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To be a Community where all persons will encounter the power and 

love of the Living God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.




All Saints Episcopal Church is called by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to...


·     Worship Jesus Christ

·     Learn and Teach His Word

·     Minister in His Name

·     Proclaim Him and Share the Blessing of His Love

·     Welcome All in His Name


The All Saints Messenger
January 4, 2018
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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Many of the readings from this weeks Daily Office and the reading from the Gospel of Mark, when taken together, invite reflection on the nature and validity of baptism as performed by John the Baptist. What seems clear is that both John's and Jesus' baptisms recognize that the gift of baptism is forgiveness of sins, which is what is necessary if any relationship with the one, holy God is to be possible. John proclaims that one more powerful than he is coming. What is different is that Jesus' baptism--both the baptism he received and the baptism he commanded--involves the Holy Spirit--who then makes faith possible.

The gospels record many examples of Jesus exercising power over sickness, over stormy weather, even over death. Many prayers of the church include petitions that God might fix our lives--heal the sick, protect and improve the environment, grant justice to the oppressed. These are big problems, but are "puppy problems" compared to the biggest problem we each face. Our greatest problem is our separation from God. And for that, Jesus exercised his greatest power--by dying on the cross. In its best use, power is always motivated by love.

This Sunday we will baptize three "Beloved Children of God," they will become "adopted" by God and fully sanctified and redeemed through Jesus Christ. My Episcopal History professor, The Rev, Don Armentrout was a man who could capture the elements of our faith in funny snippets, vignettes and stories. He loved to say that whenever he was asked if he believed in baptism, he would respond, "Believe it, Heck I've seen it." That's who we are as a community of faith. We believe because the stories have been passed down, we have seen and thus, we have come to believe. Join us this Sunday to see, experience and recall your own, once again, the life-giving, life-saving rite of Baptism.

Spirit of God, inspire us, encourage us, move us to proclaim-by our words and our deeds-your measureless love for your world and all its people. May we always use the gifts you have given us for the benefit of the creation and your creatures, whom you pronounced as "good." Amen.

See ya Sunday!



*  Family Promise: Our week to host our Family Promise guests will start this  Sunday, January 7th. Family Promise is a program that offers assistance to families who are in need of food and shelter. During this upcoming week we will be greeting the families when they arrive in the evening on each day, providing activities for the children, preparing and serving meals to the families here at the church, and staying overnight during their stay to provide any assistance they might need. Currently, there are 3 families in the program. Stephanie and her two girls, Keandra (13), and Alisha (15). Jermeka and her 6 children, Dewayne (18), Justin (16), Latina (15), Angel (14), Andrea (13) and Dejuan (10). Tonya and her 2 children, Messiah (8) and Solomon (2). If you would like to volunteer for one of the activities or are just interested in finding out more about the program please contact Marc Dudley at 704-718-4044 or at

*  All Saints Annual Meeting:  On Sunday, January 21st, immediately following the  10:30 service we will have our Annual Parish Meeting.  This meeting is the only time during the year that we gather as a community and vote on things, hear reports, and discuss the state of the parish.  We will distribute the 2018 budget, elect new vestry members, and discuss the parish and the way forward.  Food will be provided.  We would love to have everyone attend.

*  Episcopal 101 : Begins this Sunday, January 7th and continuing for 6-8 weeks, from  9:30-10:15  Fr. Gary will offer an introductory course, Episcopal 101, for new and established members of the Episcopal Tradition. We are a tradition rich in scripture, history, heritage, literature, art and so much more. Fr. Gary's class will journey through our history, the Sacraments, prayer and how they intersect with our world today. Please mark your calendar to attend these classes and learn some new things about our tradition.

*  Parish Breakfast:  The next Breakfast will be this Sunday, January 7th starting before 9:00 and running until 10:00.  On the menu is french toast, eggs, sausage & bacon.  There is enough time to eat and then attend Sunday School.  Hope to see many of you there.  

