May 13, 2020
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Parish Office Hours:  (during COVID-19) Monday 9-11am, Thursday 9-11am
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From Fr. Christopher Wilkerson
Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
We continue to move further and deeper into our new, digital/virtual age as this season of quarantine (some of my clergy colleagues have dubbed it “Coronatide”) stretches on. Endurance is never easy; fortunately, we have a Faith that is replete with examples to inspire us—including, of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ, himself.
In the midst of our ongoing endurance, I wanted to share a reminder of what we’re now doing and to offer a brief mention of what’s on the horizon. 
The previous newsletter introduced our current schedule of livestreamed and Zoom offerings. So many of you have being tuning in, logging on, and taking advantage of online social media and teleconferencing software to stay connected with each other and with our tradition of worship, prayer, and study! It has been absolutely delightful to see such robust engagement and participation in these new forms of our traditional ministry. It’s been hard to figure out how to “do church” when the most basic aspects of “doing church”—gathering together to worship and pray and experience the sacramental presence of Christ—have been taken off the table for the foreseeable future. Thank you all for your grace and flexibility!

From the Youth Minister, Erin Wolf
Greetings to All Saints family and friends!
Here are some reminders & updates for the Youth Ministry at All Saints:
Compline: For those who’d like to help lead Compline on Wednesday evenings, youth or adult,  contact me for the link and password. The call will begin at 7:30pm for anyone wanting to join for a brief check-in before we begin. Otherwise, you can join us at 7:45pm via the All Saints Facebook page where we will be livestreaming through Facebook Live.
Graduates: We will be honoring and acknowledging graduating seniors for the Class of 2020 this coming Sunday, May 17 during worship. If you or your graduate have not sent in information yet, now is your last chance! Contact me at for assistance.
Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom: Enlighten by your Holy Spirit those who teach and those who learn, that, rejoicing in the knowledge of your truth, they may worship you and serve you from generation to generation; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. (Collect for Education, BCP p. 261)

From the Finance Committee
This is to acknowledge and thank many of you for your recent contributions to All Saints. (If financially able, we appreciate your maintaining the pledge commitment made for 2020.)
During these unprecedented times, the physical structure of All Saints is lacking activity, yet the expenses surrounding the physical structure of the church continue. The vestry, the stewards of your generosity, have magnified their efforts to minimize church expenses.
Some time ago, All Saints embarked on a phase of transition: a goal towards the renewal of our financial strength, the renewal of our spiritual strength, and the renewal and reinvigoration of our presence in this community. The coronavirus has forced a degree of disengagement in the physical aspect of worship at All Saints, yet the coronavirus has not diminished the emotional engagement of the parish. Your continued financial support of All Saints is evidence of this.
Again, thank you for your past and future financial support and consideration.
Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen 

--Mike Krynock and the Finance Committee
All Saints Events
Revised All Saints Online Weekly Schedule
9:30 a.m.:     Principal Worship - Facebook livestream
10:30 a.m.:   Virtual Coffee Hour - Zoom                     
11:00 a.m.:   Weekly Lectionary Bible study - Zoom                    
3:00-5:00 p.m.:    Pastoral Care “Office Hours”**
                        ~ Fr. Christopher (920.266.9262)
7:30 p.m.:     Compline - Facebook livestream
9:30 a.m.:     Morning Prayer - Facebook livestream
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.:   Pastoral Care “Office Hours”**
                        ~ Fr. Christopher (920.266.9262)
9:30 a.m.:     Ante-Communion Service with Spiritual Communion - Facebook livestream  

7:45 p.m.:     Compline - Facebook livestream or Zoom***                   
12:00 p.m.:   Noonday Prayer & Faith Talk ~ virtual “brown bag lunch” - Zoom                     
6:30-8:30 p.m.:    Pastoral Care “Office Hours”**
                        ~ Fr. Christopher (920.266.9262)
7:30 p.m.:     Compline - Facebook livestream
7:30 a.m.: Morning Prayer - Facebook livestream

Saturday (services TBD)
*          Morning Prayer @ 9:30 a.m., Evening Prayer @ 5:30 p.m., and Compline @ 7:30 p.m. (7:45 on Wednesdays) services can be lay-led, and at least some of them should be lay-led. Anyone interested in leading any of the Daily Office prayer services should contact me @    ~ I am happy to provide any needed guidance and/or training (hint: it’s pretty easy!). I will also be leading these services, myself, but I really want to get more of the parish involved with leading prayer.
**        I will announce at the appointed hour via the All Saints Facebook page that I am available and post my Google Voice phone number (listed above), inviting folks to share comments and conversation, and I will use that time to check in with folks, answer questions, and make appointments for private pastoral conversations as needed.
***      Contact Erin @ to request the Zoom link.
****    Anyone interested in participating in any Zoom sessions should contact me  @ to request the meeting links. In your email, please let me know which Zoom meetings you'd like to join.
Thank you, everyone, for your patience and flexibility as we have worked to put together an online presence for All Saints Episcopal Church. It is a steep learning curve, and I (like many of you) had to start largely from scratch. As we go forward, please let us know what is working, what could work better, and what else you would like to see as part of our online ministry and outreach. I am putting together a new ministry team to oversee our digital presence and ministry; if you would like to get involved, please send me an email and let me know.
Forward Day by Day
Forward Day by Day booklets for May-June-July are available. If you'd like one, please contact the office , and we'll make arrangements.
Scouting for Food
Boy Scout Troop 73 (which includes both Henry Gadzik and Alex Laswell) is unable to hold their annual food drive due to the pandemic, so they're collecting monetary donations for St. Joseph's Food Pantry. Food pantries need all the support they can get in these difficult times, and every penny helps! Visit the St. Joe's website to donate. Please mention Troop 73 in your donation to help the boys track the results of their efforts.
Fabric Face Mask Ministry
Are you sewing face masks? Do you have fabric, elastic, and other supplies to share with those who are? Do you need masks or know of others who do? Marion Bowers and Heidi Bates are both sewing up a storm and have each reached out about connecting with others who are doing likewise and offering masks to our community. If you would like to be part of this ministry or contribute supplies or request some masks, contact Marion at 920-731-3040 or , or Heidi at 920-749-3491 or .

