May 12, 2021
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From Fr. Christopher Wilkerson
Spiritual Autobiography
One of the worst aspects of these past fourteen months of pandemic shutdown has been that you and I, the parish and your new rector, have been essentially robbed of a year’s worth of time we would otherwise have been able to spend actually getting to know each other. My dear friends in Christ, I have agonized over that fact. And while it’s true that we are finally beginning to be able to open back up, at least a little bit, we are still a ways off from being free to come together for face-to-face fellowship, the telling of tales, the swapping of memories—not to mention the sharing of meals—that are so deeply part of what makes a parish feel like a family. So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about it, in the meanwhile of waiting for Covid numbers to decrease and Covid restrictions to relax a bit further.
I don’t know if it will be helpful at all, but it occurred to me that, although I might not be able to get out there and get to know all of you as I would like to yet, perhaps I can give y’all a chance to get to know me a little better. I thought, what would happen if I shared with you my Spiritual Autobiography? When folks are discerning a possible call to ordained ministry in The Episcopal Church, they are required to compose and share their “spiritual autobiographies”—accounts of their lives with particular emphasis on the events and experiences that were spiritually significant, that were formative, that led to the conviction that God was calling them to the diaconate or to the priesthood.  So my Spiritual Autobiography is, in many ways, the story of how I came to be here with you, serving you as your priest. 
Under normal circumstances, I would no doubt have ended up sharing much of this information with you informally, chatting during coffee hour or in conversation at various church functions, or perhaps even over coffee or a shared meal in small groups. And I still very much hope that we can do all those things together! But as an experiment, while we wait for the pandemic to be enough under control that we can resume gathering freely like that, here is the first excerpt from my formal Spiritual Autobiography, for anyone who might be curious. If anything here sparks your interest, if you have questions, or if you’d just like to connect and talk about something else entirely, please let me know at, or at 920.266.9262, and let’s talk!

From the Youth Minister, Erin Wolf
Happy Easter to all!
Youth Ministry Volunteers: We are thankful for our Youth Ministry volunteers! We will be acknowledging all their work and gifts this Sunday, May 16 during our worship service. Thank you to everyone who has shared their time, talents, and gifts with students this year!
Graduates: For those graduating from high school and college, we’d like to hear from you so we can honor your achievements and celebrating what’s coming next! Please send your full name, school you’re graduating from (with major/focus if applicable), and what your next steps are (e.g. further education with major/focus, entering the workforce, taking a gap year, etc).
Over the last several years, we have traditionally recognized graduates the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend, which this year is Sunday, May 23 (Pentecost), so please send info to Erin Wolf at by Sunday, May 16. Thank you!
Virtual Camp Tour: CLICK HERE to spend a few minutes exploring the camp grounds with Camp Director Erin “Erni” Wolf.
FDL Summer Camp: Camper Registration & volunteer Staff Applications are live! Check for updates via official diocesan channels – diocesan website, FDL Summer Camp webpage, diocesan Facebook page, @diofdlyouth Instagram account, and Scattering Seeds newsletter.
Senior Camp (completed grades 9-12 & high school 2020 grads): June 20-26, 2021
Middler Camp (completed grades 6-8): June 27-July 1, 2021
Junior Camp (completed grades 2-5): June 27-July 1, 2021
Kinder Camp (ages 4-7 with adult): July 1-3, 2021
At this time, we are intending to hold all camp sessions at Waypost Camp in Hatley, WI, which is a part of the ELCA Crossways Camping Ministries.
Have a great rest of the week! Peace be with you all.

All Saints Events
Music Acknowledgements
Congregational singing may not be possible yet, but we're still able to have music in our Sunday morning services! Thank you to Carol Jegen and Ken Bozeman for their beautiful piano playing; to Carol for providing recordings of choir and organ anthems from years past; and to Matt Kierzek for continuing to faithfully record a hymn for us each week.
Altar Flowers
We've resumed having flowers on the altar on a regular basis! Emily has created a new virtual sign-up sheet, which you can find HERE. Just fill in your information on the chart to sponsor the altar flowers for a particular Sunday. If you have any trouble with signing up, contact Emily for help.

NOTE: Because of the long hiatus, no names from previous years will be carried over. We're starting with a blank sheet, and all memorials must be added from scratch. Thank you for understanding!
Forward Day by Day
Forward Day by Day booklets for May-June-July are available. If you're attending church in person, you can find them by the lift or in the office. If not, please contact the office about getting hold of a copy.
Parish Birthdays & Anniversaries
May Birthdays
5/2 - Henry Gadzik
5/2 - Ezzy Rouman
5/5 - Caroline Kiesnowski
5/5 - Thomas Kiesnowski
5/12 - Ken Bozeman
5/12 - Alannah Crabb
5/12 - Bill Reeves
5/16 - James Dean Parnau
5/26 - Allison Twomey
5/27 - Natalie & Carolyn Bates
5/30 - Suzanne Fischer
5/31 - Anne Lingelbach

If you'd like your birthday or anniversary included here, please contact the office.
Diocesan & Community Events
Diocesan Guidelines for Safety Revised
The diocesan Covid Task Force has released a revision of the Guidelines for Safety for congregations to provide for a safer church during the pandemic. The title of "Back to Buildings" is also revised to "Guidelines for Safety" to reflect that we are moving forward in adjusting to the pandemic. The guideline are designed to be medically safe, theologically sound, and pastorally attentive.

Read more about the revised guidelines here.
Opportunities to Serve
Pillars Shelter Volunteering
Now that we have resumed limited in-person worship, it is time to revisit our dinner volunteer ministry at the Pillars Adult and Family Shelter. If you are interested in serving and comfortable with your current risk, please contact Sarah Gilbert

Most importantly, we need a new coordinator for this ministry, now that Sue and Phil Stenz have stepped back from their long service. If you feel so called, please let us know! 

Thank you!
Calendar of Events
All Saints Weekly Schedule
NOTE: Even if you're not on Facebook, you can still view the livestreams or any other information on the All Saints page by clicking the links below.

9:30 am Holy Eucharist (in-person and Facebook livestream)
11:15 am   Virtual Coffee Hour (Zoom)                     
11:00 am  Weekly Lectionary Bible study (Zoom)                    
7:30 pm    Compline (Facebook livestream)
9:30 am    Morning Prayer (Facebook livestream)
5:30 pm Evening Prayer (Facebook livestream)
9:30 am    Spiritual Communion (Facebook livestream) 
7:45 pm    Compline (Facebook livestream)                   
12:00 pm  Faith Talk (Zoom)                     
7:30 pm Compline (Facebook livestream)
5:30 pm Evening Prayer (Facebook livestream)
Serving Schedule
Sunday, May 16
Seventh Sunday
of Easter
Rite II

Erin Wolf
Acts 1:15-17, 21-26
1 John 5:9-13

Nancy Krueger

Dean Kaul
Psalm 1
Sunday, May 23
Rite I

Joanne Bozeman
Acts 2:1-21
Romans 8:22-27

Mike Gadzik

Matt Kierzek
Psalm 104:25-35, 37
Sunday, May 30
Trinity Sunday
Rite II

Jan Watson
Isaiah 6:1-8
Romans 8:12-17

Abby Wolf

Eric Neiswender
Canticle 13
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