*  Annual Giving: The first Sunday of December was our ingathering of financial pledges for 2018. We thank everyone for their generosity. If you have not returned your pledge sheets we encourage you to do so. We appreciate your gifts in our corner of God's Kingdom.

*  2018 Sign Up Sheets:  For Coffee Hour, Altar Guild and Altar Flowers are on the bulletin board in the FLC.   Coffee Hour hosting can be as simple as drinks and cookies.  Coffee hour is provided to have fellowship with our parish family.  Please sign up or call the church office to add your name to the list (704-864-7201).

Cooking for the Army : On Saturday, January 13 th , parishioners will gather at  9AM  to cook approximately 700 meals for The Salvation Army & Cornerstone Ministry. We are always in need of more hands to assist in this life-giving project since "more hands make light work." If you are interested in this ministry, please contact the church office and we will put your name on the monthly e-mail reminder.

*   Server, Acolyte & Eucharistic Visitor (EV) Training : Servers, Acolytes and EVs have a unique and important history in our tradition. Each fills a unique calling in worship that goes back thousands of years. It has been a while since we have had dedicated training for these ministries. We know that in worship everyone wants to do things correct and uniformly. Thus, we will have two training sessions on the weekend of January 27-28 th ,   2018: Saturday morning at  9 AM  and Sunday immediately following the  10:30  service. Please mark your calendars now for this important training. We thank each of you who serve for your time and dedication. We also invite anyone who desires to serve or has questions to join us on this training weekend.

*  Pacesetters The Pacesetters will gather on Tuesday January 16 th  at 10:00 in the Family Life Center for the 2018 organizational meeting and for event planning for the year.  We will go to lunch after the meeting.  Please come with lots of ideas of what you would like to do this year.  Pacesetters is a group of 50+ individuals, both male and female, who gather in fellowship to enjoy each other's company.  You do not have to be a member of All Saints to be a member.  Our purpose statement is as follows:  Using the wisdom and experiences provided us through our lives, Pacesetters are called to Share The Blessing of His Love by:
Serving His Church Where Needed
Learning From Each Other To Better Teach The Word Of Jesus Christ
Ministering To Each Other and To Those in Need in the Community
Respecting the Opinions and Life Experiences of Others.
If you would like to learn more, please call Jerry Wertz at 704-577-9699 or Susan Maxon at 704-823-3318 or just join us on Tuesday January 16th. 

* Cookbooks :   $5.00   If you don't need a cookbook, but would like to help our Outreach committee reach their budget goal, consider buying a cookbook to donate to our newcomers committee. Any donated cookbooks will be included in the welcome bag we hand out to newcomers. 

*  Lenten Study:  Beginning on Saturday, February 17 and continuing every Saturday through March 24 (6 sessions total), we will have a  study entitled "The Great Teachings: From Disciple to Apostle, A Lenten Study Based on the Gospel According to John." The group will meet from 9am-11:00/11:30am. Written and led by Deacon Cris South (perhaps with a friend or two), it will build upon last year's study as we move deeper into our lives in Christ. Everyone is welcome so please feel free to invite adult family and/or friends, regardless of religious affiliation. Also please call the church office and leave your name and phone number or sign up in the lobby to register so we have an accurate count. This is necessary for making sure there are enough study guides and snacks for everyone. From the course Introduction..."From the example of humble service through the washing of feet in John 13 to the great priestly prayer in John 17, Jesus prepares them to take his mantle and continue his work. In these chapters, he reiterates his entire message one last time. In doing so, he invites all of us to move into that same apostleship under our Christ.  Although a Bible study, this course is meant more to be a deep self-study, relating the teachings to ourselves and our lives in ways that enlighten and empower. Rather than lectures, each participant is invited to be present in that "upper room" with Jesus as he teaches, using his last chance to make all of us understand. It is only through that understanding that we can move from being disciples (believers and followers) to becoming apostles (literally, a person sent forth) of Christ's church in the world. It is relevant to us today and is meant to lead us to an apostolic life in Christ, serving the world and transforming all that is around us with his love. The season of Lent is a perfect time to deeply examine our faith, to commit ourselves, to accept our responsibility as new (or perhaps RE-newed) apostles. We come into this quiet season of reflection, knowing that we follow our Christ into the power, agony, and glory of Easter, and into his great triumph." I hope to see many of you there!