The Facebook group Wisconsin Face Mask Warriors is also looking for people who can make masks or provide supplies; they have lots of resources and tips for sewing masks. Click on the link above to contact them.
Serrv & Earn Spring Campaign
For the last two years All Saints has held a fundraiser following the Alternative Gift Market, where 20% of each purchase of fair trade crafts from Serrv International was donated to the church. Here's a chance to check out Serrv's springtime collection and help All Saints at the same time!

We are inviting you to join Serrv’s 60 Day Campaign to make a positive difference in communities around the world—including our own. 

“Now through June 15, look for weekly SERRV & Earn specials coming to your inbox—from FREE home delivery to FREE gifts with the purchase of any of our 1,000+ food products and handcrafts.   We will donate 20% of their sales to All Saints Episcopal Church.

From spices and soap to scarves and gift baskets, our handmade, fair trade products make thoughtful gifts this spring. At the same time, purchases from your community will make a difference to global artisans and farmers whose income is at risk without orders from the U.S.”

Follow this link:  and feel free to share it with your networks. Only orders placed via this web link will be credited to the All Saints fundraiser.

Special Offer:
This week only: FREE Recycled Sari Hoop Earrings with any purchase! Shop at and use promo code SEFREEHOOP20 at checkout to receive your free gift – and send 20% of your sale back to All Saints! Each unique pair of earrings is made with recycled sari, lending colorful interest to goes-with-everything style. No two pairs are alike! This code is valid through May 18 .
Diocesan & Community Events
Resources For the Church
Useful resources for the Church about the pandemic have been compiled here by a diocesan task force. They include formation, prayer & worship and pastoral care. Discover ways to continue being church during this time of emergency.
Opportunities to Serve
Stephen Ministry:
Bringing Christ's healing love to hurting people
Thank You, Stephen Minister George Schneck
I want to take a moment to thank All Saints Stephen Minister George Schneck for the gift of his caring ministry. His sensitive caring approach with care receivers and his wisdom shared with fellow Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders over the years helped us more effectively share the light of Christ with others as we walked alongside care receivers during challenging times.
George added a letter to our All Saints annual report in 2013 that beautifully and eloquently expressed his perspective on going through training as a Stephen Minister.
I quote George’s words below, as inspiration for all of us as we consider ways we can walk alongside others and provide support during the ups and downs of life.
(As well, we hope to rekindle Stephen Ministry at All Saints when the time is right, so please also consider whether God is calling you to this ministry some time down the road.)

From Dr. George Schneck, an excerpt from his reflections in 2013 on training as a Stephen Minister:

I was initially tentative about whether I possessed the gifts and the dedication to enter into this ministry. But after praying for God's guidance, I felt his tapping on my shoulder. Then after talking with Julie and Susan, I felt encouraged that I might be as useful to this ministry as this ministry might be to me. And indeed, the latter has certainly proven to be true thus far.

I would like to share with you some of the impacts that deciding to participate in this ministry has had upon me. These impacts have changed me in several different, significant, and surprising ways.

  • I have grown greatly in my understanding of the challenges faced by persons experiencing physical and/or emotional troubles in their lives or in the lives of their loved ones and others.
  • I am learning (and will continue to learn, always) how to be a Christ-centered caregiver to these persons in order to walk with them through their trying times and struggles.
  • I already feel that I am and will become a more truly active Christian. I will be more Christ-like than I have been so far in my daily life. In other words, I will try to consciously emulate the path that Christ has outlined for us to walk each and every day.
  • I feel an ever-deepening relationship to God, to Christ our Lord, and to the Holy Spirit, and the grace and peace this brings to me.
  • I believe that I will grow in my relationships with our parish community.
  • I feel inadequate at times to meet the challenges of the role of Stephen Minister, but I feel that with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Stephen Leaders, and other Stephen Ministers, I will successfully meet these challenges.

This list could go on—but these are the significant impacts that initially come to my mind. Your list will likely be somewhat different, for we are in different places in our Christian journey. I am certain, however, that if you choose to make Stephen Ministry a part of your journey, you also will find significant blessings in your life—in the form of mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Many thanks, George, for your prayerful and insightful ministry and friendship over these many years.

Susan McCardell and Julie Holly
All Saints Stephen Leaders

 What is a Stephen Minister?
Could you or someone you know benefit from the Christ-defined, confidential care of a Stephen Minister? Do you feel called to be part of this caring ministry?
Contact: Susan McCardell 920-915-0288 or  Susan

Emergency Shelter Servers
From Sue Stenz:

We have decided, due to the makeup of our volunteer groups, not to participate in meal making for Pillars, including desserts, until June 2020, at which time I will send out another update. Although this is a very difficult time, I would rather have us all safe and able to help out in the future. 

I have since talked to Tony at Pillars and asked about monetary donations to the food pantry and meal prep. He said that would be very welcomed. Their pantry is looking a bit meager at the moment. Feel free to send your monetary donation, if you wish, to Pillars , noting it is for food prep and that you are from All Saints.

Thank you for all you do. I miss seeing my teammates and all of you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or call 920-787-7921.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
All events are canceled until further notice.
Serving Schedule
Worship services are suspended until further notice.

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