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February 6, 2020
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Tamsin Cowdery
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Serviceservice this week
02/09 ~ oh evolve!
That's what a popular bumper sticker proclaims and we'll be exploring evolution as we celebrate the 211th birthday of Charles Darwin. Not only will we be looking at how Darwin's theory of evolution changed our world, but we will also explore how we can still evolve as humankind to create a better version 2.0 of ourselves.

Click here  to see upcoming service themes. 
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art for the people 
"Art for The People," a film about local artist Eric Bransby features music by our beloved Music Director, Mark Arnest and is currently available for streaming here
sunday security 
Starting last Sunday, the outside doors of the church are now being be locked 10 minutes after the start of services. This is being implemented in an effort to increase the building's security during services. An usher will be stationed inside the foyer to let in any latecomers. If you must use the accessibility ramp at the back door, please knock on the door and the usher will let you in.
4-week loving kindness challenge
Starting this Sunday, MLK weekend, until Valentine's Day, RE is having a 4-week loving kindness challenge! Each week brings in a new theme and new activities to spread your loving kindness to yourself, your family, your friends, and your community. RE is inviting the whole congregation to take up this challenge with us! To access the challenge, you can click here to download the pdf. All registered RE kids will receive the challenge pdf via their parents email, and will also get a printed copy in church this Sunday. Prizes will be given to all kids who complete the challenge. Any adult that completes the challenge will get a smaller but just as exciting prize! Join us in spreading loving kindness!
book drive for african school
We are asking families to add to their Loving-Kindness Challenge by donating books to a great cause!  The Orenda Foundation is doing great work in Kenya and recently built a latrine (indoor bathroom) for a local school.  This same school is in need of book donations.  The Emmanuel School is for grades 1-8, but also has a preschool, so any book could be donated and would find eager hands.  To donate books, there will be a box labeled "Africa Book Donations" next to the RE table in the Small Hall.  We will be collecting through the end of March to get the books to them before the school year ends.  You can click here to check out Raymond Orenda's work in Kenya from his Facebook page.
art/hobby club
Artists & Hobbyist come join our group. This gathering is meant to be friendly, relaxed, fun, and of course...creative. Bring in your favorite art supplies or hobbies and a brown bag lunch on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays at ASUUC. Creative time is 10-11:30am, followed by a social lunch. Please email Pam Brown  with your contact information (name and phone number) if you are interested.
affinity groups
Our affinity groups are open to all! There is no enrollment period and no fee required. Friends are welcome! These groups share a common interest and provide opportunities to connect and deepen our fellowship outside of Sunday Service. Perhaps one is for you? For more information, please click here.
REreligious exploration
"love surrounds us"

On 2/16, RE will be performing the song, "Love Surrounds Us," during Story For All Ages for the congregation. We've been practicing this song for the past few weeks, and an email was sent with the lyrics to all registered RE parents for the kids to practice at home. This past week, we added motions to the song and will be sending that video as well. If you do not receive emails for your kids in RE, please contact Beth Green so she can add you to the parent list.

missing sensory bin
Last week our bin of soft sensory toys went missing from an RE classroom. Items include a finger fidget chain, squishy toys, stress ball, and liquid motion to name a few. We do have some kids with special needs that use these tools in the classroom. If you have seen this bin of sensory toys, please contact Beth Green. We'd love to get these back where they belong!
children children

Last week we discussed our resilience by finding our "grit." We practiced a few activities including beading with our non-dominant hand, and brainstorming ways of coping and creating a "wheel of coping skills."

Next week we'll have a guest in RE from All Souls Care Team, Betsy Hovermale. This Sunday we're exploring ways of finding our resilience through each other. We'll be practicing showing kindness and compassion during tough times by creating cards and a care package for the Care Team to share with our members when needed.

yruu youth group  
Last week Youth Group was joined by Dustin, a representative from Habitat for Humanity, who helped us explore the theme of resilience. Through his past experiences and world travels, Dustin helped our youth relate resilience on many levels.
Next week, we'll be talking about "resilience" using the example of "Wabi Sabi," flawed beauty, as seen in the artform of Kintsugi. We'll be exploring this form through meditation, discussion and through a hands-on craft.  
joysjoys & concerns