*  Bishop's Visitation: Our bishop, The Rt. Rev. José McLoughlin, will make his parochial visit on  Sunday, March 4, 2018. A bishop's visit is time for celebration as well as Baptism, Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation. For new members this is a time for being received or confirmed into your new faith community. Fr. Gary will offer a course, Episcopal 101, to assist anyone interested in better understanding our tradition.

*  Bible Study:   The  Wednesday Bible Study Group is reading the book, Zealot, The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan.  If you are interested and need to order a copy of the book, contact Jerry Wertz 704-577-9699 or  The group meets at 10 AM in the Family Life Center.   We don't rush through a book and have excellent discussions during the meeting.  Afterwards, we usually go to lunch together.  We hope to see a lot of you there on Wednesday.

*  Parish Lunch :  Thanks to Charlie Jenkins, Steve Morris and Marlene Nivens for being in charge of the last church luncheon.  We raised $57.00 for Outreach..  If this is something you would like to help with, please contact Jerry Wertz at

*  Needed:  Monetary donations for lettuce and carrots for the Salvation Army salads on Mondays.  Each week, we use up one large bag of sliced carrots and 6 heads of lettuce.  Cost is about $20 a week.  Donations are needed to offset this cost.  Anyone willing to donate cash or a gift card to the project, please see Linda Klocker, 704-827-3901.  Checks should be made out to All Saints, garden fund.  Thanks for your generosity.  The clients at the Salvation Army really enjoy a fresh salad. 

*  Garden re-cycling of leaves and grass clippings:  If you bag your leaves or grass clippings, we would like to have them for organic mulch for the garden.  If you can haul them to the garden area, please do.  If you have bagged leaves or grass and cannot haul them, call Charlie Jenkins at 704-739-5332 or email:

*  Zumba:  Now being offered 3 days a week in the Family Life Center!  $5/class
     - Tuesday & Thursday at 7:15PM:  Please join Dana Wolfe for a fun workout made for everyone.  The class that started the dance-fitness revolution and changed the way we look at a "workout" forever. It's fun, effective and best of all? Made for everyone!
     - Friday at 9AM:  Taught by certified instructor Barbara Mooradian who has been teaching for 6 years. Especially suited to older adults or those with mobility issues or restrictions, Zumba Gold has all of the liveliness and fun of Zumba while being low impact and easier on the body. It can even be done while sitting!  

*  First Sunday of the month Coffee Hour:  We need someone to set up and clean up only
for Coffee Hour on Parish Breakfast Sunday.  You do not have to provide any food, just set out the food left from breakfast.  Please sign up for this on the Coffee Hour sign-up sheet.

*  Youth Christian Formation: Christian Formation for our young people begins at 9:30 sharp. Our new program is an Episcopal curriculum. We have 11 dedicated teachers and three dedicated musicians who will be guiding our young people. Please bring your children and let them experience God and Jesus with others.

*  Towel Ministry Coordinator :  All Saints Towel Ministry funds and builds handicap ramps and does other small building projects for those in Gaston County who have a need.  If you are a good organizer and understand basic building techniques All Saints could use your services as our new Towel Ministry Coordinator.  You are not expected to do all the work, just take requests, assemble the teams and help out the citizens in our community who need help.  If interested please speak to Fr. Gary.

* Choir Rehearsal:  Sunday mornings at 9:25 am

*  Food Pantry:  Please help us restock the shelves by bringing in the following items: canned meats only (chicken, ham, vienna sausages, spam, salmon, etc.). Through your generosity, we have been able to help many families and individuals. 

