
4th grade – 11/1 at 9 am
5th grade – 10/11 at 9:30 am
6th grade – 10/18 at 11 am
7th/8th grade - (choose one per month)
Sunday October 25 9:00AM
Tuesday October 27 7:00PM
Sunday November 15 9:00AM
Tuesday November 17 7:00PM
Sunday December 6 9:00AM
Tuesday December 8 7:00PM

Annual Advent Celebration
Each year, religious education families in Summer, Homeschool and Sunday PREP have come together to celebrate Advent and pray together. This year, we are offering you an at-home prayer service and paint your own pottery take-home kits through Star Glazers.

Here's how it works:

  • The purple button link below includes a sign up pdf form where you can select your pick up and drop off dates and the pieces you would like to have included in the kit - each FLOCK student gets one piece of pottery to paint at no charge.
  • On the form linked below, you can indicate which week you'd like to participate. If more than one of the week options works for your family, please check all the weeks that could work for you.
  • These kits will be available for pick up from the parish center over the 4 weekends in November, leading up to Advent - the Catholic New Year!
  • After you return the kit, the pieces will be kiln-fired and available for your pick up before Christmas!

We truly hope that many will participate in our modified, annual Advent Celebration!

Each FLOCK student gets one FREE pottery item to paint at home! Please select your pieces on the form below and scan and email it to us, drop it off or snail mail it to the Parish Office.