After nearly six months apart, now that it's February, I can finally say, "I get to see my husband next month!" because he's coming home for mid-tour leave from Afghanistan. -- Anon
With apologies from the editors for these two concerns accidentally being omitted last week:
Bob Armintor went in to hospital last night (1/25) after not being well for several weeks. There are kidney concerns, among other things. He's in Penrose Main, room 425. -- Anon
Concerned that my fellow citizens cultivate resentment toward our government and demonize our public servants, which only broadens the divide in ideology, beliefs and values, rather than choosing to participate, to become part of the solution, by cultivating compassion for both sides, for the anxiety, fear and hatred of the perceived oppressors as well as the oppressed. Only love can dissolve h ate and we have no morally persuasive power with those who can feel our contempt for them. What can you do internally to resolve your contempt? We are all part of the problem and we can all be part of the solution. -- Anon (In addition, Nori wishes to pass along her apology for only seeing one side of this when it was written, and thus only reading the last sentence during the service.)
 activism local activism & awareness
Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to these events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed.  Thank you!  
Now thru 4/5, in your homes, " Dimes to Washington DC." 2.1 million.That's how many of our neighbors are living near or below the poverty line.  2.1 million Coloradans struggling for food and shelter, fighting for justice and equity; 2.1 million Coloradans demanding that their voices be heard. Here's what The Colorado Poor People's Campaign is asking you to do; they're asking everybody to commit to saving their dimes from today through 4/4, the day Dr. King was murdered. Then they ask that on 4/5, you donate those dimes to the Colorado Poor People's Campaign "Dimes to Washington DC" fundraiser to support travel to the Mass Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington on 6/20. They will put up a GoFundMe page in early April to accept your donations. For more information on the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, download this pdf.
2/10, & 2/17, 6:30-8:15pm, at Library 21c, "Human Trafficking Prevention Series." Experts say that human trafficking is expected to overtake illegal drug activity as the top illicit crime worldwide. There are nearly 21 million victims annually in what is a $32 billion industry. The internet and social media are fueling the rapid growth. These educational sessions address the cultural and systemic brokenness that feeds and fuels Human Trafficking locally, nationally and globally. While all sessions are free, please register online for planning purposes.
2/6, 6-8pm, at Relevant Word Ministries, "The Law Enforcement Accountability Project." The Law Enforcement Accountability Project presents: Transparency in Olympic City USA. Learn about police accountability in Colorado Springs. Where are we, how did we get here, and how do we compare? Panelists will discuss independent monitoring and the research on promising practices in Colorado and nationally. Let's talk about where we should put energy for real solutions. 
***new event***
2/15, 6-9 pm, at Cornerstone Arts Center, Colorado College. 
FREE!  Jim Hightower will be in town to speak about "investigative journalism in the age of Trump".  There will be a showing of the documentary "Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins".
All Souls will be hosting a table at the event.
***new event***
Ongoing. HPCUU members, John Atkinson and Nancy Bentley encourage you to join them  
in two opportunities for environmental action:
The first is the " Green the Springs" program announced this month by Colorado Springs Utilities that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to pay a small additional monthly amount to purchase solar-generated electricity. A typical residential customer with 100% green power will see an increase of approx. $8/month on their bill.  
The second is the request by the City Council for citizen input to their once per five years utilities planning process which could include goals for using clean energy to generate electricity. Currently, Colorado Springs lags far behind other major Colorado utilities in their commitment to reduce their carbon emissions from electricity generation.  
If you are interested in joining John and Nancy, please email John to set up a time to meet.  
***new event***
2/18, 6:30-8:30pm, at Unity Center. HPCUU has formed an ad-hoc team to explore ways to participate in UUTheVote. If you are interested in learning more about this UUA program and exploring ways to join forces with others who want to organize our community to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate, or if you have questions, please contact Ann Harris.  
community community news

Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed. Thank you!
birthday bash 
RAWtools 7th Birthday Bash! Open house cake and ice cream reception, 7-9pm on Saturday, 2/8 at 1501 Fountain St. First Strike Theatre performs at 7:15 and 8:15pm. Wondrous garden tools and heart necklaces available for purchase.  

free breast pump to mother in need
My breastmilk supply didn't last very long with a baby in the NICU, so I have a Spectra breast pump as well as other breastmilk/pump supplies. I would like to give the pump and supplies to someone who is unable to get a breast pump provided through insurance. This is a Spectra breast pump, which is a closed system pump, meaning it's sanitary for multiple users. Please contact me, Rosie Love , if you are interested.
break the silence against domestic violence donations 
I am running a few healing retreats this year for survivors of domestic violence for the local organization Break the Silence against Domestic Violence. For our March retreat, I am looking for donations to go into gift bags for each participant as well as door prizes. Ideas for gift bag donations to our 15 participants: anything hand-crafted or made by you like soaps, candles, jewelry, art, etc., or individually packaged food items like chocolates, snacks, tea, etc. Please email Rosie if you would like to donate! Thank you!!
free medical care & prescriptions
People sometimes face the stark choice between food and medicine. As costs of prescription drugs continue to rise and the numbers of uninsured continue to rise, providing a source for life-saving prescription drugs becomes critical. In Colorado's El Paso & Teller Counties, Open Bible Medical Clinic & Pharmacy also serves as a  Community Pharmacy dispensing free prescription medication to our neighbors who are uninsured. Residents of the county can qualify for our services if they are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. 10am-2pm every Thursday and 9am-1pm every Saturday. 
all souls board of trustees

Wendy Mike, President
Justin Lincoln, Vice President
Jim Michali, Treasurer
Kathleen Brannan, Secretary
Judie McMath, Past President
Terry Schultz, Member-at-Large 
Sarah Bethke, Member-at-Large
 Evony McKenna, Member-at-Large
Jay Hatfield, Member-at-Large
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