*  Preaching ROTA (rotation) at All Saints: We are blessed at All Saints to hear three different voices in preaching. Each one of our clergy; Gary, Cris and Martha, have experienced the world and see the world differently and through different lenses.  Because our community is made up of different people from different experiences we need to hear different voices. At All Saints, Deacon Cris preaches on the 3rd  Sunday of each month, Deacon Martha preaches on the 1st  Sunday of alternate months (next time is in September) and Fr. Gary preaches the other Sundays. We hope you find the different voices fulfilling in your spiritual journey.

* Parish Nurse Ministry will be taking blood pressures after the 8:00 and 10:30 services on the second Sunday of the month.  Nurses interested in the parish nurse ministry please contact Cheryl Saylor, MSN. 

*  Salvation Army Service Schedule:  Monday, January 8th - Team #6.  (Jerry Wertz & Deloris Stewart)

*  Church Financials: The Vestry wants to make sure that all parishioners are aware that the monthly financial reports are posted on the bulletin boards in The Family Life Center. If you have any concerns or questions please contact Phill Wertz or Fr. Gary.  Thank You!

*  Why Do You Love All Saints?  Who here loves All Saints?  Do you want to tell the world why you love being a part of the All Saints family?  Please help us spread the word about our congregation by telling your All Saints Story.  All Saints Stories will be published on our website: as well as our facebook and twitter pages.  To submit your story, go to and click "All Saints Stories" under the Parish Life tab.  If you can, please submit a photo with your story.  

* Prayer List:  Our prayer list grows rapidly.  We ask all parishioners to keep the office informed so that our prayer list remains current and manageable.

*  Partnership: All Saints has entered into a relationship with the YMCA's Resource Connection Gateway.  This relationship enables us to help those in need more rapidly and efficiently while also addressing long-term needs versus only addressing immediate concerns.  If you would like more information please see Fr. Gary.

*  Salvation Army Serving:   If anyone is interested in serving at the Salvation Army on Mon. nights from 5:00 to 6:00, please contact Candy Albergine at 704-868-8691 or email We have a couple of spots open and you will find this ministry is a true blessing to all involved. The schedule is on bulletin board in Family Life Center.

*  All Saints Sermons online: Thanks to John Woodward, our sermons are available in audio and video on our website at:
*  Free Mulch:  There are several piles of mulch in the upper parking lot that you are welcome to take.  We need to free up some parking spaces in that upper lot.  Please do not take the mulch by the shed as that is intended for the garden.  

*  Building Use Policy:  Our buildings are being used more and more and scheduling conflicts are occurring.  Effective immediately, all rooms/buildings will be scheduled by the Parish Administrator by the submission of a form which is available at the office and will soon be available on the web site.  We appreciate your understanding realizing that this will improve our ability to serve our parishioners and ministries.

* Planned Giving: Programs for Outreach Ministries are an important part of our parish. You can ensure the continuation of these programs by setting up an endowment or including a bequest in your will. The Episcopal Foundation of Western Carolina has set up "The Living Stones Society" to provide Education and training to all clergy and parishioners about setting up a program. For more information see Fr. Gary or call the foundation at 828-225-6656.
* Ministry Opportunities: There are a variety of Ministries available at All Saints including feeding at The Salvation Army, tending the Garden, Family Promise where we take care of those without a home for a week at a time, Altar Guild, Readers, Lectors, Acolytes, Chalicers, and many more. Everyone at All Saints is encouraged to serve in some way. Please let us know what you are interested in and we will put you in touch with the ministry coordinator. You can call the office (704-864-7201), email ( or speak to Fr. Gary.

 Upcoming Schedule  


January 7th:: Parish Breakfast

January 7th:  Episcopal 101

January 7th:  Family Promise

January 13th:  Cooking for the Army

January 24th:  Outreach Meeting

January 27 & 28th:  Server, Acolyte & EV Training

February 17th: Lenten Study

March 4th:  Bishop's Visitation

This Sunday's Scripture Readings

The Collect

F ather in heaven, who at the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan proclaimed him your beloved Son and anointed him with the Holy Spirit: Grant that all who are baptized into his Name may keep the covenant they have made, and boldly confess him as Lord and Savior; who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, in glory everlasting.  Amen.

The First Lesson: Genesis 1:1-5

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

Psalm 29

Ascribe to the  Lord, you gods, *
ascribe to the  Lord glory and strength.
2 Ascribe to the  Lord the glory due his Name; *
worship the  Lord in the beauty of holiness.
3 The voice of the  Lord is upon the waters;
the God of glory thunders; *
the  Lord is upon the mighty waters.
4 The voice of the  Lord is a powerful voice; *
the voice of the  Lord is a voice of splendor.
5 The voice of the  Lord breaks the cedar trees; *
the  Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon;
6 He makes Lebanon skip like a calf, *
and Mount Hermon like a young wild ox.
7 The voice of the  Lord splits the flames of fire;
the voice of the  Lord shakes the wilderness; *
the  Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.
8 The voice of the  Lord makes the oak trees writhe *
and strips the forests bare.
9 And in the temple of the  Lord *
all are crying, "Glory!"
10 The  Lord sits enthroned above the flood; *
the  Lord sits enthroned as King for evermore.
11 The  Lord shall give strength to his people; *
the  Lord shall give his people the blessing of peace.

The Epistle: Acts 19:1-7

W hile Apollos was in Corinth, Paul passed through the interior regions and came to Ephesus, where he found some disciples. He said to them, "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers?" They replied, "No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit." Then he said, "Into what then were you baptized?" They answered, "Into John's baptism." Paul said, "John baptized with the baptism of repentance, telling the people to believe in the one who was to come after him, that is, in Jesus." On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. When Paul had laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied- altogether there were about twelve of them.

The Gospel: Mark 1:4-11

John the baptizer appeared in the wilderness, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. And people from the whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem were going out to him, and were baptized by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins. Now John was clothed with camel's hair, with a leather belt around his waist, and he ate locusts and wild honey. He proclaimed, "The one who is more powerful than I is coming after me; I am not worthy to stoop down and untie the thong of his sandals. I have baptized you with water; but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like a dove on him. And a voice came from heaven, "You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased."

Saint Day / Feast of the Week

The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The name "Epiphany" is derived from a Greek word meaning
"manifestation" or "appearing." Anglican Prayer Books interpret the
word with an alternative title, "The Manifestation of Christ to the
Gentiles." The last phrase, of course, is a reference to the story of the
Wise Men from the East.

A Christian observance on January 6 is found as early as the end of
the second century in Egypt. The feast combined commemorations of
the visit of the Magi, led by the star of Bethlehem; the Baptism of Jesus
in the waters of the River Jordan; and Jesus' first recorded miracle, the
changing of water into wine at the marriage of Cana of Galilee-all
thought of as manifestations of the incarnate Lord.

The Epiphany is still the primary Feast of the Incarnation in Eastern
Churches, and the three-fold emphasis is still prominent. In the West,
however, including Anglican Churches, the story of the Wise Men
has tended to overshadow the other two events. Modern lectionary
reform, reflected in the 1979 Prayer Book, has recovered the primitive
trilogy, by setting the event of the Baptism as the theme of the First
Sunday after the Epiphany in all three years, and by providing the
story of the Miracle at Cana as the Gospel for the Second Sunday after
the Epiphany in Year C.

January 4th - Marc Dudley
January 4th - Denise Whittaker
January 7th - Marsha Ellison
January 10th - Jim Carpenter
January 11th - Terry Eckard
January 18th - Gary Butterworth
January 18th - Brad Frazier
January 18th - Jim McCarthy
January 21st - Erik Jager
January 22nd - Cathy Webster
January 26th - Kelly Halley
January 26th - David Smith
January 31st - Jay Oden

Please let the office know if we have missed your birthday!

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